Dark Night episode 23&24

Dark Night!

Episode 23.

Mrs Johnson had started feeling the labour pain and she called on her husband to come and take her to the hospital. Mr Johnson rushed down from work and helped her to the hospital, when they got there he started pacing up and down. He called Gift to inform him that his mom was in labour. Since Blessing died he had become unusually quiet and doesn’t talk much to people. The once happy and cheerful Mr Johnson became a quiet and sad man.

He and his wife had collectively agreed that they will not tell Gift of Blessing’s death. And so whenever he called and asked after Blessing, they normally tell him she had gone to school and when he asked for her phone number they gave him a lost phone number, he had complained severally that her number was never going, but they always had one flimsy excuse to give to him. Mr Johnson remembered how his wife had taken him to where she had buried Blessing. He had cried so much over her grave, then he begged the owners of the place and bought the place in her honour. He also carried the money meant for Blessing’s operation and opened a school for the blind. He had named it ”MY BLESSING’S SCHOOL OF THE BLIND” this was the only place that now gives him joy. And he has dedicated the rest of his life to working in the school. It was while in the school that he got the call that his wife was in labour.

It’s been over two hours since Mrs Johnson was rolled into the labour room and no news of her or her baby, all Mr Johnson was hearing was his wife crying and shouting in pains. He had knelt down and prayed severally but it seemed God was busy and was not hearing him. Hours turned into two day and Mr Johnson was beginning to panic. He stormed the doctor’s office.

Mr Johnson: Doctor, what is happening? Why has my wife not put to birth?

Doctor: Honestly, I don’t know what is happening. But we are considering performing a CS on her

Mr Johnson: What is a CS?

Doctor Greg: it is a caesarian section an operation.

Mr Johnson: operation? Why?

Doctor : At this point the baby is already struggling to survive, as there is no fluid left in her and she had lost lot of strength so right now it is our only option.

Mr Johnson: Will they be okay? My wife and my baby?

Doctor: it is all in God’s hands Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson: okay Doc, just do everything you can to ensure that they are fine.

Doctor: no problem, but you have to cone with me to sign some documents.

Mr Johnson: That’s no problem, you move along and I will join you soonest, I wanna talk to my son first.

Doctor: okay, just hurry up.

Mr Johnson: No problem.

When the doctor left, Mr Johnson called Gift again and informed him of the new development. After the call, he knelt again and said a short prayer, this time he didn’t pray for delivery of the Hebrew women, nor safe delivery, instead he prayed and said.

Mr Johnson: dear Lord, let your will be done on my wife in Jesus name. Amen.

Episode 24.

It’s almost 4hours since the operation started and Mr Johnson has not heard anything from neither the doctor nor the nurses. He was beginning to get worried. Once in a while a nurse would come out from the operating room and Mr Johnson would try to speak with her but they would not respond. At a point he gave up trying to talk with them and just sat and waited till they will come and talk to him.

Eventually after about 6hours the doctor finally stepped out and approached him. Mr Johnson stood up.

Mr Johnson: doctor how was it?

Doctor : well. It went well but I’m sorry to inform you that we lost the baby. Your wife is advanced and pregnancy at her age will not be as easy as it was when she was much younger . And it is even a miracle that your wife is alive.

Mr Johnson looked down for a while, he was so sad. Eventually he raised up his head and smiled sadly.

Mr Johnson: It is the will of God and His will must prevail.

Doctor: yes o

Mr Johnson: How about my wife? Is she okay?

Doctor: Your wife is alive and okay, but she is still unconscious at the moment. When she wakes up I can assure you that she will be just fine. But I strongly advice against her getting pregnant again.

Mr Johnson: Thank you so much doc. Can I see her now?

Doctor: sure you can, come with me.

The doctor took Mr Johnson to the room where Mrs Johnson was sleeping and left him there. Mr Johnson looked at his wife and imagined the pains she had gone through. He wondered how he was going to break the news to her. She had so much wanted this baby and she had done so much in preparation for the arrival.

He stood up and made a call through to his son Gift. He informed him of what had happened. After the call he saw that Mrs Johnson was gradually waking up and so he ran to her.

Mrs Johnson: (slowly) honey, where am I?

Mr Johnson: you are at the hospital honey, thank God you are awake! How are you?

Mrs Johnson: Where is my baby?

Mr Johnson: You have to relax dear.

Mrs Johnson: (tried to get up) no dear, I want to see my baby. Where is my baby?

Mr Johnson: honey please rest for now, later we can talk about the baby.

Mrs Johnson: I said no, I want to see my baby now.

Mr Johnson came to realize that his wife will not let him rest except he tells her and so he told her what had happened to their baby. Mrs Johnson fell down and started crying.

Mrs Johnson: no, where is my baby? Someone should go and bring my baby oooo.
(She continued crying as her husband held her to himself. Suddenly she jumped up)

Mrs Johnson : It is all her fault, that witch, that Blessing, she killed my baby, she killed my baby.

Mr Johnson: what are you talking about? How can someone that is dead kill your baby!

Mrs Johnson realized what she just said and she suddenly changed her statement.

Mrs Johnson: Her wicked spirit has left an impact in our house. That witch, that evil girl.

She kept on crying as her husband was trying to console her.

To be continued!

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