Dark Night episode 13&14

Dark Night!

Episode 13.

After days of locking herself indoors, Blessing finally decided to come out from her room. She knew what awaited her because Mrs Johnson had not stopped announcing it that when she cones out she will finish her.

It was the sound of her stick moving around the house that alerted Mrs Johnson, who quickly got up and went to meet her where she was.

Mrs Johnson: Hey blind bat, you finally opened your door right! I thought you wanted to die inside.

Blessing: Mummy good morning.

A big slap landed on her face.

Mrs Johnson: Have I not told you to stop calling me mummy, ehn you fool? Am I your mummy?

Blessing: (starts crying) but mummy, I don’t understand, you are the only mummy I know, what are you talking about?

Mrs Johnson: (collects the stick from her and start beating her with it) are you asking me questions? Ehn, foolish girl. I will kill you today. I will kill you today. (She was hitting Blessing with everything that comes to her hand and Blessing was screaming so loud. Luckily Mr Johnson came in)

Mr Johnson: Stop it woman! Do you want to kill her?

(She dropped the stick and looked at her husband head to toe, made a long sigh and walked away) When Mr Johnson saw his little girl, he wept for her, he quickly carried her from the ground and took her to sit on a chair.

Blessing: Daddy (crying) daddy, why does mummy hate me so much? What did I do to her?

Mr Johnson: My Blessing, don’t talk like that, your mother does not hate you.

Blessing: Daddy I am not a child anymore, and even though I can’t see her, I know she hates me so much.(Mr Johnson became so quiet) she even said she is not my mummy and I should never call her mummy anymore. Daddy what is going on? Is mummy not my mummy? I thought Gift and I are twins? Is mummy not our mummy?

Mr Johnson: oh my Blessing. She is your mummy, and I am your daddy, Gift your brother is your twin brother and you must never have such thoughts in your head please.

Blessing: Daddy where is Gift, I haven’t seen him for some time.

Mr Johnson: Your brother has already traveled, he said he cannot face you that he may change his mind of traveling If he sees you, and that was why he didnt wait. ( Blessing was quiet, she knew that was a lie Gift had told their father) however he said I should give you this phone. It belongs to Dave his friend. When you reach Dave, you will reach Gift.

Blessing wanted to reject the phone but she didnwt want Mr Johnson to ask further questions so she collected the phone as Mr Johnson led her upstairs.

Mr Johnson: Very soon dear, all this will be over. I promise you my Blessing.

(He left her in her room, making sure she was okay then he went to his own room. He met his wife sitting on the bed)

Mr Johnson: Dear! What happened to you? What has that poor girl done to you? Why do you hate her so much? How can you just change so much in a few years?

Mrs Johnson: I changed because you refused to take that blind bat away. I changed because she has turned this house to darkness. That is the reason I changed.

Mr Johnson: How can you talk like this? Is it because she is blind? Is it her fault that she is blind? What if it were Gift, where would you have him returned to?

Mrs Johnson: God forbid it. My son cannot be blind. God forbid it.

Mr Johnson: Have you forgotten so soon? How we longed for a child? And Bro Wale’s prophesy to us? Have you forgotten his words to us. That God will give us double? And how God really blessed us with Gift and Blessing? The promise of double? Have you forgotten?

Mrs Johnson: my dear husband I have not forgotten that God promised us double, but we misunderstood the message. Blessing was not our double. We were in a rush and we confused her for our double.

Mr Johnson: how can you say that?

Mrs Johnson: my husband, the blessings of the Lord makes rich and add no sorrow. Since Blessing came to the house all she has ever given us is sorrow.

Mr Johnson: That’s not true, since Blessing came to this house our lives has changed. I got promoted three times in a space of 6months. Where have you ever heard that? We moved into our own building, your business increased and grew so big, should I begin to count?

Mrs Johnson: Those were just coincindences, but it was not the double God promised us. See (she brought out a piece of paper and showed it to her husband)

Mr Johnson: what is that?

Mrs Johnson: see, 19years after our first child, I am pregnant again. Only God could have done this. This is our double blessing.

(Mr Johnson looked at his wife surprised at what she was saying. He dropped the paper for her)

Mr Johnson: I’m glad that you are pregnant again. It is indeed a testimony, considering your age. But I want to beg you please stop treating this girl anyhow, please I am begging you.

