Dark Night episode 43&44

Dark Night!

Episode 43.

The entire family entered the room where the two women were lying down crying from pains. There were two policemen present. Mr Johnson and Gift and all of them rushed to Mrs Johnson who was crying seriously. The doctor came in again.

Mr Johnson: Doctor they are in so much pains. Is there nothing we can do to reduce the pain a bit please?

Doctor: I don’t understand why the pain relief injection we gave them is not working on them. We even tried to put them to sleep but it still didn’t work, I don’t understand what is happening, I have never in my medical history seen where a strong anaesthetic won’t work on a human. It is really strange.

Gift: Doctor will my mother be okay?

Doctor: Your mom was the main person closest to the gas explosion. I’m afraid the explosion was directed to her face, her two eyes are completely damaged and she can never use them again.

Mrs Johnson: What? Eh! Eh! Eh! Me? Blind? Eh!

Gift: So my mom is now blind?

Doctor: I’m afraid it is so sir. And that is not all. As you can see her legs were deeply burnt too, she also will not be able to use them again. So she will be conformed to a wheel chair for the rest of her life.

Mr Johnson: Oh Jesus! What is this?

Mrs Johnson: Doctor o, doctor just kill me, give me injection and kill me please. I won’t walk, I won’t see, kill me o, just kill me.

Dave: What about her? (Pointing to Matron Agnes)

Doctor: Her case is not as critical as that of Mrs Johnson but the only problem I’m having with her is that she is not responding at all to treatment. It is like her body is rejecting everything we are giving to her and I don’t understand why.

Matron Agnes: (struggles to talk) Doctor I know why. It is so because my time is up

Hope: (starts crying) Aunty Agnes is that you? What happened to you?

Matron Agnes: Hope is that you? My Darling Hope. Where is your mummy?

Blessing walks up to her with the help of Dave,

Blessing: Aunty I’m here. What happened to you? How did this happen?

Matron Agnes: Blessing please forgive me, forgive me my child.

Blessing: aunty what have you done? I don’t understand.

Matron Agnes: I went to see that matron as you advised. And she told me the child I had 27years ago was born blind. She said she dropped my baby girl with the Johnsons. You are my little girl Blessing. You are my child.

Gift: Dad what is she talking about?

Mr Johnson: woman who are you? And what are you talking about?

Blessing: aunty I don’t understand you.

Matron Agnes: Ask your wife, she knows everything.

Mr Johnson: Honey, what is this woman talking about? Who is she?

Mrs Johnson: She told me that she is Blessing’s mother. The baby we found 27years ago at our doorstep is her baby.

Mr Johnson stood rooted to the one spot and just stared at the ceiling. The policemen were busy writing down and taking pictures of what was happening.

Gift: Daddy what is going on here?

Mr Johnson: Gift, Blessing is not your biological sister. The day your mom gave birth to you was the day we found her at our door step. Someone had dropped and left her there. We took her in and brought her up as our own, as your twin sister.

Blessing: so mummy was right all along (she starts crying and turns to Matron Agnes). So you are my mother?

Matron Agnes: I’m sorry my child, please forgive me. Please.

Mr Johnson: So you knew Blessing’s mom all along? (To Mrs Johnson)

Matron Agnes: No she didn’t. I myself just found out today.

Gift: So how come the two of you were together when this fire happened?

Matron Agnes: When Blessing was pregnant, Mrs Johnson came to me and asked me to kill her with the pregnancy.

Policemen: What???

Dave and Gift: What???

Blessing was quiet.

Mr Johnson: (to his wife) Did you hate her that much?

Mrs Johnson was weeping at this point.

Matron Agnes: I told her I couldn’t do it and so she said when she was in labour I should let her know (she starts coughing and her voice starts going down but she still struggles to talk) so when Blessing was in labour, I called her and she told me to bring the child to her once she put to birth, I asked her what for? She said Blessing was blind and won’t be able to take care of a baby in her state. I saw reasons with her and so when Blessing gave birth I took the baby to Mrs Johnson.

Blessing at this point was confused because she didn’t know or understand the matron anymore. Matron Agnes demanded for water and a nurse went to get it for her.

Episode 44

After drinking the water matron Agnes continued talking.

Matron Agnes: I carried the child and went to Mrs Johnson and I gave her the baby. Then she paid me a 100thousand naira. When i left her I came back to the hospital and I met my junior nurse there attending to Blessing. She had given birth to another baby. A bouncing baby boy.

Blessing: Wait aunty! Are you saying that I gave birth to twins?

Matron Agnes: Yes dear! You gave birth to twins a boy and a girl.

Blessing fell to the ground and put her hands on her head crying.

Blessing: Jesus, this is too much, this is too much, this is too much. I can’t take this. (Then she screamed and started shouting)

Matron Agnes: When I returned to the hospital, Blessing had given birth to the baby boy and I saw the way she held her son in so much love. Immediately I knew that God was awesome, for He practically hid the second twin from me. All through the nine months of examining her I never knew she carried twins.

Immediately I started regretting and I called Mrs Johnson immediately that I needed to take the baby back but she wouldn’t release the baby. I begged and begged but she wouldn’t release the baby for me. For this reason I kept a close eye on Blessing and the boy to make sure no harm come to them.

And that was why I knew when she was kicked out from her rented apartment, I decided to take her in to see if the guilt I felt would reduce, but it didn’t.

Today in a means to find my child which I gave away years ago I found out that Blessing is that same child. And so I decided to find Mrs Johnson to return her money and get my grand child back from her but instead of telling me where my grand child is, she started denying knowing anything about the baby. The next thing I saw was fire and here we are.

Blessing please forgive me, I didn’t mean to abandon you. And for your child my grand daughter she told me she was going to take care of her that since you were blind you won’t be able to look after yourself not to talk of a baby. Please my child forgive me.

Gift was already boiling in anger, he quickly rushed to his mom.

Gift: Mom! Where is the child? Where is she?

Mrs Johnson: (crying) she is already dead!

Everyone shouted as Blessing fainted. They all rushed to her and poured water on her and gradually she regained consciousness.

Mrs Johnson: I killed the baby. I buried her alive.

Dave: hey!

Policeman: Ma…d….am…!!!

Gift: You killed my child, you killed your own grand child.

Mrs Johnson: What do you mean by that? Blessing is not my child.

Gift: But the child was mine and I am your child. I was responsible for her pregnancy.

Mrs Johnson: No! No! No! Don’t say that! No!

Gift: what kind of a mother are you? You killed a new born baby, an innocent child! (He cried loud) you are a monster, you killed my child.

Blessing: mom, what did I ever do to you? You hated me so much to the extent of killing my child? Mom why?

Mrs Johnson: I’m so sorry o, forgive me o, please forgive me o.

Matron Agnes started coughing so strong and the nurses ran to attend to her, they tried to calm her down but they couldn’t and in few seconds she gave up the ghost.

Nurses: she is gone.

Blessing started crying as she held tight to Hope. Mr Johnson just sat in shock, he couldn’t believe that the wife he married for more than 35years was capable of killing.

To be continued

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