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Part 4

By Authoress Rhoda.

When I got to my third year, I became popular. Almost everyone in my school knew me as the “anointed prophetess”.

People from all walks of life visisted me to hear from me.

People travelled down to where I was to confirm with their eyes if God had truly risen up a great prophetess in the land.

They didn’t just visited like that. They visited with gifts.

Gifts worth thousands of naira were given to me. Those gifts propelled me to prophesy enthusiastically. In fact, I even added my own.

That is, God’s prophecy and my own personal prophecy🤣. Just to tell you what gifts can do. No wonder the bible says a gift can blind a man’s eyes.

I became well known all over the state.

In fact, I was invited to churches to prophecy. I was invited to many places outside my state.

God’s glory was manifested in my life, but the mistake I made was that I returned the honour back to myself.

I was after the glory. I did all so that people could glorify me and not the owner of the gift.

I thought I was already at the top. I felt I was better than others. I thought I had arrived. I thought I had gotten to the peak.

My head began to swell beyond normal. Pride crept in. I underestimated everyone. I highly esteemed myself.

I began to glory in my gift and my physique.

I forgot the giver of the gift and ascribed all the honour to myself.

The things of God no longer moved me. I forgot about church, yet I was prophesying to people.

There was one Sunday a pastor preached. The message the he preached really provoked me.

That day, he spoke about the life of King Nebucadnazzar who became an animal.

Within me, I thought the pastor was referring to me.

“Can’t someone with great destiny be free to live her life again? Am I not the owner of my life? So why is he preaching this message?

Who is he to even preach to me? Who is he?” I asked no one in particular and I took my leave.

I was furious all through that afternoon. Instead of me to take heed to such a timely message, I began to find fault in the church.

That was when I remembered that I wasn’t really valued or honored in the church as a prophetess. I felt I was being cheated by not being recognized as an important personality in the church.

I made up my mind that day not to attend that fellowship again.

Well, on that same evening, he visited me.

I allowed him in to say whatever he wanted to say.

” Sister Seun, the devil is after your life.” He said.

” It is you this filthy thing that the devil is after.” I shouted.

” Sister Seun, be very careful. Please, come back to the first love you once have for God.

This is not the Sister Seun I knew before. The devil is really at work in your life. Please, come back to him before it is too late. Come back to him before the devil steals, kills and destroys that greatness in you beyond repair.” He said.

I said a lot of things to him. I really abused him then I finally chased him out of my house when he wasn’t keeping quiet.

In the mid night, I had a terrible dream.

It was terrific. I was scared to my marrow, because in that dream, my head was cut off.

People began to mock me. They said “our anointed prophetess is headless.”

In fact, it became the talk of the town in that dream.

I couldn’t bear what I saw. I just didn’t want such dream to be fulfilled in my life.

I called the guy who came to preach to me the previous day and narrated everything to him.

He told me the only way out was Christ.

He led me back to Christ.

I acknowledged God as the giver of my gift.

I became a faithful servant in the vineyard again.

But, I didn’t stay long in Him.

Few months after tracing my steps back to God, a lady came to me.

She told me she was also a prophetess like me. She told me she wanted to be my friend.

The moment I heard she was a prophetess, I gave a resounding “yes” to her request.

I didn’t seek the face of God concerning our friendship, which was also another great mistake I made.

We became friends.

She opened my eyes to monetizing my gift. She taught me how to make money as a prophetess.

At first, my conscious was against it. I knew it wasn’t something I was supposed to do. But, my friend convinced me that it wasn’t sinful.

Dear, I knew within me that it was actually wrong.

I began to monetize it. People paid me before I could make prophecies.

I stopped it when my conscience couldn’t allow me to rest.

She came one afternoon to discuss something with me.

It was what she told me that actually ruined my life.

Well, my life wouldn’t have been ruined if I had stood my ground.

What was that thing she told me?

To be continued.

©️Authoress Rhoda.

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