Dark Night episode 41&42

Dark Night!

Episode 41

Dave helped Blessing to the room where Hope was. He was alone in the room as Mr. Johnson and Gift had gone to the operating room where Matron Agnes and Mrs Johnson were.

Hope : Mummy……

Blessing: my sweet boy. What happened to you? How are you? Were you hurt?

Hope: No mom, I’m very fine. This man here took care of me. (He turned to Dave) Thank you for bringing my mom to me, you are very kind.

Blessing: Hope do you remember the person I told you about, that registered me at the hospital and took care of me when I was pregnant with you?

Hope: yes of course. Uncle Dave, my daddy’s best friend that travelled and never came back.

Blessing : yes my son, this man standing here is him.

Hope:(eyes wide open) This is uncle Dave? He was the one who hit me with his car and also brought me to the hospital.

Blessing: yes he is uncle Dave.

Hope: (to Dave) why did you travel and didn’t come back?

Dave: I’m so sorry Hope. I wanted to come back, I wanted to be there when you were born, but I was held back in prison for 7years.

Blessing: what?

Dave: Yes Blessing! It is a long story, but I want you to know that I didn’t abandon you.

Blessing: I know you didn’t. It’s OK

Dave: see how he has grown up. Destiny brought us back together. (To Blessing) You didn’t tell me Gift was responsible for the pregnancy.

Blessing: How did you think I could tell you that my own twin brother was responsible for my pregnancy?

Dave: you could have at least told me that he raped you.

Blessing was shocked to hear Dave say that because she knew that she never mentioned it to him.

Blessing: How, how how did you know that?

Dave: Gift confessed.

Blessing: He did?

Dave: Yes he did! Come with me.

Blessing: where?

Dave: Have you forgotten your Aunty Agnes is here?

Blessing: oh it’s true.(to Hope) Hope Darling, they said Aunty Agnes was involved in an accident. Let me go and talk with her.

Hope: mom can I come?

Blessing: No dear, you have to rest I would be back.

Dave held Blessing by the hand and led her into the waiting room where Mr Johnson and Gift were sitted. Gift and his dad were talking and they were not aware that Dave had already found Blessing and was coming with her.

Mr Johnson: son, what you said in the car. Why did you do it?

Gift: Dad, I was drunk, I had gone to drop Blessing in school and some scoundrels were making fun of her and telling me how they’ve all slept with her, I was angry and jealous. I couldn’t imagine another man touching her. Dad I know it was wrong and I’m sorry, but I loved her, I loved her so much and it is not in the way a brother loves a sister, it was more than that, the jealousy I felt was so much and I went to drink. I got so drunk that when I got home all I felt was anger for her. Dad I know it does not justify what I did but I can’t explain further why I did it. All I know is that I did it, and after I did I discovered she was a virgin and those idiots lied to me. I regretted my actions and I couldn’t look my sister in the face anymore. I had to leave.

I had to run away. I thought that when I’m far away I would leave my guilt behind, but I was wrong. That guilt followed me everywhere I went and even till date. I never knew she got pregnant from that rape. Dad please I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

Just then the door opened and Dave came inside with Blessing.

Episode 42.

Mr Johnson and Gift were shocked to see Blessing with Dave.

Mr Johnson: My Blessing, my Blessing !

Dave: Blessing!

Blessing: Daddy! Daddy is that you?

Mr Johnson ran and embraced and held Blessing so tight as tears of joy flowed from both their cheeks.

Mr Johnson: Yes my child, it’s me, I didn’t know you were alive, I have looked for you everywhere, oh my Blessing.

Blessing: I knew you were not dead, I knew the God I serve won’t let my daddy die. I prayed to God to spare you, to bring you back to life. And I know he heard me.

Mr Johnson: Of course He heard you, I am alive.

Gift went before Blessing and knelt down crying. He held her legs.

Gift: Forgive me sister, please forgive me, I know I hurt you and broke your heart and your trust, I did the unforgivable but I am still your brother, your twin, please forgive me please I’m begging.

Blessing was crying so deep now.

Blessing: my brother Gift. You are back.(she tried to raise him up to stand, and he stood up and faced her) Don’t cry, don’t cry , I have forgiven you a long time ago. Everything that happen in this world happens if only God permits it, so don’t cry. I am happy that you are back. (She hugged him and they both wept uncontrollably) Gift, we have a son, God gave us a son.

Dave: I’m amazed at this God, do you know the boy we hit is actually Blessing’s son? Your son Gift.

Gift & Mr Johnson: what?

Dave: yes! Your son and your grand son.

Gift rushes out to Hope’s room and Mr Johnson followed behind, Dave led Blessing also to the room. When Gift entered the room, Hope stared at him and he was looking at the boy from head down. He started touching him all over.

Hope: excuse me sir! Why are you touching me like that? (Gift was crying all over again) hello Mr, please are you okay? Stop touching me.

Mr Johnson and Dave with Blessing entered into the room.

Hope: Mom I don’t understand this man, he just rushed in here and started touching me all over.

Blessing: Hope, this man is your daddy.

Hope: My daddy? My daddy? I thought you said my daddy travelled. How come everybody that travelled is suddenly in this hospital?

Blessing: It is the will of God being fulfilled my son, this is your daddy and this is your grand daddy.

Hope tried to sit down and stretched his hands to Mr Johnson and gave him a tight hug, and then to Gift he also stretched his hands.

Hope: Daddy come and carry me

Gift who couldn’t hold back the tears rushed to him and carried him. It was a tensed atmosphere. Then the doctor stepped in.

Doctor: It is a full house here. I was told that you are the families of the two burnt women in the theatre.

Mr Johnson: yes doctor we are.

Blessing:(surprised.) Two burnt women?

Dave: Yes, your aunty Agnes and your mummy.

Blessing: what?

Doctor: well I just want to inform you that they are both in the room now and you can speak with them now.

Mr Johnson: Thank you doctor.

They all stepped out of the room with Gift carrying Hope in his hand and Dave guarding Blessing.

To be continued

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