Dark Night episode 17&18

Dark Night!

Episode 17

Blessing woke up in the hospital and heard Mrs Johnson talking with a doctor, she was crying heavily from the tune on her voice.

Blessing: mummy, mummy is that you? Are you there?….mummy…..

Mrs Johnson heard her and turned and saw her sitting down. She quickly rushed at her with blows and slapped on her face.

Mrs Johnson: It is your fault, it is your fault, I knew you are bad luck, I knew you are evil. Since you came into our lives it has been one problem to the other, now you’ve killed him, you’ve finally killed him…..(she started crying, as the nurses held her)

Blessing was crying also.

Blessing: Daddy? Dead? It is not true, not possible, my daddy is not dead, my daddy cannot be dead.

Mrs Johnson: shut up! You witch! You have killed him. You should have remained there with your blindness, but you chose to do operation now see what your operation has caused. If you had just remained on your own, my dear husband would be alive today, but no no you want to see, oya see na, see, see (she started beating her again but this time the nurses stopped her)

Nurse: Ah madam take it easy na, you can’t be beating her like that in your condition. You are pregnant, and she is pregnant also, so please don’t beat her please.

Mrs Johnson: what did you say?

Blessing: yes nurse, what did you just say?

Nurse: Madam I said you are pregnant.

Mrs Johnson: yes I know I’m pregnant.

Nurse: your daughter is also pregnant.

Mrs Johnson: She is pregnant?

Nurse : yes ma

Mrs Johnson: you mean Blessing is pregnant?

Nurse : yes ma.

She kept quiet for a while and then she turned and asked the nurse.

Mrs Johnson: hope she can go home now?

Nurse: Yes ma, she can but she really needs a lot of rest. The shock affected her so much that she really needs to rest.

Mrs Johnson: no problem nurse, she will rest, I will take care of her.

(She walked up to Blessing and held her by the hand and led her to the car)

Mrs Johnson: I will take care of her, don’t worry.

(She entered the car and sped off)

Episode 18

When they got home, Mrs Johnson opened the door for Blessing to come inside the house, then she offered her a seat and then she started the interrogations.

Mrs Johnson: Blessing, for more than nineteen years you have been living with us as a daughter. And we’ve treated you with enough love and care. I just want to know one thing. Did my husband get you pregnant?

Blessing: what? Mummy? Daddy? No! How can you even ask that?

Mrs Johnson: All I need is the truth from you, I don’t want to force it out. I just need to know the truth and nothing but the truth. Did Johnson get you pregnant?

Blessing: mummy no.

Mrs Johnson: I am going to ask you this last time. Is my husband responsible for your pregnancy?

Blessing: Mummy please stop. How can you be asking me such? How can my own father be responsible for my pregnancy?

Mrs Johnson: Because he is not your father, I am not your mother and Gift is not your brother.

Blessing: mother please stop this. I know you are angry with me but you shouldn’t say such to me please.

Mrs Johnson: does the truth hurt? Because it is the truth. All those stories of you and Gift being twins is a story made up by my husband and I. Because we found you at our doorstep same day Gift was born. That was why we forged that story, so you are not our child.

(Blessing had started crying seriously by now)

So you see, it is possible that my husband is responsible for your pregnancy. So speak up. Is he the father of your child?

Blessing: no mom. Daddy is a good man and he can never do such even if I was not his daughter.

Mrs Johnson: I would have loved to believe you but unfortunately I don’t. So at this point you will leave my house.

Blessing: But mummy I have no where to go. Where do you want me to go?

Mrs Johnson: you can go and jump into the lagoon or better still walk into the road and get hit by a truck, I don’t care. Just carry your badluck away from my house.

Blessing fell on her knees, crying and begging for mercy.

Blessing: mummy please, for the sake of my unborn child please let me stay, I will do everything you want. I will wash. Cook, clean anything. Just let me stay please.

Mrs Johnson: I can only do one thing for you. Allow, you pick your things from the house. That is my parting gift to you.

Blessing: mummy please, please have mercy, please mummy!

Mrs Johnson went in and packed all of Blessings things in one of her bags and threw them outside. Blessing cried and begged and begged but she was adamant. And so she finally stood up, pick her bag and went into the dark night!

To be continued!

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