Dark Night episode 19&20

Dark Night!

Episode 19.

Blessing walked deep into the night without knowing where she was and where she was going to. The news that Mr and Mrs Johnson were not her real parents was still of great shock to her, she finally understood why Mrs Johnson could treat her the way she did. She wondered who her real parents were and if they even cared at all? Of course they didn’t love her and that was why they had abandoned her. The only person who loved and cared for her was Mr Johnson and now they said he is dead? No it can’t be! Mr Johnson can’t be dead.

She dropped the bag and knelt down on the road,and raised her two hands up to the sky, with tears in her eyes, she raised her voice to the sky and cried out with all her strength.

Blessing: ”You are Jehovah, you are Elshadai, you are the Bright Morning Star, the Lilly of the valley, Ancient of days, I am that I am, you are Yaweh, you are JESUS, you are the God we call upon and you answer. Father hear me now. My daddy, the only daddy i know, they said he is dead, they said he is dead but I don’t believe it. Because he cannot die, Jesus he cannot die, I won’t allow it, i do not permit it. And so wherever he is right now let your hands heal him. Jesus even if he is dead, bring him back. You brought Lazarus back after four days, this is few hours and there is nothing impossible for you to do. Bring my daddy back. ( she started singing and speaking in tongues)

”You are Yaweh eh eh
”You are Yaweh
”You are Yaweh eh eh eh
”You are Yaweh
”You are Yaweh, Alpha and Omega,.
”You are Yaweh, alpha and Omega”

Blessing: my daddy cannot die, dear Jesus bring him back, heal him and bring him back. I close the gate to heaven so there is no entrance for your soul. I close the gate to hell so there is no entrance for your soul, there is only one entrance for you and that is the gate to Life. Mr Johnson, Daddy, I call you back to life. Come back to life, come back to life. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME I HAVE PRAYED. AMEN

After the prayers Blessing stood up and wondered where she would go now, she did not even know where she was at the moment, but then suddenly she remembered that Gift had left a phone for her which Mr Johnson gave to her some time ago. She had not had any reason to use it all this while. She quickly brought the bag she was carrying down and started scattering it, hoping she would find it. And luckilly for her she found it and put it on and dialled the only number saved to it.she waited for Dave to answer.

Dave: hello,

Blessing: hello. Please am I talking to Dave?

Dave: Yes, this is Dave, who is this?

Blessing: I’m sorry to bother you, but my name is Blessing and it was my brother Gift that gave me your number.

Dave: oh Blessing, Gift’s twin, how are you?

Blessing: please I need your help.

Episode 20.

The doctors in the hospital had taken Mr Johnson to the mortuary and had even given him the injection, the mortuary man had removed his clothes and rolled him by the side of another dead body but as he turned to leave, he heard a sound. He turned to look to make sure the sound wasn’t coming from the room, he looked around but he didn’t see anything. Then he turned again to leave and then again he heard a sound. He became terrified. And slowly he began to turn again and this time he saw Mr Johnson, sitted on the bench on which he was laid on. He screamed and jumped, running out of the mortuary.

Mortuary man: ewoooooo, dead body don stand up oooooo (he was running with hands and feet flying in the air, Mr Johnson was surprised at his reaction because he couldn’t understand why the man was running, and then he looked around him and saw a bunch of dead people and he too took to his heels after wearing some clothes he found in hurry to cover his nakedness.

Mr Johnson: Blood of Jesus! What is this? (he ran as fast as his leg could carry him. Following the direction the man had just followed)

Everyone who saw the mortuary man running and then Mr Johnson behind him took to their heels including the doctors and the nurses. Mr Johnson soon realized they were running from him, and so he focused on the doctor and chased him until he caught him and pinned him to the ground. The doctor closed his eyes and raised his hands up.

Doctor: please please please sir, I don’t know who killed you, it was not me sir, I did my best to save you, please don’t kill me I beg you, please.

Mr Johnson: what are you talking about?

Doctor: (still scared) Have mercy on me please,
I really did my best, please the bullet went too deep that was why. Please don’t take me with you please sir, I have a wife and two children. Please sir.

His words were not making sense to Mr Johnson and so he shouted at him.

Mr Johnson: shut up doctor. Do I look like a ghost to you? Why are you scared like a baby? Do I look dead to you?

Doctor: bu… bu… bu…but…….but I saw you die, I examined you, I know you died.

Mr Johnson: yes i was. But the mighty power of God brought me back.

Doctor: (getting a hold of himself) I don’t understand

Mr Johnson: Do you believe in God?

Doctor: yes I do sir.

Mr Johnson: Then believe it that he brought me back. There was no passage for me. Heaven was locked, so was hell, I had to come back to the only door that was opened.

Doctor: for real?

Mr Johnson: for real doc. Please give me a phone. I need to call my wife.

Doctor: right away sir, I would get you mine. This is a miracle!

The doctor ran off to get s phone for Mr Johnson as he kept staring at him wondering if to really believe him that he was really alive or not.

To be continued!

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