Dark Night

Dark Night

Episode 1

The Johnsons were a quiet family, they were friendly people both in church and their neighbourhood. Mrs Johnson was a very quiet woman, she barely spoke to people but she never failed to flash her white shiny teeth whenever you come around her. Mr Johnson was a very playful young man, he loved to play with all the kids around, he buys them toys and gifts and so whenever the kids see him coming or see his car drive in, they circle around because there was something for them.

The church loved him, his neighbours loved him, the children loved him and even his colleagues at the office all loved him. Mr Johnson was ready to do anything just to put a smile on someone’s face, for this reason he was nicknamed ”extra length” they called him that because they believe he was ready to go extra length for others. There was a day a 4years old, played into a transformer house and got stucked in one of the wires. Without thinking, Mr Johnson had jumped into the transformer house, not minding if there was light or not, he bravely rescued the child from the high tension electric. Even though he sustained some burns and injuries he didnt care so long the boy was safe.

He was televised in the local news for his bravery and this made him a little bit famous. Everyone loved the Johnsons. His love for children cannot be over emphasized, and so everybody felt for him and wondered why after 13years of marriage he still did not have his own child.

There was a rumour that his wife was having consistent miscarriages, and this had made her change from the ever smiling Mrs Johnson to a very gloomy and sad woman. They’ve gone from hospital to hospital, from one church to another and still they didn’t have any child.

Mrs Johnson was beginning to lose hopes of having any child in her life, she had started suggesting to Mr Johnson to take another wife who can bare him children. But Mr Johnson would not hear of it, he kept on telling her that one day God will surprise them.

On this day, Mr Johnson had returned from work and met his wife lying down on the couch crying as usual. That had been her normal routine for the past 10years. Mr Johnson went in and tried to console her and reassure her that God will bless them with their own child in HIS time. Just as they were talking they heard a knock on the door, and their neighbour Brother Wale came in.

Brother Wale was a very fervent member of their Church and he also happened to be their neighbour. He was known for his prophesies that normally come true.

Mr Johnson: Bro Wale, welcome, this one you entered our house today.

Mrs Johnson: yes brother Wale, (she cleaned her eyes with the wrapper she was tying) to what do we owe you this visit owing to the fact that you don’t enter people’s house in this compound.

(Bro Wale started laughing)

Bro Wale: it’s not like I don’t enter people’s house o, I just visit when my spirit leads me to.

Mr Johnson: welcome, please have your seat.

Bro Wale sat down and then cleared his throat as Mr and Mrs Johnson stared at him waiting for him to say something.

Bro Wale: well, I didn’t just come here, the spirit of God directed me to you. And He said I should tell you that your set time has come. He is going to give you double for your trouble, BUT…..

Mr Johnson: But what?

(Bro Wale stood up and walked to the door, then he stopped and faced Mrs. Johnson and said.)

Bro Wale: when that time comes, do not forget that it is the Lord who had blessed you.

He turned and walked away as they sat and deliberated on the message they just got from bro Wale.

Mr Johnson: Well, I do not know that thing that God has decided to bless us with but however let’s appreciate and praise him in advance.

(He held his wife by the hand and they knelt down and prayed together.)

Episode 2

It’s been 2months since brother Wale’s visit to the Johnsons and Mrs Johnson was already getting discouraged from waiting anxiously for the promise that Mr Wale talked about.
She had started crying at nights again and getting unnecessarily depressed. It was out of this depression she didn’t realize that water had poured on the ground earlier. She slipped and fell, she let out a very loud cry which attracted the neighbours. They quickly rushed in and carried her up and as they tried to help her out on a chair they discovered she was bleeding. Out of fear they took her to the hospital. Mr Johnson was called almost immediately and so in no time he was at the hospital. He saw his wife lying down on the bed with a nurse attending to her, he rushed to her and held her hands. Mrs Johnson could see how terrified he was and then she assured him that it was just a small fall and she was OK. The doctor soon came in and interviewed her.

Doctor: How do you feel now? Mrs Johnson

Mrs Johnson: I’m fine doctor, I just want to get home and get back to my life.

Mr Johnson: is she strong enough to go home?

Doctor: of course she is free to leave. But madam (he turned to face her), please next time be very careful so that you won’t hurt the baby you are carrying.

Mr/Mrs Johnson: baby? What baby? I we dont understand.

Mrs Johnson: Doctor what baby are you talking about?

Doctor: Mrs Johnson, you are two months pregnant. (There was a look of surprise on her face, tears flowed down from her cheeks as the doctor continued) you should be very careful from now on, at this early stage of pregnancy you don’t want to involve in strenuous activities, eat healthy and do things carefully.

Mrs Johnson: (stammering while still shedding tears) yes doctor.

Doctor: come with me Mr Johnson let’s sign the papers so you can take her home, she is strong enough.

Mr Johnson: in a minute sir I’d be with you. (The doctor stepped out and Mr Johnson held his wife by the hand) God has done it dear,

Mrs Johnson: At last, God has done it

Mr Johnson: He is a faithful father, I told you, I told you, as he burst out in a loud laugh. Wait for me let me see the doctor for your discharge when we get home, we will praise this God.

When Mr Johnson stepped out, Mrs Johnson started singing…..

” Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness, my God that is who you are…….”

Not long her husband came and joined her and together they worshipped God who has done this. Mr Johnson knew that by this pregnancy, their lives was about to change forever!

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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