Dark Night episode 3&4

Dark Night!

Episode 3.

The journey of Nine months was not an easy one, but God saw her through and the day finally came. Mrs Johnson was home alone when she felt some liquid coming from her body, she quickly grabbed her phone and called her husband, she didnt want any funny surprises. This has been her attitude from day one of the pregnancy and three times they’ve gone to the hospital thinking it was labour.

In few minutes Mr Johnson was already home. He helped her into his car, carried her bags and zoomed off to the hospital, when they left the compound was quiet and so no one even saw or noticed anything. When Dr Greg saw them again he smiled because he believed it was another false labour. However he took her inside and checked her and this time it was real. He stepped out again to Mr Johnson and told him it was real this time, then he went back inside the labour room. Mr Johnson knelt down, raised his hands up and prayed.

Mr Johnson: Dear Lord, Giver of life, Creator of the universe, this time the doctor said it is real. We are about to welcome your gift to us as you’ve promised us. Grant my wife grace just as the Hebrew women, in Jesus name. Amen.

As he stood to open his eyes, he saw a nurse smiling at him.

Nurse: I so much admire you and your wife and the so much faith you have in God.

Mr Johnson: Thank you so much nurse, He is our father and in him only do we put our trust. Please my wife is about to give birth, could you please assist Dr Greg so everything can go well please?

The nurse smiled again before talking.

Nurse: Sir it is the quickest labour we’ve ever had in our 20years of operating, your wife has been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.

Mr Johnson: How do you mean? We just got here not up to 5mins.

Nurse: I thought I heard you pray that God should grant your wife a delivery as the Hebrew women?

Mr Johnson: (falls to the ground with tears full his eyes singing and rolling round the hospital floor)

“I serve a very big God o,
Who is always by my side,
A very big God o,
By my side, by my side.”

He kept on rolling and appreciating God until Dr Greg stepped out and told him to stand up and be ready to meet his wife and son in a bit. The clothes he was wearing have become so dirty. He stood with his eyes wide open waiting patiently staring at the labour ward door. Few seconds and the door flung opened, he saw his wife sitted on a wheel chair, carrying a beautiful baby and the nurse rolling her out towards a ward. When she saw him, she smiled with tears also falling off her eyes.

Mrs Johnson: Honey, our son is here

Mr Johnson: Yes dear, our son is here.

Mrs Johnson: God did it

Mr Johnson: Yes He did it, He is a faithful father. (He took the wheel chair from the nurse and asked for the direction to the ward, and she pointed it to him. He rolled her towards the ward with his eyes fixed on the baby.

Mr Johnson: so this is my son.

Mrs Johnson: yes dear, this is our son.

(He looked at her and planted a kiss on her cheek)

Mr Johnson: We will name him Gift!

Mrs Johnson: I agree, for He is indeed our gift from God.

Episode 4

Mr and Mrs Johnson with baby Gift, all beaming with smile could not contain their joy as they drove home. The husband and wife kept singing as they approached their house.

“Your name is Yaweh!
Your name is Yaweh!
You are the miracle working God.
‘Your name is Yaweh”

When they got to the compound, it was quiet as usual. Mr Johnson drove in and hurried down to open the door for his wife and son. Mrs Johnson came down and thanked her husband then walked towards the door. And then she noticed it, a basket carefully wrapped and placed at the side of the door.

Mrs Johnson: Honey what is that?

Mr Johnson: What is what?

Mrs Johnson: Look (she said pointing to the basket, Mr Johnson looked in surprise at the basket. Mrs Johnson continued talking) did you order for anything?

Mr Johnson: No ooo, stand back let me check out what is in there. (Slowly he walked to the basket and opened it, and then he shouted) Blood of Jesus!

Mrs Johnson: Honey what is it? What is in the basket?

Mr Johnson carefully unwrapped the basket and showed it to his wife.

Mrs Johnson: Jesus! Blood of Jesus, it’s a baby, who left a baby at our door. (They turned around and walked around but found no one. They carried the baby and went inside)

Mrs Johnson: Honey, who left a baby at our doorstep?

Mr Johnson: Honey I don’t know o, we came home together how am I supposed to know who left a baby here?

(She dropped baby Gift and unwrapped the baby, a note fell from the basket and it reads)

”Take care of her and love her as your own. I will never come back for her. I couldn’t kill her that’s why I decided to leave her for you because I know she is in safe hands with you”

Mrs Johnson: who could have done this?

Mr Johnson: it’s a baby girl.

Mrs Johnson: We must invite the police and then take her to the orphanage.

Mr Johnson: yes, that’s what we should do. But for now you need to rest. We just came home and you need to rest. I will make some food for you and Gift and after we’ve rested I will call the police.

Mrs Johnson: what about the baby, what will she eat? She’s hungry too.

Mr Johnson: okay I will make some food from baby Gift’s for her too.

Mrs Johnson: okay honey, you are the best. Thank you.

Mr Johnson helped her to the room to lay down and kept the two babies beside her. Then he went ahead to the kitchen to prepare some food.

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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