Mrs Johnson: And that’s all you have to say on this great news I just delivered to you.

Mr Johnson: Honey look, in three days time, my Blessing, our Blessing will be having her operation and so she needs all the rest she can have right now.

Mrs Johnson: operation? What operation? I dont understand.

Mr Johnson: our Blessing will be able to see again, I finally raised the money.

Mrs Johnson: (eyes wide open) the 100million? You got the 100million?

Mr Johnson: (excitedly) yes honey, I got it, I told you I would, I told you she will see again. I …….

Mrs Johnson: (interrupting him) you got a hundred million and you just want to waste it on that blind witch?

Mr Johnson was shocked to hear her talk like that. He quickly understood that she was not excited the way he was and so he walked out of the room disappointed at his wife who was busy shouting and screaming at the top of her voice.

Episode 14

Just 24hours to the operation, Mr Johnson received a call that the appointment for the operation has been shifted forward till two weeks time.He was sad because he had looked forward to that day. He had earlier told Blessing that he had a surprise for her and so when he suddenly went quiet Blessing asked him what was wrong.

Mr Johnson: I got a bad call.

Blessing: Daddy hope no one died, hope all is well in the office. How is my brother? Hope he is fine?

Mrs Johnson who was just walking in from the kitchen heard the last question by Blessing.

Mrs Johnson: my son is very fine. I know you wish him bad but your plans will not work you hear? Evil girl.

Mr Johnson: shut up woman, what has she done this time?

Mrs Johnson: what has she not done? Didn’t you hear her? At the mention of bad news she remembered Gift, my own Gift, because she is a witch and wish him bad

Blessing: Ah mummy, how can I wish my own twin brother bad?

Mrs Johnson: will you shut that thing you called mouth before I shut it up permanently for you like your blind eyes.

Mr Johnson: shut up woman (he stands and raise his hands as if to slap her) I have never raised my hand on you, don’t make me start now.

Mrs Johnson: go ahead, hit me, hit me because of this blind bat. Go ahead.

Mr Johnson held Blessing by the hand and took her out of the house into the garden in the compound.

Mr Johnson: My Blessing, I am so sorry for what your mother is doing to you, I want to beg you to please not take it to heart. When your operation is done and your eyes finally open, I believe she will change.

Blessing: But daddy that day seems like it is never going to come.

Mr Johnson: (smiles) my Blessing, that day was supposed to happen tomorrow, which is why I told you earlier that I had a surprise for you.

Blessing: daddy how do you mean? What about the money?

Mr Johnson: my Blessing, God helped us and I was able to raise the money. The operation was to happen tomorrow, but that call I received was from the doctor. He said the flight of the white men who are to work on your eyes was delayed till two weeks time because of bad weather. Which is why the operation can no linger happen tomorrow. This is the bad news.

Blessing: Daddy you mean I’m going to see.

Mr Johnson: yes my Blessing, you will definitely see again.

Blessing: Daddy you mean I will be able to see you and mummy and Gift?

Mr Johnson: yes dear, you will see us all and many many beautiful things of this world.

Blessing jumped up and began to dance and sing as tears flowed from her eyes.

”I serve a God who is powerful eh”
”Halleluyah eh”
”I serve a God who is faithful”
”This God is a good God”
”Halleluyah eh”
”And I call him my miracle”
”Miracle worker”

Mr Johnson joined her as they both danced and turned around the garden. After singing for a while she stopped and hugged him.

Blessing: Daddy you are the best daddy in the world. I couldn’t have asked God for a better daddy. God bless you for me.

Mr Johnson: my Blessing, this is why I feel so sad that the appointment was shifted to two weeks time.

Blessing: Daddy, I have waited for almost twenty years, another two weeks is nothing.

Mr Johnson: you are right my child. Thank you for understanding.

Blessing: No dad, thank you for being an amazing dad. I love you so much.

Mr Johnson: And I love you too my child.

Just then Mrs Johnson barked into the garden.

Mrs Johnson: you this man, I am beginning to suspect you and this little witch. And whatever the two of you are planning, I can assure you that I will not let it work.

Mr Johnson held Blessing by the hand and together they walked back into the house.

To be continued!

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