It is finished episode 12


Part 12

By Authoress Rhoda.

“Are you out of your mind? The Bode my Ifa (god) gave you isn’t the one you are talking about. Bode is a very good man. He can’t do all you said he did.

The Bode that cannot kill a fowl will now be the one to raise his hands on you.

I guess you are still dreaming. I will suggest you come out of your nightmare.” Mum said when I informed her about the issues on ground.

I became confused again. I allowed my buttocks to sit on the bare floor outside the building, allowing many thoughts to walk through the lane of my heart while I allowed my tears to flow freely.

“How on earth could a woman who gave birth to me, who had always trusted me, all of a sudden thought I was out of my mind? How could she, all of a sudden call me a liar?” I asked no one in particular.

I decided to tell my dad. At least, I believe he would understand better than my mother.

But, I was highly disappointed.

My dad wasn’t listening to me. His response wasn’t different from what my mum said. In fact, his response brought fresh tears to my eyes.

No one to call. I thought about informing you (my sister), but I discarded the thought.

My husband found out that I was still within the compound. He chased me out like a goat.

I pleaded with him to at least remember our first love.

He turned deaf ears.

I walked out of the compound, dejected and confused.

I walked down the street clueless of where to go.

My phone beeped. I checked through my phone at the spur of the moment hoping to receive either a text message or a call from my mum. I was expecting her to apologize to me for not believing in me.

Immediately I checked the message, my hope vanished into the thin air.

Fear ran through my spine when I saw my husband’s name.

I was scared to read the message he sent, but I encouraged myself to do so.

“Seun, you are empty. I am already fed up of you. I used your womb for something and that is why you haven’t been pregnant since all these days. Well, I am not supposed to tell you this, but I just need to tell you so that you can know that it is truly over between us.

I have never for once loved you. I already have a woman heavily pregnant for me. In fact, I am expecting twins from her. I just can’t wait to be a father to my twins.

Thanks for being a sacrifice for me. Nevertheless, you must never step your foot in my house again, else…” The message read.

I broke down suddenly.

At the early stage of our marriage when it was as if being pregnant for my husband wasn’t becoming a reality, which made me depressed for months, my husband stood by me. He was the most caring man I ever imagined.

My husband decided to inform me about his decision. In one word, we adopted a girl. I treated her like my biological child. She took me as her mother as well. Although, she wasn’t aware that she was adopted.

I broke down in tears again when the message I received from Bode became very clear. He had been the one behind my predicament.


I was walking like a mad woman down our street, wailing like someone bitten by a lion when someone called out my name.


When I heard prophetess, I became shattered.

A lady with a promising future all of a sudden became useless.

The lady tried interrogating me, but I wasn’t saying anything. I tried processing the message I received from my husband in my mind.

I screamed all of a sudden.

She thought I was mad. She didn’t know I wasn’t really mad. I was just empty but still in my right senses. Well, maybe I wasn’t in my right senses.

She shaked her head and clapped her hands sarcastically. I noticed she snapped me. She said some words that got me thinking.

“Prophetess Seun is now a mad woman. What a pity!!” she said. I had no strength to utter a word. I became dumb.

She left.

I thought it wise within me to return home and kill my husband by myself.

On getting home, the door wasn’t locked.

He thought his threats wouldn’t permit me to come home again.

Immediately he set his eyes on me, he took hold of my neck, ready to strangle me.

My hands went straight to his man.hood. I squeezed life out of it. I inflicted pain on him as if my life depended on it.

As he took hold of my neck, I took hold of his man.hood🤣.

As I was shouting at the top of my voice because of my life at stake, he was also shouting, begging me to release him.

He released his hands from my neck. I was almost lifeless.

Before I could say “jack” he ran away.

Little did I know that he went into his room to get his cutlass.

I was still rejoicing for the freedom I had received when he brought his cutlass. I thought of escaping, but it was too late.

I had “paaaaaaaaaaaaa on my hand and other parts of my body.”

I fell immediately. Blood was gushing out of my body.

He ran away.

I became unconscious.

Everything happened in the presence of my daughter.

She couldn’t say anything. In fact, my husband had already fed her with lies. My husband told her at a point that he was just trying to train me so that I could be a good wife next time.

Such a very young girl! What did she know? She accepted everything my husband told her.

Immediately he noticed blood was gushing out of my body, he took to his heels.

I even thought that was the end for me, because I was already knocking at the gate of death due to the unbearable pains and helpless state, when you came in and took me to the hospital.

Truly, I married the devil’s son. Satan was my father-in-law.


To be continued.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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