It is finished episode 11


Part 11

By Authoress Rhoda.

“If you dare move an inch from where you are, consider yourself to be dead. If you dare open that door, your head will be given to my gods for sacrifice.” My husband shouted.

“Your threats are empty, Bode! You will do nothing again this time around. I am not your slave. I am human just as you are. So, you shouldn’t be treating me like your slave. Hear me well, your threats are empty.” I yelled at him.

Within me, fear was written all over my body as soon as I understood his threat. He made mention of ” sacrifice to his gods.”

“But for how long?” I asked no one in particular.

“How long will I continue to bear this hell?” I shouted.

“Till you die, you will forever remain under my tutelage.” He said as he bite his lower lips.

“I will not open my eyes and see you kill me. I will not open my eyes and allow you this useless fowl I called husband to claim my life.” I said as I used my hands to describe how useless he was to me.

Gone are those days I acted as a fool. Many people thought men were the only set of people privileged to deal with a woman, mercilessly.

“Seun, if you want peace to rain in this house, do whatsoever I ask you to do, else, you will drink out of the well of my madness.” He said sarcastically.

I asked what he wanted me to do. He told me as long as he was at home that day, I had no right to go out. Not even to the market or to visit my friends.

I bursted into laughter immediately he gave such order, because it didn’t sink well into my brain.

He became confused.

” Are you mad. What is funny? You want to prove stubborn right?” He asked.

I wasn’t ready to listen to him. I went straight to the door. I wanted to visit one of my friends which was against his will.

Imagine! Why won’t I be able to move freely?

As I was about to step out, he ran towards me and dragged me roughly inside.

He descended on me and gave me the beatings of my life.

It was as if the punishment I was receiving from him opened my mind.

I remembered I could fight for myself.

As he was still beating me, I lifted one of his legs and he fell down flat.

To be sincere with you, I didn’t know where that strength came from.

He stood up immediately, ready to suck the blood out of my body. I read the danger on his eyes.

Just a punch from him, I fell down.

I stood up again because I knew if I didn’t stand up at that time, things might grow worse.

He gave me another one, I gave him a blow from my end with my tiny hand.

We were both struggling to hurt each other. I wanted to show him pepper. He also wanted to show me how powerful he was.

My hand went straight to the stool beside him. At the spur of the moment, I used it on him.

I couldn’t fathom where the stool hit him. All I knew was that he fell immediately.

He was groaning in pain.

“Seun!!!!” He shouted.

I mocked him. I reminded him of his empty threat.

Within me, I leaped for joy when I realized how free I was at the moment to go to my friend’s house.

I went straight to my friend’s house.

I narrated everything to her, because I felt she would congratulate me for taking such a courageous step.

“Seun, you are a foolish lady.” She said sharply. I almost gave her a dirty slap on her right cheek.

“Why did you say that? So, you expected me not to take any step right? You expected me to fold my hands while he treated me like a goat?” I asked sarcastically.

“Seun, let’s forget about that. I hope your husband isn’t dead by now?” She asked.

“I hope he is still alive. Let me place a call across to him to know if he still exists” I said as I ransacked my purse for my phone.

The thought of him giving up the ghost flooded my mind. I began to have goose pimples.

I tried to reach him, but he wasn’t responding.

I didn’t know when I began to urinate on my body. My body was covered with sweat. In fact, I was sweating in my brain.

I tried reaching him, but he wasn’t picking my calls.

I told my friend to dial his number and it went through. The moment I heard his voice, I sighed deeply.

“Tell that good for nothing woman not to step her foot into this house again, else, you will discard her corpse by yourself by the time I am done showing her real pepper. I don’t mind being imprisoned as long as her life is terminated.” He shouted.

“He can’t do anything. Who is he?” I shouted as I took my bag, ready to leave my friends place.

My friend urged me to wait behind for some hours in order to know what steps to take, but I left her place without looking back.

I had a spare key to the main door with me.

Immediately I got home, the door was locked. I unlocked it by myself. I entered, dropped my bag on the dining table and went straight to the kitchen to feed my hungry stomach.

At first, I thought no one was at home. Later on, I heard him talking to someone over the phone.

I wasn’t bothered.

I continued with what I was doing.

I never knew he was still furious at me.

“Goat, you are back? Just go back to where you are coming from if you don’t want me to kill you this night.” He said calmly.

“You dare not send me out of the house we both built. You can’t try it. Else, I will also show you pepper too.” I threatened.

He didn’t say anything. I thought our fight was over.

I was still in the kitchen when my husband approached me with a cutlass.

Immediately he drew very close to me, I took to my heels.

Why won’t I run? He was with a cutlass. He wasn’t smiling, but he was boiling in anger.

If it were you? Would you have stayed back?

To be continued.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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