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BY Authoress Rhoda.

I found myself in the midst of dead people. I was still with them when something pushed me away from their midst.

I have a strong feeling that I will die soon and that is why I asked my sister to write my story.

I think the greatest mistake I made was that I allowed my sexual urges to push me into compromise. I allowed the devil to use my parents, because I wasn’t vigilant in the spirit.

I thought the fact that I was a prophetess meant no storm or temptations on my way.

But I was wrong.

I have forgotten that I was such a girl being sought for by the kingdom of devil right from when I was born.

They were plotting my death while I was busy sleeping in the spirit.

Truly, the devil doesn’t rest. He is always watching believers, looking for that very time a believer will sleep in the spirit so as to pull such person down.

Satan doesn’t relent. He doesn’t relax. He is never tired of bringing a glorious person down until he accomplishes that.

It wasn’t as if everything weren’t revealed to me.

They were revealed to me.

I felt I wouldn’t fall. I believe none of what was revealed to me was going to come through.

I didn’t take them serious especially when the pressure from my parents became unbearable for me.

The devil gave me husband, I paid him back with my glory (my ministry and bright future) , peace ( peace of mind, marital bliss..) , womb, and even my life.

I think by now, you’ve learnt a lot from my story.

*****End of my sister’s narration.

I wrote everything as instructed.

I made my sister to know that mum paid her a visit to the hospital.

I was very curious to know what mum warned her about, because I could vividly remember when I placed a call across to her just to inform her about my sister’s case in the hospital.

She didn’t feel so bad at first. Later on, she said she warned Seun.

“I think the parents that brought me to this world are evil and devilish.

Mum was the one who lured me into evil. She cajoled me to follow her that following morning when I told her I had changed my mind. She didn’t give me any warning at all. She said that to cover up.” Seun said.

I informed my sister about dad’s case. That was when I knew that dad was also in support of mum. His response wasn’t different from mum’s response.

The day mum visited the hospital (and left after few hours of her arrival), I felt she was going to break her down seeing her daughter in a pathetic state.

I thought she later went to work from the hospital. Little did I know that she went to ifa’s place to solicit help from him.

I got to know that there was one sacrifice that was yet to be done that my sister failed to carry out at her early year in marriage which made ifa to claim her womb and her peace.

The spell that was placed on dad’s face disappeared immediately when he heard that his beloved daughter was hospitalized. His health deteriorated immediately he heard the news. Imagine, the man that didn’t believe Seun.

Since all these while, the nurse was just looking at. She was speechless.

Later on, she spoke.

“I am 32, and I am yet to be married. At your age, you could have made the right choice.

You were desperate to marry, and now you are out.

Mark my words, if you rush into marriage because of urges or parental pressures, you will definitely rush out of such marriage. In fact, if care is not taken, you can lose your life in the process.

The moment I got to understand who I am, I became more conscious of my marital life.

Knowing who you truly are will prevent you from settling down with just any man.

I am a nurse by profession and I have figured out my purpose in life. I know that millions of lives are attached to me.

I know that just one wrong decision in marriage can ruin my life forever and that is why I am still single till now.

It isn’t as if men aren’t coming. Many of them are unbelievers.

The bible made it well known to me that as a believer, marrying an unbeliever is a “no” for me.

Many came like saints. Along the line, they began to demand for sex.

I terminated the relationships immediately because the bible made it known to me that marriage is honorable when the bed is undefiled.

My mum tried all she could to arrange men for me. I turned them down immediately when they weren’t aligning with my purpose and vision in life.

Imagine, I told one of them that I would love to have my own private hospital where hundreds of people will be given adequate treatments.

He told me if I want to marry him, I must not think about establishing a private hospital, because he will take good care of me. He wanted me to be a full time house wife.

For where?

So, all the men asking for my hands in marriage weren’t the right one for me. I didn’t allow pressure from every sides to push me into wrong marriage.

I didn’t listen to anyone. I kept on working on myself. Because, I have a mindset that keeps me going in life.

I believe I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE. You are responsible for your life as well.

I have learnt not to blame anyone for anything and not to follow every man’s advice.

Your parents pushed you to marry. Where were they when you were treated like a goat? Were they there when things became worse?


Yet, they pushed you into the marriage to suffer all by yourself.

At the end, your mum was justifying herself by claiming to have warned you before, which she didn’t do. She is trying to wash herself clean before the world.

I wish you had waited patiently. I wish you had stood your ground.

But, pressure and sexual urges pushed you in.

When your husband was beating you, did you have sexual urge? I’m sure it disappeared.

I believe he wasn’t fully around to satisfy you. In fact, when you were newly married, I believe you were fond of se.x. Well, I’m very sure that at a point, you became fed up.

You entered in because of sexual urges instead of you to wait patiently for the right man who will support your dream and satisfy your desires.

Well, the deed has been done. I believe God is a God of second chance. He can still make things right.” The nurse said.

I became more confused at a point. I thought the nurse wasn’t normal. I thought shw doesn’t experience urges. I couldn’t hold it anymore till I vomited my words.

” Nurse Titi, don’t you experience urges sometimes? “I asked.

” I do. I don’t allow the flesh to control me. It’s not the flesh that is supposed to be controlling me. I am the one to be controlling my flesh.

To be sincere with you, sexual urge is a normal thing. If as a lady or guy, you don’t experience it, then you are not normal.

So, having urges is not a sin, but the way you manage or control the urge will determine if it is a sin or not.

Some people satisfy their urges by burying themselves in pornography and masturbation. Some even have pre marital se.x. All these are actually sinful.

Whenever I have urges, I remind myself that my waiting period will soon be over. I encourage myself to wait patiently a little.

I remind myself of the relationship I have with God and my desire not to destroy my relationship with God.

I remind myself of people who are looking up to me as model. I just don’t want to fail them.

I pray to God for strength to overcome and also run away from things that could worsen my case like romantic novels, films etc.

I either play music that will charge my spirit or read my bible.

Sometimes, I take a stroll. Sometimes, I sleep off.” She said.

Her response made me understand better.

After 4 hours, something happened.

To be continued.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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