Dark Night episode 39&40

Dark Night!

Episode 39

Mr Johnson carried the little boy and they all rushed into the hospital.

Mr Johnson: Dave why did you hit the boy? Didn’t you see him?

Dave: I’m sorry sir. What Gift said shocked me and I lost control and before I knew what was happening I have already hit him.

Mr Johnson: Oh God! Please don’t let anything happen to the boy.

While they were there, the two burnt women were rolled into the hospital. One was totally unconscious and the other was screaming in pains.

Mr Johnson: God have mercy! What kind of fire burned these women? Lord Jesus please spare their lives. (Just as he was praying, his phone rang and when he picked it up, it was one of the land owners at one of his houses)

Mr Johnson: Mr George hello,

Mr George: Mr Johnson where are you?

Mr Johnson: I am somewhere in town. What is it? Why are you sounding like that?

Mr George: You need to get to the St James Clinic right away

Mr Johnson turned around him and looked at the name of the hospital where he had brought the boy that Dave just hit and it was st James clinic.

Mr Johnson: why? What’s happening!

Mr George: something happened to your wife and my driver just took her to st James clinic.

Mr Johnson: oh no, there must be a mixup somewhere. My wife travelled to the village and she is not yet back.

Mr George: No sir, your wife was at your house today, the one near my place. I don’t know what happened but there was a fire and your wife was terribly burnt alongside her friend.

Mr Johnson: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! (He ended the call and rushed to where the two burnt women were placed. He stared at both of them but could not recognise anyone of them as both were terribly burnt.

Gift: daddy! What is it? What is it?

Mr Johnson: Gift which of these two women is your mother?

Gift was shocked at his question. He and Dave both stared at Mr. Johnson.

Mr Johnson: Don’t look at me, look at them and tell me which of them is your mother.

Gift: Dad are you okay? Didn’t you say mom travelled to the village?

Mr Johnson: That was what I thought but I just got a call that one of these women is your mother.

Mrs Johnson who was completely soaked in blood heard her husband’s voice and quickly spoke out.

Mrs Johnson: Honey! Honey! Is that you?

They all rushed to her side.

Gift: blood of Jesus! Mom Is that you?

Mrs Johnson: is that my son? Oh thank God you are here. It is hot, my whole body is on fire. Help me please. Honey help me! It hurts, my eyes, my ears, my nose. Oh God! Help me

She screamed out in pains.

Mr Johnson: oh my God! Honey! How did this happen? I thought you were at the village? How did you come back? Oh my God!

The doctor soon stepped in and asked the men who they were. After they introduced themselves, he told them to stay aside while he attends to the burnt women. Then he asked the nurses to roll them away.

Meanwhile he informed them that the boy they had hit was awake. They all rushed to his side.

Mr Johnson: Praise God you are alive.

Dave: Can you talk? What is your name?

Hope: my name is Hope.

Nurse: He is fine for now, but the doctor said he will stay here till tomorrow.

Hope: I can’t stay here till tomorrow, my mom will be very worried and I don’t want her to worry.

Dave: Don’t worry, I will go and talk to your mom and if possible bring her to you if you can tell me your address.

Hope collected a piece of paper and wrote out the address and gave it to Gift.

Hope: When you get there ask for Blessing or Mama Hope. Bring her to me please.

Dave: You don’t worry, I will bring her.

Mr Johnson and Gift decided to stay back and wait for Mrs Johnson while Dave set out to the address to get the boy’s mother.

Episode 40

Blessing sat outside because she didn’t know where they had taken her son. She had not heard from Matron Agnes since morning. She just sat outside and prayed for God to keep Hope safe. And then she heard a car drive in. She stood up. When Dave came down from the car and saw her, he didn’t believe his eyes. This is the same Blessing they’ve been driving all day looking for. He moved closer to her.

Blessing: Who is there? Who is there? Speak now before I hit you…..(she raised up her stick)

Dave: Blessing, Blessing it’s me.

(She paused, she dropped her stick and listened to the voice again.)

Dave: Blessing it’s me

Blessing: Dave?

Dave: Yes! It is me

Blessing: Dave is it really you?

Dave rushed to her and gave her a tight embrace. Blessing was shedding tears.

Blessing: Dave it is really you. Where were you? What happened to you? I knew you would come back. I kept on praying for you and the Holy Spirit kept telling me you would return. What happened to you?

Dave stepped back, looked at her and embraced her again.

Dave: whoever says there is no God is a fool. We have looked for you everywhere since morning and when we finally gave up on our search, God brought your son.

Blessing: My son? Where is he? Where is Hope? I heard he was hit by a car. Where is he?

Dave: calm down Blessing. He is fine. I was the one who hit him by accident, I took him to the hospital and he asked me to bring you, he gave me this address. I didn’t even know it was you.

Blessing: please Dave take me to him, take me to my son.
Dave: definitely!

But just as they were about leaving, a policeman arrived at the house.

Policeman: Hood evening! Please is this the residence of one Agnes? She is a Matron.

Blessing: Yes it is! And who are you sir?

Policeman: Well! I’m a policeman.

Blessing: policeman? Is aunty in trouble?

Policeman: your aunty was involved in a fire accident and she was badly burnt.

Blessing: Jesus!

Policeman: we knew it was her because we found her car parked outside the building and some neighbours around confirmed that the owners of the car were in the building.

Blessing: Officer, please where is she right now?

Dave: I think I know where she is, just come with me.

Blessing: okay,

Dave helped her into the police van and drove all the way to St. James Clinic.

To be continued!

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