Dark Night episode 15&16

Dark Night!

Episode 15.

Two weeks finally came and Blessing got all dressed up and waited for Mr Johnson to come and pick her up. Mr Johnson had carefully wrapped the money a hundred million naira cash on a brief case and he had carefully hidden it among some books inside the boot of his car.

Mr Johnson: see how beautiful you look my child. Are you ready to see the world?

Blessing: I’ve been ready all my life.

Mr Johnson: alright let’s go. Hold my hand (he helped her and she held unto him and they went for to the car but just before they zoomed off Blessing stopped him

Mr Johnson: What is it dear?

Blessing: Daddy let us pray.

Mr Johnson: oh my child, thanks so much for reminding me. Over excitement has got me carried away. Okay lead the prayer.

Blessing: ”Thank you dear Lord for this day, you have made all things beautiful in your time. Today is going to be the turn of a new day in our lives, dear Lord be with us, guide us, protect us, preserve us and twat every plan of the wicked in Jesus name. Amen”

Mr Johnson started the car and they drove off. Blessing was beaming with smile as Mr Johnson kept telling her they were close to the hospital. Finally he told her he could see the gate of the hospital and they are about driving in. But just then a black salon car pulled up in front of them blocking their car and four hefty men jumped out. When Mr Johnson saw them he had to step on the brakes of his car. The guys pulled out guns from their pockets and pointed them at Mr Johnson who was shouting.

Mr Johnson: Jesus! Jesus!

Blessing: daddy what is it? What is going on?

Armed robber: shut up silly girl. (Blessing quickly understood what was happening and she kept quiet.) Mr man, where is the money?

Mr Johnson: what money sir? There is no money, please don’t hurt me, don’t hurt my daughter.

Armed robber: shut up, I said where is the money? And that is the only question you are meant to answer.

Blessing: please sir, don’t hurt my daddy, take everything you want but don’t hurt him please.

One of the armed men pointed the gun at Blessing and shouted at her.

Armed man: Didn’t I say you should keep quiet? Since you don’t know how to shut up maybe I should just shut it permanently for you.

He tried to shoot Blessing but Mr Johnson jumped on him and together they struggled with the gun. Blessing was by now shouting and the other men tried to run back to the car. One of them was shouting at the one Mr Johnson was struggling with.

Armed robber: guy waste am, waste am make we dey go, I say waste am.

The sound of the gun shot was the only thing that Blessing heard afterwards. Everywhere suddenly went quiet, and then she heard the sound of the car driving off. Then she felt the liquid flow through her dress, she touched it, smelt it and she knew it was blood. Then she kept touching. Fear gripping the whole of her body and then she found him.

Blessing: no no no no no no Jesus, no no no no daddddddyyyyyyy…….(she screamed and fainted)

Episode 16

Mrs Johnson was sitted outside with her legs crossed eating mangoes when her phone rang.

Mrs Johnson: Hello,

Caller: Hello madam,

Mrs Johnson: Yes who is this? And how may I help you?

Caller: madam abeg na we jhoor.

She dropped her legs and turned around to make sure no one was around or listening to her conversation.

Mrs Johnson: (silently) is it done?

Caller: Madam come, abeg if you nor dey sure of information nor dey give us o. Which one you dey na?

Mrs Johnson: What do you mean by that? I gave you all the information you needed.

Caller: Madam, madam, no need for plenty talk just ready our balance.

Mrs Johnson: my money is with you and you are talking of balance. You keep my money safe. I don’t want to hear stories.

Caller: which money? Madam nor let me vex o, which money you day talk? Anyways I nor won argue with you, just keep our balance make we for not get problem.

Mrs Johnson: We won’t have problems so long we both keep our side of the deals. You hand over the money you collected from my husband and you will get your money. Is that not the deal?

Caller: e be like say this woman nor day hear English for evening. I say money nor dey, you nor dey hear? There was no money in the car.

Mrs Johnson: eh eh eh, don’t play that line with me o, don’t just try it. You want to scam me or what? The 100million you carried and now you are saying what?

Caller: which 100million? I say money nor dey you dey yan nonsense. Anyway I just call to tell you to ready our money finish. You nor day get right information yet you won be informant. You almost let them catch us today, if nor be say we smart enough to dissolve the man maybe ……

Mrs Johnson: Dissolve which man? What are you talking about?

Caller: the man na, the yeye man wey you say make we rob so, the guy won fight us na, e be won collect my guy gun na. Na be say we smart make us fit fire am down. Dissolve am If not maybe all of us including you for don dey jail now.

Mrs Johnson: slow down abeg. (Shaking) you mean say you kill the man when drive the motor?

Caller: straight up, my guy waste am

Mrs Johnson burst out crying and shouting.

Mrs Johnson: ewooooooo, ewoooooo,Jesus ooooo, you have killed me oooo, you have finished me oooo.

Caller: (surprised) madam wetin na, why you day halla any how?

Mrs Johnson: Was that our agreement? Did I ask you to kill anyone? I said collect the money and move, not kill.

Caller: ehen,, naim make you dey halla? You nor know say casualty dey dey this our job?

Mrs Johnson: ewoooo you have finished me oooo

Caller: wetin na?

Mrs Johnson: That man was my husband ooooo, you just killed my husband oooo

Caller: what?? You mean say na your own husband you say make we tif? Your own boo? (Mrs Johnson didnt reply because she had fallen on the ground crying and wailing) Na which kain woman you be sef. Say make them rob your own husband? Mtchew! (He hissed in anger) abeg abeg mourn your husband finish make you cone settle us o, nobody send you message o. You hear me? You hear me so? (She kept on crying without answering, as he ended the call )

To be continued!

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