Dark Night episode 5&6

Dark Night!

Episode 5.

After they’ve eaten and rested for a while, Mr Johnson fell asleep on the couch and just as he was about to begin to enjoy the sleep, he suddenly jumped up.

Mrs Johnson: Honey what is it? Did you have a bad dream?

Mr Johnson: Dear! We can’t take this child to the orphanage.

Mrs Johnson: How do you mean?

Mr Johnson: I just had a dream, but I won’t exactly say it was a dream, it was like God was reminding me of something.

Mrs Johnson: What was it?

Mr Johnson: I had a dream and that day re played in my head.

Mrs Johnson: What day?

Mr Johnson: The day brother Wale came visiting us.

Mrs Johnson: What happened on that day?

Mr Johnson: Honey have you forgotten what brother Wale said that day?

Mrs Johnson: I really can’t recall, except that he said it was our set time and that God will bless us…

Mr Johnson: and?

Mrs Johnson: And give us double for our trouble. (After she said it she opened her mouth wide as she looked at the baby girl who was sleeping peacefully, who was now holding fingers with baby Gift)

Mr Johnson: Could this be our double?

Mrs Johnson: it is possible. But what do we tell people when they ask us?

Mr Johnson: You have twins honey, God bless us with twins, a boy and a girl.

Mrs Johnson: I hope this is not a mistake. And we won’t regret this.

Mr Johnson: I’m sure we won’t .

Mrs Johnson: it’s alright dear, But what shall we call her.

Mr Johnson: we will call her BLESSING

Mrs Johnson: Indeed! God has giving us Gift and Blessing.

Mr Johnson: May His name be praised forever!

Episode 6.

Three years have passed and the children grew healthy and strong. The Johnsons were happy, Expecially when they saw their kids growing up with much speed.

Blessing was very beautiful and so was Gift. Mrs Johnson loved them so much, but she was getting angry with the way Blessing was always bumping on things and falling in the house, breaking of plates and other objects. She didn’t understand why. The child couldn’t get anything right. Everything about her was slow. At three, her words were not still very clear, she started walking when she was past two years meanwhile Gift has been working since 9months.

Mrs Johnson was always angry when she had to carry her on their back whenever there was an outing. Gift had started talking and running small errands like ”pick the cup, give me my bag and others” But Blessing was unable to do anything and this made Mrs Johnson angry and always shouting at her. Eventually Blessing started walking at two years and five months. Mrs Johnson was relieved that at least she won’t be carrying her around anymore. And then this other issue came up.

Blessing would always bump on things and fall to the ground whenever Mrs Johnson sent her to so anything. Mrs Johnson was irritated by this and will always shout and spank her.

One evening Mr Johnson had come from work and Mrs Johnson had prepared his favourite meal, Mrs Johnson had served a cup of water on the kitchen fridge and asked Blessing to go and bring it for daddy. Blessing had gone to the kitchen and the next thing Mrs Johnson heard was the sound of the glass falling from her hand and chattering into pieces. Together he and Mr Johnson ran to the kitchen and they saw Blessing there with the cup broken and chattered on the floor.

Mrs Johnson was furious, she slapped Blessing so hard and started shouting at her. hitting her all over. The young girl was shouting and crying. Mr Johnson quickly carried her away from his angry wife

Mr Johnson: Oh dear! Why are you been so hard on her? It’s just a cup and she is just a child.

Mrs Johnson: oh spare me that. Is Gift nor just a child? Blessing is always like this and I’m beginning to get fed up with her.

Mr Johnson: Honey don’t say that. As a mother the first thing you would have done is check her if she’s hurt herself and then ensure that she is alright. Not beat her up as if she’s committed one huge offence.

Mrs Johnson: so what she did is not an offence to you. That cup she just broke was giving to us as a wedding gift and she just broke it and yet u say she’s done nothing. Do you know how many things she has destroyed in this house?

Mr Johnson: she is just a child.

Mrs Johnson: oh please!

Mr Johnson: okay let me ask you. If it was Gift who broke this glass would you react like this?

Mrs Johnson was quiet.

Mr Johnson: dear, I know you are angry but you have to take it easy with her, she is still a child.

Mrs Johnson: she is too slow, everything about her is slow.

Mr Johnson: I know, but things will change soon. You will see. (And then he turned and saw blood gushing from her leg) oh shit! She had cut herself. You look after the house. Let me quickly take her to Doctor Greg

Mr Johnson carried Blessing to the car and drove off to the hospital. For the past three years since he left the hospital with his wife and son, he had not visited and so when Doctor Greg saw him he was surprised.

Dr Greg: ”Extra length” wow! You visited us today. How many years has it been?

Mr Johnson: (laughing) hahahaha, Dr Greg it’s just 3years only. How are you?

Dr Greg: I am fine o. Same way you left me, how is your wife and son, he must be a big boy now?

Mr Johnson: indeed! They are very fine and your family?

Dr Greg: we are good. What brings you here today?

Mr Johnson: It is my daughter, she cut herself.

Dr Greg: daughter? What daughter? I thought your baby was a boy?

Mr Johnson: it is a long story doc, just check my daughter please.

Dr Greg, picked the child from him and took her inside to examine her. After spending about 30minutes he came out with her and the cut well dressed up, then he asked Mr Johnson how she got the cut. And he narrated to him how it happened.

Dr Greg: But you shouldn’t ask her to do such stuff na, considering her condition. Besides she is too young na.

Mr Johnson: condition? What condition?

Dr Greg: (surprised) you don’t know?

Mr Johnson: know what? What is wrong with her?

Dr Greg: How long have you been with her?

Mr Johnson: three years now. We found her at my doorstep same day we discharged my wife from here.

Dr Greg: three years and you didn’t know?

Mr Johnson: Dr Greg! Can you just stop and tell me what is wrong with my girl?

Dr Greg: She is blind John, she was born blind.

Mr Johnson in hearing what the doctor just said felt like a big bomb just landed on his head.

Mr Johnson: What? Blind? Jesus? Dr Greg are you sure of what you are saying?

Dr Greg. Yes I am sure. But there is hope. You don’t have to look like the world just ended. There is hope. Her eyes can be corrected with an operation. It only requires money.

Mr Johnson: How much doc? (he started crying) my little girl has been suffering for three years and I didn’t know. Tell me, how much will it cost for my Blessing to see.

Dr Greg: Calm down my friend. Like I said it requires a big money for the money. We are looking at a hooping sum of 100million.

Mr Johnson: 100what? Oh my God!

Dr Greg: John I told you it’s a huge amount of money.

Mr Johnson: But even in 10years time I won’t be able to get that kind of money.

Dr Greg: I know that John, but the good thing is, this operation can be done anytime before she gets to thirty Years. It’s only when she has crossed 30 that nothing can be done anymore.

Mr Johnson: so my girl will suffer for how long?

Dr Greg: As long as it takes to get the money before she finally goes blind.

Mr Johnson: God forbid it! I will never allow it, I will get the money. (Picking up the child) my Blessing I’m so sorry. But I promise you that you will see again. I will not rest until you see again.

To be continued!
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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