Dark Night episode 7&8

Dark Night!

Episode 7.

From the moment Mrs Johnson heard that Blessing was blind, her attitude towards the child changed completely. When Mr Johnson treated her with increased love. Mrs Johnson did the exact opposite. She always looked for an opportunity to strike and beat her up, she made life a living hell for her. The only time the little girl smelt a little peace was when Mr Johnson was home.

Mr Johnson was surprised at the sudden change in his wife. He wondered what had happened to the loving and caring woman he married. How did she become this child beating monster? He was no longer happy in his own home. Even praying had reduced in the house. Sometimes in a whole week, no one would remember to pray. He was unhappy in his own house. He hustled day and night and saved as much as he could to be able to do the operation for Blessing, even though his wife had warned him that it would be a huge mistake and waste of money. She continued to punish the girl as if she was the cause of her predicament. This continued until the kids were 12 years old.

Gift had started schooling since but Blessing stayed behind. She was to start the school of the blind but Mrs Johnson didn’t think it was time for her to start.

Gift loved his sister and so whenever he returned from school, he took out time to teach her what he learned. He was always ready to defend her from his mom.

On this fateful day, Mr Johnson didn’t pick up Gift on time from school and so they came home late. When they got home, they met Blessing outside the gate with her eyes swollen and lips heavy. There was a cut on her right eye and she was crying. When she heard the sound of the car approaching she quickly got up and waved to them. When Mr Johnson saw her he was surprised, he and Gift quickly came out of the car and held her by the hand.

Gift: Blessing why are you outside at this time?

Mr Johnson: my Blessing, what are you doing outside at this time?

Blessing: Daddy, Gift, thank God you are back.

Mr Johnson: What happened? Where is your mommy? Why are you outside? Who did this to you?

Blessing: Mummy asked me to go and look for you and Gift. I came looking for you but I didnt know where to go and when I told her she beat me and drove me out and said if I don’t see you I shouldn’t return to the house.

Gift: How can mummy beat you like this? Is mum this wicked?

Mr Johnson was so angry that he marched inside calling his wife. When she came out she looked at her husband as if nothing had happened.

Mrs Johnson: oh thank goodness that you are home. (She tried to give Mr Johnson a hug but he stepped away from her and then she moved to hug Gift but he told her off also) what is wrong with the two of you?

Mr Johnson: what happened to you? Why did you become like this? How can you beat up your own daughter like this? What did she ever do to you?

Mrs Johnson: Is that why you rejected my hug?

Gift: mummy I don’t like what you are doing. Why did you beat my sister like this? Why are you treating her like she is not your child?

Mrs Johnson: she is not…..

Mr Johnson: shut up woman, shut your mouth before I hit you. (he raised his hands to slap her but dropped it again and instead dragged her into the room)

Mrs Johnson: (inside the room). Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Stop pulling me!

Mr Johnson: What had gotten into you? Why are you behaving like the devil? You wanted to say rubbish with your mouth or what?

Mrs Johnson: I don’t want her here.

Mr Johnson: what are you talking about?

Mrs Johnson: we have to take her to the orphanage. She can’t stay here anymore.

Mr Johnson: you are joking, my daughter stays where I stay.

Mrs Johnson: she is not our daughter and she must go. She is bad luck. Her blindness is making everything blind in this house so she must go.

Mr Johnson: she goes no where. And don’t you worry. Very soon my Blessing will see again

Mrs Johnson: what do you mean she will see again?

Mr Johnson: Don’t you worry, you will find out soon.
(He turns and walked away from her)

Episode 8.

Gift had gone to the gym with his best friend Dave and when they finished up, they decided to stroll down to Gift’s house. Gift narrated all how his mother was treating Blessing to his friend.

Dave: But that’s wickedness na. She is not supposed to treat her like that

Gift: I can’t even understand her. Sometimes I begin to wonder if she really gave birth to Blessing.

Dave: Don’t say that.

Gift: I know what I am saying.

Dave: But the two of you are twins.

Gift: yes we are twins! But how do you explain Mommy’s hatred for Blessing? Do you know in her condition mom still sends her to the market? And when she fails to get something right mum will beat her mercilessly

Dave: Maybe it is because she is blind.

Gift: Which is the more reason she is supposed to be loved OK see, my dad travelled for a week now, he will be returning tomorrow. Since daddy travelled my mom instructed that Blessing will only eat once a day in the house.

Dave: What? Why?

Gift: Do I know for her? If not for me that secretly sneaks food to her at night, she won’t eat.

Dave: that’s really terrible. Please keep taking care of her.

Gift: Definitely! Now enough of my sister. Let’s talk about you and that babe you were asking out. Had she finally accepted.

Dave: oh boy o, I be won tell you. She has accepted.

Gift: wow that’s great news o. I hope you won’t treat her like you treated Amaka o.

Dave: it is not me o, let’s just see what the future holds for us. (They both burst out laughing)

Gift: Is she the one you will be bringing to my birthday party?

Dave: Oh it’s true o, I almost forgot , when is it again?

Gift : See you! Once my dad returns from the trip, the plans will be on for the party

Dave: omo! See you, you are becoming a man already o. 19years nor be joke o.

Gift: oh boy na God! Na God. I just feel so bad that my sister has still not gone to school in all these years. Mom made hell out of it and for the sake of peace dad just let it be.

Dave: Hmmmm! It is well with her, but don’t worry very soon a young man who would love her will come and marry her off and you won’t have to worry yourself over your mom anymore.

Gift: You are silly! Which marriage? We are talking of how to raise money for her operation you are talking of marriage. We are 18years old now and very soon I and Blessing will clock 19. As it is now, she has just 12years more before she will go completely blind. That is the reason daddy is working so hard to be able to raise the money.

Dave: 12years, 12years is still a long time na.

Gift: says who? Do you know how many years dad has been struggling to raise that money? 15years now and we’ve not been able to get the money. Mom is not helping issues. If only she agreed to support dad we would have gotten the money already. Instead, she is insisting on sending me abroad to study. ButI will not go.

Dave: you will not do what? You will go o.

Gift: No oo! I won’t go, I can’t leave my sister here. Who will look after her?

Dave: But your dad is here. What did he say when you told him of your mom’s plan?

Gift: Dad said I should go, that it is a good opportunity and that he will look after Blessing. But I’ve made up my mind, I won’t go.

Dave: listen my guy, you have to go. Since it is your mom that would be sponsoring your everything and fees there, you should go. That way the money your dad should be spending for you, he can save it up for your sister, and you can also work overseas and send to your sister for her operation. So you see, you should go.

Gift saw some sense in what Dave was saying.

Gift: But what about Blessing? Who will look after her?

Dave: your dad will look after her. And besides, you can’t help her when you stay here. So it’s better you go.

Gift knew what Dave was saying was right and so he made up his mind to talk to Blessing about it, but that would be on their birthday.

To be continued!

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