It is finished episode 14


Part 14.

By Authoress Rhoda.

We were still discussing “marriage” in general when my sister announced to us that she felt like having her rest.

The nurse checked her and announced to me with gladness that she was responding to treatment.

Since she told us she wanted to have her rest, I kissed her and hugged her very tight to the extent that the nurse had to disengage us, reminding me of her state.

I bade her goodbye as I went out of the hospital to take a stroll and to ruminate on issues being discussed earlier on.

After 10 minutes, my phone rang.

To my utmost surprise, it was my mum.

She asked after my sister. I explained to her that she was responding to treatment.

I thought she wouldn’t come that day. She came after 30 minutes we spoke on phone. She really rushed down to the hospital😊.

I think the way the traditionalist spoke to her with terror brought her back to her senses.

When it was as if the traditionalist had given his final verdict, which was death, she remembered God.

She remembered the God she once cursed. She remembered the God she had forsaken.

Memories of the incidences that preceeded the birth of my sister and after she was born flooded her heart to the extent that she couldn’t help but shed hot tears.

My mummy couldn’t forgive herself for all that happened. She kept on crying like a baby. I persuaded her not to cry. I encouraged her to have faith in the God of second chance.

I reached out to many people on behalf of my sister for prayers.

Mum realized she misled my sister. She realized that the blood of her daughter was hanging on her neck for being a stumbling block which made her to cry hard.

1 hour, my sister wasn’t awake. We felt she really needed that rest.

2nd hour, she wasn’t moving. I had a feeling deep within me that she was going to die.

I kept on checking on her to see if she hasn’t gone.

I was determined to drag her back to life whenever she travels to the land of death. Little did I know that no man has power over death.

3rd hour, she was still breathing.

In fact, mum slept off.

Sleep was far from my eyes. I watched over my sister, because she was so dear to me.

4th hour, 27th minutes, she began to cough.

I rushed out to call the doctor who was later accompanied by Nurse Titi.

My sister’s case grew worse.

Mum rushed to her side and pleaded for forgiveness.

Hatred was written on my sister’s face the moment she set her eyes on my mum.

Mum couldn’t control those tears when she saw her daughter’s eyes, full of fury.

“If I have a gun, I will finish you. I regret I come to this world through you. Go to hell woman.” My sister shouted in pain as she kept on coughing.

“Don’t say that my sister. All that happened happened in the past. Let’s forget about what happened.

Besides, you don’t have to blame anybody because you allowed them to push you into it. So, you just have to take responsibility for the actions you took. Please, don’t blame anyone.” I said.

She didn’t say anything.

With the way she was doing, I sensed death.

“Sister mi (my sister), please you just have to give your life to Christ at this junction. You just have to forgive everyone who offended you. Please!!” I pleaded.

“Sade, it is too late. God cannot forgive me. I have disappointed him. I have broken his heart. I have failed him. He can’t receive me.

He can’t forgive me. Please, just take care of my daughter, Bidemi.

Tell her I still love her. Help me to greet all my enemies. Help me to thank them for successfully destroying my life.

Take care of yourself, Sade. I will forever love you.” My sister said, groaning in pains.

” Sister mi (my sister), it is not too late for you to give your life to Christ.

Jesus still loves you irrespective of the offences you have committed. Jesus is ready to pardon your sins. Just give him a chance again in your life.

Sister mi (my sister), say after me. Lord Jesus… “I pleaded with her to repeat after me.

She wasn’t saying anything.


The doctor fought so hard to rescue her from the hands of death.

She also fought so hard to sustain her life.


When it was as if her soul was almost ready to leave her body, she shouted👇


And died.

The moment her death became a reality to me, I let out a dangerous cry that almost brought the whole hospital down.

When people asked me who died, I said “Prophetess Seun”.

They all wept bitterly. The hospital was in pandemonium.

“The prophetess of the most high God who did great exploits? The truthful prophetess of God? The most beautiful prophetess in town? The most caring prophetess? Gone!!!” The Thomas among us in the hospital asked.

They didn’t believe what I said until they saw her corpse with their naked eyes.

My mum couldn’t bear the news of her death. She became unconscious.

Later, we got to know that she had hypertension.

The moment my dad had about his daughter’s death, he went into coma. He finally died.

Mum later became conscious, but her health status wasn’t always predictable.

She had used “thinking” to almost ruin her life.

My dad and my sister were finally laid to rest.

What a very terrible scene, day, hour, minutes and seconds, when their bodies were finally laid to rest.

I drank tears like water. I cried till I had no strength to cry.

My only sister, gone!

My dad, gone!

Life became meaningless to me. At a point, I prayed to God to take my life, but He didn’t.

I struggled hard to ensure mum was in good health.

Peaceful and glorious family of four, became a sorrowful family of 2.

Truly, the devil came to steal our joy in my family. He came to destroy great glories. He finally succeeded by killing two of my loved ones, just because there was a crack in the wall.

Just because of a dangerous step made by soliciting help from the devil when the answer from God was just a stone throw. If only they had waited a little.

Well, I hope you’ve learnt from my family.

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©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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