Dark Night episode 29&30

Dark Night!

Episode 29

As Blessing and Hope sat and waited for the car to stop, a car pulled up in front of them. Hope looked at the woman that came out from the car, he didn’t know her.

Hope: Mummy! There is a car in front of us.

Blessing: Who is it?

Hope: It is a woman I don’t know her

Blessing: Don’t talk and don’t go anywhere, leave it to me.

The woman stepped down and walked up to Blessing and Hope.

Blessing: (raising her stick) who are you? And what do you want? Speak now before I hit you with my stick.

Matron: Blessing it’s me

Blessing was surprised that the woman knows her name. She dropped her stick.

Blessing: Who are you? And how did you know my name?

Matron: it’s me, the matron in the hospital where you gave birth to your childr…., sorry to your child

Blessing: (smiling) Oh matron, it is you. Good evening ma.

Matron: Good evening dear! How are you? Look at you and your son, he has grown so big.

Hope: good evening ma!

Matron: Good evening dear! How are you? (,to Blessing) he’s grown so big. How old is he now?

Blessing: 7years ma.

Matron: yeah 7 years such a long time and it feels like yesterday.

Blessing: yes ma.

Matron : What are you guys doing here?

Blessing: Ma, it is a long story.

Matron: okay, come inside my car and tell me the story, I want to hear.

Blessing and Hope carried their bags and got into the Matron’s car. While Blessing told her all that happened with her landlord. The matron decided to take them to her house.

Blessing: How about your husband and children? Are you not supposed to tell them you are bringing strangers to the house? Will they not be angry with you? Especially your husband?

Matron: I do not have a husband or child, so you have nothing to worry about.

Blessing: I’m so sorry about that ma.

Matron: It is no problem, it’s a decision I made by myself.
(They came down from the car and entered into the house as matron showed them the way to her room, when they were well settled, Blessing asked Hope to kneel down so they can appreciate God. She started singing)

”You are Jehovah Jireh,”
”You are Jehovah Elohim,”
”At the mention of your name”
”Every knee must bow”
”At the mention of your name”
”Every tongue confess”
”That you are the convenant keeping God”
”And there is no one like you.”

”Covenant keeping God,”
”There is no one like you,”
”Alpha and Omega”
”There is no one like you”

Then she raised her hands up and together she and Hope started blessing the name of the Lord!

Episode 30

It’s almost 8years since Gift left Nigeria for the united states and in these 8years he has not spoken about what happened between him and his sister to anyone. He has not even had the courage to insist on speaking with his twin sister because whenever he tries to do that, the guilt of his sin starts eating on him.

His girlfriend Cynthia whom he has been going out with for some time now was getting fed up with his constant attitude of apologising into the thin air and talking to himself.

This was not the first time he was losing a relationship because of that attitude. He would carry the only picture of Blessing that he has. The last picture they took together on their birthday and he would stare at it for hours, talking to it and apologising to it, sometimes he would lock himself up in a room and cry. And his past girlfriends would try to know what was wrong with him but they would end up getting nothing from him. At the end they would conclude that something was wrong with him and the relationship would crash. This was the 13th girlfriend he was going out with in almost 7years since his arrival.

On this fateful day, Cynthia his girlfriend had seen the picture and discovered it was the girl in the picture that was making him cry and so she tore the picture. When Gift found out about this, he beat her up and then went to a bar to drown himself in alcohol. He was still drinking when he heard his name.

Dave: it’s a lie! Gift! Gift is that you?

Gift turned and saw Dave, his best friend

Gift: who am I seeing? (He cleaned his face) Davostical, is that you? (they ran to each other and embraced themselves and people stared at them)

Gift: so it is really you Dave?

Dave: The one and only bro

Gift: what are you doing here? I mean, how come you are in the US and I’m not aware?

Dave: my brother, i’ve been in the US, for more than 7years now.

Gift: It’s a lie….

Dave: it is true bro, I left almost a year after you did..

Gift: Why didn’t you contact me, I mean, Facebook, Instagram? Why didn’t you tell me you were here?

Dave: Bro, you won’t understand. I came to the US for a 4months course. But I was arrested immediately I got to the airport here.

Gift: Arrested? But why?

Dave: my brother, nor be woman matter? When I got to the airport o, just before I was to be checked in, I met this beautiful fine girl, I decided to use naija pattern to run package so that once I’m in, I can just be relaxing with her for the four months, oh boy! I nor know say the babe carry contraband. Long story cut short, she dropped some illegal drugs inside my bag o.

Gift: Are you kidding me?

Dave: Right before me they checked her in but as I won pass follow her, these white dude held me o. They say I carry contraband. I try tell them say nor be me na that babe don play me so, nobody hear me o. The next thing I see myself inside american prison o.

Before he finished his story, Gift was already laughing seriously.

Dave: Guy nor be laugh matter o, I dey jail since o, na just two months ago those idiots gree leave me o.

Gift: you get luck say them gree leave you.(still laughing) you for see wetin woman matter dey do person. Hahahahaha (he continued laughing)

Dave: my guy American babes, I nor go near them lailai (Gift kept on laughing at Dave and his funny talks)

To be continued!

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