It is finished episode 3


Part 3

By Authoress Rhoda.

I know I have missed it. The devil finally got me. I think it is over.

Who would ever believe that someone like me would enter the trap of the devil?

I know I am finished.

The kingdom of hell was in pandemonium immediately I came to this world some years ago.

According to what my mum told me when I was 5 years old, she made me to know that right from the time I was conceived, many prophets were sent to her to announce to her that I was going to be a great woman of God. In fact, a great prophetess to be precise.

My mum took note of everything and prayed for me in her womb. The enemy rose up because of what I was carrying.


This is just to let you know that the devil is after glorious people. The devil is after people who have great destinies.

Let me likened it to trees. A fruitful tree will always be distributed, because people want to take out of it. Young boys in the community throw stones at that fruitful tree because it contains fruits.

Tell a young boy to throw stone at a fruitless tree, he will never.

The devil disturbs fruitful lives by looking for means to steal, kill and to destroy the seed of greatness in their lives. He doesn’t disturb fruitless people.


At a point, my mum was told that I was dead and decaying in her womb.

The doctor told her to undergo surgery in order to remove the decaying material in her womb.

Being a woman of prayer, my mum remembered everything prophets had told her. She remembered series of dreams she had concerning my birth. She took all to God in prayers. For days, she went through rigorous Fasting and prayer. God honored her prayers. God’s promises concerning my life came through.

My mum went to that same hospital to confirm her prayers. Lo and behold, she was told that I was breathing. That news shocked the doctor. He couldn’t fathom how I came back to life.

At another point, my mum’s life was threatened.

To cut the whole long story short, I came to this world.

On the night of my arrival, a bird perched on our roof and sang in such a way that everyone present heard its voice.

“It is finished. She finally came to this world. Our missions failed. Oh! It is finished.” The bird sang.

That was why I was named “Oluwaseun.” That is, “thank God I was born into this world to do great exploits – to depopupate the kingdom of darkness. Thank God the plans of the enemies were nullified.”

My mum led me to Christ when I was still young. At my tender age, I began to prophesy.

I could vividly remember that day I prophesied that you were going to be born on the 15th of October.

I remembered that day I prophesied into mum’s life that she was going to get international customers.

All my prophecies came to pass. I prophesy in church and every other places. Because of the fulfillment of my prophecies, many people named me “the anointed prophetess”.

Well, I was faithful in serving God.

God also blessed me with brain. I was very brilliant. Almost all my teachers in my school loved me.

I represented my school in competitions both intra and inter school competitions and to the glory of the Lord, I emerged as the winner in all. I received many awards. My conduct in class made my classmates love me.

My life was a full reflection of Christ. In fact, many parents used my life to challenge their children. I became a model to many.

All through my days in the secondary school, I never had a boyfriend. I was focused. I focused on my academics and God.

Due to my walk with God, He revealed a lot to me about my life. I mean almost everything about my life. He told me the course I would study in the university and the name of the university itself.

I sat for my JAMB and I came out in flying colors. I sat for my WAEC, I also did well.

I was admitted into the university to study the course of my dream.

Before I left for school, my parents didn’t fail to remind me of who I am. They didn’t fail to counsel me just like every parent does to their children going to the university.

Well, I finally left for school after mum was done weeping. I wasn’t off to school yet, mum was already missing me🤣.

I got to school, did my registration, attended lectures and worked towards my goal. Yes, I had a goal. My goal was to have 4.5 that semester.

I really worked hard to ensure that my dreams were actualized. Despite my goals, I didn’t jettison God. I never missed fellowship.

I became a regular customer to the library.

I organized tutorial classes for my mate who were finding it hard to understand some courses. Due to the fact that I wanted to teach others, I ensured that I knew those courses very well so that I could deliver to them in such a way that they would understand.

In fact, in the process of teaching them what I understood, I understood better. Those concepts that weren’t flowing in my mouth made me run back to my books.

So, the tutorials really helped me.

That semester, I had 4.5. Yes, in fact, I was the only student with that result.

This is just to tell you that your dreams can still come through. Your goals can be actualized if you are really serious about it. If you are really intentional about it.

Many people have dreams. Many people have goals. Many people really desire to achieve something, yet they fold their hands, expecting their dreams to fly on their bodies just like that. Some are expecting miracles from heaven to happen.

Well, it is not done that way. Don’t just wish for something. Don’t just have goals. Don’t just have vision. Don’t just have plans. YOU NEED TO WORK FOR IT!!

YES,WORK FOR IT! So that it can be actualized. If you don’t work for it or towards it, your dream will become a mere imagination. Your vision won’t be actualized.

So, once you have a dream or a vision or goal, WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER. Yes, write it down in a book and keep checking the book consistently to remind you of what you want to achieve.

Not only that, pray to God about it, because the Bible says we should commit our ways into the hands of God. The Bible says the desire of the righteous shall be granted. The Bible also made it known that the expectation of the righteous shall never be cut short.

Commit them to God in prayers so that he can grant you strength and things needed to achieve those dreams.

After prayers, work hard! Read your books! Do things each day that will contribute to the actualization of your dreams.


Due to my brilliant performance, I had many friends. Many people were willing to be my friends. I mean both male and female.


When I got to my third year, things changed.

To be continued.

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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