Dark Night episode 9&10

Dark Night!

Episode 9.

The birthday party was lit, there was lots of food and drinks, Blessing looked amazing in the beautiful red gown that Mr Johnson had bought for her. Gift didn’t let her out of his sight. He held her and danced with her all through the night. Even when other girls tried to dance with him he pushed them away. There was only one girl he needed in his life and that was Blessing. His friends soon began teasing him that he was in love with his sister, but he ignored them all.

The way she moved and smiled one will think that she could see. Blessing was looking extra beautiful that night. Mrs Johnson soon alerted everyone that she had an announcement to make. She stepped on the podium.

Mrs Johnson: I thank you all for attending my son’s birthday party. I want to officially let you know that he will be travelling to the US to further his education and this party is not only his birthday party but also a goodbye party. So ladies and gentlemen, be free to say your goodbyes. Thanks everyone.

When Gift heard this, he was angry with his mom for making a public announcement like that. He had not gathered the courage to let Blessing know he was travelling and now his mom had poured out everything. He turned and looked at Blessing and saw the look of surprise on her face. He quickly ran to her and tried to explain everything to her. He concluded by assuring her that he will not be travelling, and that she shouldn’t worry, but Blessing will not hear of it. She told Gift that he has to travel and after minutes of arguing he finally agreed to travel.

Mr Johnson also came forward and informed her that she will be starting school. The school of the blind. Gift was glad to hear this, at least Blessing would not be too lonely when he is gone. He still had at least three months before he would finally leave. And he would devote this three months to making her happy.


Gift made sure to take Blessing to school every morning before going out to wherever, and he would made sure to come back early to take her home when she closes.

One afternoon when he came to pick Blessing from school, he met her talking with some boys who were not blind. Gift was furious, without knowing what they were discussing he went there and lifted her up and dropped her inside the car, then he came back and gave the guy the beating of his life.

Gift: stay away from my sister you fool (he shouted,and even though Blessing couldn’t see, she knew exactly what he did and she was unhappy about it)

The next morning he took Blessing again to class and in their way they didn’t speak to each other, after dropping her off, he was about stepping into his car when three guys approached him.

First Guy: so you are the dude who beat up a fellow guy because of that blind bitch.

Gift: Don’t you dare call my sister a bitch.

First Guy: (talking to the second guy) the blind bitch is his sister

Gift: I said don’t you call my sister a bitch.

First guy: and I say she is a bitch, what would you do about that?
(Gift tried to hold the first guy but the two other guys surrounded him(

Second guy: Your blind sister is not only a bitch but a smelly slut.

Third Guy: You should have seen the way she was jerking like a dog as I slept with her.

First guy: and she was begging me for more as I ravished her.

Gift couldn’t take it anymore he released a big blow on the first guy and the remaining two pounced on him and beat him up mercileslly.

Eventually he managed to stand up and he entered his car and drove off. He was angry with Blessing. ”How could she be sleeping with every guy in school” Gift was furious as he drove to a nearby beer parlour and drowned himself in alcohol.

Episode 10.

Blessing waited and waited for Gift to come and pick her up but he didnt come, then she concluded that he was still brooding over the previous day. With the help of some friends she was able to get home.

Ever since she started school she had always avoided Mrs Johnson and her troubles and Gift had always protected her from the wickedness of their mom. Today she prayed Gift would be in the house because she didnt understand why he wouldn’t come pick her up even if they had a misunderstanding. If he were not home, their mother would find any means possible to punish her.

When she entered the house, she knew Mrs Johnson was hone because she could already smell her presence.

Blessing: Good afternoon mummy

Mrs Johnson: what is good about the afternoon blind girl? What is good about the afternoon.

Blessing: sorry mummy.

Mrs Johnson: Sorry for yourself. Better go and drop your bag and take your miserable self to the laundry room and iron the clothes I kept on the table there.

Blessing: iron?

Mrs Johnson: the last time I checked, you were blind or have you turned deaf also? I said iron the clothes.

Blessing: But mummy, I can’t iron, I won’t be able to see the clothes or the iron.

Mrs Johnson: so of what use are you to me? If you can’t iron, come on get out of here and iron those clothes for me before I beat you up.

Blessing dropped her bag and managed to get to the laundry room, she started looking for the iron, she does not even know what an iron is because she has never seen nor felt nor used it before. She was still pacing up and down, praying for Gift to come to her rescue when Mrs Johnson came in.

Mrs Johnson: so you are still here, you’ve not ironed my clothes abi?

Blessing: am so sorry mummy, am trying to figure out what an iron is.

Mrs Johnson: Okay, be figuring out what an iron is let me figure you out. (She collected the iron and plugged it to the electric and when it was very hot, she pressed it hard against her back. Blessing screamed out in pains as she fell and roll on the floor.

Mrs Johnson: foolish girl, next time I ask you to do something and you mope around I will deal with you. That is what an iron is and that is the work it does. Stupid blind brat.

Blessing: (rolling and shouting on the floor) mummy please help me, mummy am sorry, help me please, mummy please dont go, somebody help meeeeee.

Mrs Johnson turned and walked out of the room and left Blessing on the floor rolling and crying.

Blessing waited on the ground for some time before she managed to stand up and walked up to her room. She started singing while crying.

”He knows my name”
”He knows my every fault”
”He sees each tears that fall”
”And he hears me when I call”

She kept on crying until she finally slept off in her blood and her tears.

To be continued!

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