Dark Night episode 25&26

Dark Night!

Episode 25.

Blessing was home alone and she didn’t understand how she was feeling and she had no one to call. She quickly packed the bag that Dave had prepared for her and then she alerted her next door neighbour that she didn’t know what was happening to her. The woman was a little bit advanced and so after some few questioning she understood that the girl was in labour. She assisted Blessing and took her to the hospital.

When they arrived, the woman explained to Blessing that she could not stay back because she had to be somewhere very important. Blessing thanked her and she left.

Few minutes later, the matron arrived and checked on her and confirmed that Blessing was actually in labour. She arranged the labour ward and told Blessing that in few minutes she will be ready to push.

The matron then left Blessing and went to the back of the hospital, she brought her phone from her purse and dialled Mrs Johnson’s number.

Matron: Hello my friend.

Mrs Johnson: matron my friend how are you?

Matron : I’m good, how are you? And how are you holding up with all that happened?

Mrs Johnson: I am okay now, though I still feel very saddened on the loss of my daughter.

Matron: Don’t worry my friend, God has a reason for everything.

Mrs Johnson: yes o, that is what my husband said.

Matron: it is well with you my friend.

Mrs Johnson: Amen o.I know someday I will carry another baby in my womb again. That witch of a blind girl cannot stop it anymore. She succeeded this time. But next time she won’t.

Matron: relax my friend, she is the reason I’m even calling you.

Mrs Johnson: Really? What is it? Is the witch dead?

Matron: No my friend, she is not dead, but she is in labour. She is about to have her baby.

Mrs Johnson: No! Never! It can’t happen. She can never have her baby. My own baby died and so her own must die. Please my friend you have to do something, that girl can’t be happy when I am sad. Please do something.

Matron: Relax my friend, am I not the one who called you?

Mrs Johnson: yes you did.

Matron: ehen, so relax, I have a plan.

Mrs Johnson: She must not have her baby o, please my friend, she must not have her baby o.

Matron: I said you should relax. (Then she ended the call and rushed inside. She found the junior nurse attending to Blessing. Then she sent her away to go and buy an injection)

Junior Nurse: But matron we have that injection.

Matron: the one we have is expired go and buy another one for me.

Junior Nurse: But she does not need that injection and it will take me 2hours to go and buy that injection. I want to be here when Blessing delivers. She is my friend.

Matron: And I said I need the injection so go now and hurry back if you want to be here when she gives birth.

The junior nurse was not happy but she had no choice than to obey her matron. She grudgingly collected the money and left

Episode 26

It wasn’t long after the junior nurse left that Blessing was delivered of a lovely baby girl. The matron looked at the baby and then carried her away leaving Blessing still on the bed.

Blessing: Matron, what is it? I felt something come out of me, and I do not feel the pains anymore. Have I given birth? Can I hold my child please?

The matron ignored Blessing and walked away with the baby and called Mrs Johnson. Then she carried the baby into her car and zoomed off.

She drove for about 30minutes and arrived at an uncompleted building. When she got inside, Mrs Johnson was already there waiting for her. She handed over the baby to Mrs Johnson.

Matron: What will you do with her?

Mrs Johnson looked at the baby who was sleeping peacefully in her hand. She admired the baby but the hatred she put in her heart for Blessing over powered the sympathy she felt for the child.

Mrs Johnson: Don’t worry about the child my friend, I will take care of her.

Mrs Johnson then handed over a bundle of 100thousand naira note to the matron who grinned with smile as she collected it and carefully placed it in her car.

Matron: Let me quickly hurry back before that my poke nosing nurse returns from where I sent her.

She hugged Mrs Johnson and entered her car and zoomed off so fast. Mrs Johnson looked at the child again.

Mrs Johnson: You little bastard, you are the one that witch, that blind bat gave birth to. (She pointed at her nose) Look at your nose, even your eyes, you look so much like my husband. I know you are my husband’s child. But I will not allow that witch collect my son’s inheritance through you. Never!

Then Mrs Johnson brought out a nylon bag from her hand bag. She wrapped the new born baby girl in the nylon bag, then she went to the back of the building where she packed her car. She opened the boot and brought our a shovel, she dug the ground and carried the baby who was already struggling to breath and crying. She carried the nylon bag and threw it with the child into the pit she had dug and slowly she covered it up with sand. She buried the new born baby alive.

Hmm! What a wicked and heartless woman!

To be continued!

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