Dark Night episode 37&38

Dark Night!

Episode 37

Mrs Johnson had just returned from the village but she decided to stay in one of her husband’s houses in the outskirt of town. She tried calling her husband to inform him that she was back but won’t be coming home and would be staying at their other house but he wasn’t picking his calls. She sat down in the sitting room for a while and then she stood up to walk to her room. She had to clean the place because it was dusty. They haven’t been there for a while, and she also needed to prepare something to eat from the kitchen and then her phone suddenly started ringing. She picked it up and the number was strange to her.

Mrs Johnson: Mrs Johnson speaking. Who am I talking to?

Matron Agnes: (sobbing) I want to meet with you.
Mrs Johnson checked the screen of the phone as if she would see who it was from the screen.

Mrs Johnson: who is this please?

Matron Agnes: It is me , Agnes. Your ex friend.

Mrs Johnson: Which Agnes?

Matron Agnes: Agnes your matron friend.

Mrs Johnson: And what can I do for you madam?

Matron Agnes: I just said I want to meet with you.

Mrs Johnson: what for? We don’t have any business together.

Matron Agnes: (in an angry tone) yes we do and I want to see you right now.

Mrs Johnson ended the call and gave a long hiss. But just as she was about to go upstairs she got a text that reads.

“Everyone has a choice, so it is either you see me now or you see the police in 30minutes.” The choice is yours. Agnes”

Mrs Johnson was angry, she hates to be threatened. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. When the person answered she said….

Mrs Johnson: I will be having a visitor soon at my temporary house so I need you closeby Whenever she leaves I want you to tail her and end her. She is a threat to me.

Then she ended the call and dialed matron Agnes.

Mrs Johnson: I’m at my second home at no 9 Ganiyu Street opposite the Gbage bridge. you can come over.

It didn’t take up to 7minutes before matron arrived at the Johnson’s apartment. Mrs Johnson had opened the gas and was about striking a match stick when her phone rang again. She dropped the match stick and went to open for the matron to come in.

Mrs Johnson: what do you want matron? I paid you well so why are you bothering me?

Matron Agnes: where is she?

Mrs Johnson: Where is who?

Matron: where is the girl? The child I gave you years ago.

Mrs Johnson: I don’t know what you are talking about matron.

Matron: I do not want trouble, just tell me where she is and I will leave.

Mrs Johnson: And I said I do not know what you are talking about.

Matron: (begs her) please my friend, just tell me where she is. What did you do with her? Who did you give her to? Please just tell me please.

Mrs Johnson: please madam, I am not your friend and I don’t know what you are talking about. Please leave me alone, I am hungry and I want to prepare what to eat if you don’t mind.

Matron: she is my child, she is my little girl and that baby is my grand daughter, my grand child so please just tell me what you’ve done with her

Mrs Johnson: what do you mean by that? Who is your child and grand child?

Matron: Blessing. Blessing is my daughter and so it makes that baby my grandchild.

Mrs Johnson: was it you? Was it you who left her at my door step?

Matron: it doesn’t matter, just tell me where she is.

Mrs Johnson, walked pass the matron towards the kitchen.
Mrs Johnson: Madam please shut the door behind you when you leave, I have no idea what you are talking about.

She walked into the kitchen and matron ran after shouting and screaming, Mrs Johnson ignored her and took a matches, forgetting that she left the gas opened all this while, she struck the matches and fire engulfed her and the entire house.

Episode 38

Mr Johnson, Dave and Gift had gone to the compound where Dave left Blessing and he was told she had left many months back but none was able to tell him where they moved to.

They kept on driving from one description to the other. Dave even had to take them to the hospital where he had Blessing registered but nobody knew where Blessing was. It was from the hospital they learnt that she had given birth to a baby boy. Gift suddenly became moody as they drove ahead.

Gift: Dad, I have a confession to make.

Mr Johnson: Now is not the time. When we find your sister, you can say anything you want.

Gift: Dad now is the time and I have to say this now before I lose my mind. (he starts to cry) .
Mr Johnson packed the car and asked Dave to take over the wheels and Dave did.

Mr Johnson: Son, what is it?

Gift: (crying deeply) Dad I committed an abomination, an unforgivable sin. Dad please forgive me.

Mr Johnson: Calm down son and tell me what is it.

Dave: Guy what is it na!? What could you have possibly done that you are crying like this? You stop all this so we can focus on finding Blessing please. This is not the time for this abeg.

Mr Johnson: your friend is right, we need to focus on finding your sister, so get a hold on yourself and tell me what the problem is.

Gift: (still crying) Dad it is all my fault, all this is my fault.

Mr Johnson: How do you mean?

Gift: Dad I couldn’t wait to receive my punishment, I couldn’t stand the shame, I couldn’t withstand the guilt of the abomination I had committed and that was why I ran away that night and fled to the US. Please beg God to forgive me.

Mr Johnson: As long as you are truly repentant of your sin, God is willing and ready to forgive. Now be yourself and talk to me. What is this grievous sin that you committed?

Gift: it was me, it was me that raped her, I raped my own sister, I didn’t know she would get pregnant from it, Dad I am the one who got her pregnant.

Dave was so shocked he didn’t see the little boy crossing the road. Before he could get a hold of himself, he had already knocked him down.

They all rushed out of the car and lifted him up and dashed off to the hospital. Meanwhile a young girl who saw them hit the boy ran so fast shouting.

Little girl: Nama Hope! Mama Hope! Motor don jamm Hope o….

To be continued!

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