Dark Night episode 45

Dark Night!

Episode 45.

Blessing cried bitterly for matron Agnes, she sat by her bedside and sang.

”Fading away like the stars of the morning”
”Only remembered by what you have done”

Blessing: I forgive you dear mother, for all you did to me, I forgive you, and I pray your soul find rest before the Creator our Father.

Gift could feel the pains that Blessing had passed through and he regretted leaving her, he wished he was here for her. But one thing gladdens his heart and that was the fact that they were not siblings after all.

Blessing cried as Matron Agnes was been rolled away. Dave carried Hope out of the room. Gift and Mr Johnson held onto Blessing and led her out of the room outside. As they sat outside, Gift was furious.

Just then two policemen approached Mr Johnson.
1st policeman: Are you Mr Johnson?

M. Johnson:(stands up) Yes I am! How can I help you officer?

1st policeman: We heard your wife is here in the hospital and we are here for her.

Before Mr. Johnson could ask them what was wrong Gift quickly shouted.

Gift: Officers this way, she is in this place.

Then they all went back inside. The policemen were shocked to see how Mrs Johnson was severely burnt.

2nd policeman: She is seriously burnt, we can’t arrest her like this?

Mr Johnson: Arrest? Why? What has she done?

1st policeman: Sir! Some notorious boys who had been terrorising the area for sometime now were caught last week and this morning respectively and they confessed to doing some jobs for your wife.

One of those jobs includes attacking you and your daughter on the way to the hospital. They also confessed to shooting you in the head.

Another one who was arrested just this morning with guns and plenty bullets also said your wife contacted him to kill one Mrs Agnes. He was at the venue where he would perform the operation when he was apprehended.

Mr Johnson: Hon…. ey…..

Blessing: Mummmy…..!

Gift: Mom….so it was you who sent men to rob dad? Just because you didn’t want Blessing to have her operation?

Mr Johnson: You wanted to have me killed?

Mrs Johnson: no no no, I didnt ask them to kill you, I only asked them to collect the money. Shooting you was a mistake please believe me, I didn’t send them that.

1st policeman: madam! After all the allegations and evidence labelled against you, you are under arrest for conniving with criminals. For attempted murder of one Mrs Agnes and for the murder of a one day old baby. You have every right to remain silent as whatever you say or do will be used against you in court.

2nd policeman: But sir, we cannot arrest her like this.

1st policeman: No we won’t, you and the other officers that we’re here in the hospital earlier will have to remain here in the hospital until she is well enough to be taken to the station.
(To Mr Johnson) her case has been charged to court already so we will be bringing her to court from time to time. The government has also provided a lawyer for her but should in case you want to get your own lawyer.

Mr Johnson: no it is okay by me. Whatever you decide.

The policemen then asked them to step outside because Mrs Johnson is now in their custody. When they got outside, Gift who was now more angrier than he was earlier started talking.

Gift: Mom is evil, mom is wicked, I will never forgive her for this. In fact, from this day she is no longer my mother.

Mr Johnson: I never knew I married a demon. Who would have thought that she was capable of all of these

Gift: This is Nemesis catching up with her.

Mr Johnson: When the Bible says whatsoever a man sows is what he will reap, I didn’t understand until now. If only my dear wife sowed the right seed, things wouldn’t be the way they are today.

As they were both talking Blessing was quiet, but finally she spoke up.

Blessing : I have forgiven her.

Father & Son: What???

Blessing : I have forgiven her.

Mr Johnson: After all of these, you have forgiven her? Just like that?

Blessing: Have you forgotten that to err is human and to forgive is divine? She might not have gave birth to me but she saved me, she gave me her breast to suck, she clothed me and she cared for me. If not for her I would have grown up in an orphanage. Or I would have died outside in the cold.

Gift: what about all the wickedness she showed to you? And how bad she treated you? What about your child she killed? Our child? What about the pains she caused you and all the sufferings?

Blessing: Are they up to half of the pains Job in the Bible went through? At the end of it all, Job was happy? Mom only made my faith in God stronger, my hope in God never wavered because of all I went through. I believe all were God’s plan. If he didn’t permit it, it wouldn’t have happened. And so I forgive her.

Mr Johnson started crying, because even his own faith had wavered and he had lost control of himself but here was his little girl reviving his faith in God.

Mr Johnson: it is hard, it is so hard but for you I will forgive her too.

Gift: Daddy, even you? That’s your own sha. Me, I can never do that. In fact I will never forgive her. Let her die and rot in hell.

Blessing: Gift, Did you not hurt me? (Gift became quiet). Didn’t I forgive you? ( he was still quiet). If I could forgive you then you can forgive mom as well. If God can forgive us when we sin then we can equally forgive ourselves and others too.

Gift: how do you do this? How are you able to just forgive and let everything go just like that?

Hope: Because mommy is an angel (he ran and gave her a hug, they didn’t know when Dave came back into the room with Hope) Daddy, Grand PA, please forgive grandma please.

Gift bowed his head and cried.

Episode 46 (Final)

Dark Night!

It’s been three months since the fire accident. Sited on the big chair was Gift looking extremely handsome, Dave looking superb, Mr Johnson in his smart looking suit and of course Hope. Hope was dressed in same clothes with his dad.

The doctor rolled Blessing out with a wheel chair. Her entire head fully bandaged, except her mouth.

Doctor: Gentlemen, I told you that this operation is a 50:50 chance, she may and may not see but whatever be the case, it is the will of God.

Hope: She will see! (Everyone turned and looked at the seven years old boy) I prayed this morning to God and told him I just want one gift as mummy’s birthday gift, and that is for her to see. (He turns to his mother) Mummy didn’t you say when we talk to God from our hearts and we believe that He will hear and answer us?

Blessing: (smiling) yes I did.

Hope: Then you will see, because I prayed and I believed. Mummy do you believe you will see?

Blessing: I do

Hope: Daddy do you believe mummy will see?

Gift: I do son,

Hope: Grandpa do you believe my mummy will see?

Mr Johnson: I strongly believe.

Hope: Uncle Dave: do you believe that mummy will see you today?

Dave: I believe Hope.

Hope: How about you Doctor? Do you believe that the operation went as it was meant to go?

Doctor: it did

Hope: And do you trust in God?

Doctor: Yes I do,

Hope: Then go ahead and remove the bandage. My mummy will see.

Then the doctor slowly began removing the bandages one after the other, and when it got to the last one, he asked.

Doctor: Are we ready?

All: Yes!

And he removed the last bandage, and Blessing covered her eyes with her two hands because the ray of light that penetrated into her eyes was so sharp. Gradually she removed her hands. All their hearts were beating fast. And she saw, Blessing saw them all, for the first time in her life she actually saw, she looked from Mr Johnson, whom she immediately recognised because he was older than them all, then to Gift whom she also recognised because he was dressed in same clothes with Hope, then to the next man whom she automatically knew was Dave and finally to Hope, the only child among them and tears of joy flowed from her eyes…..

Blessing: I can see, I see you Hope, I see you Doctor, Daddy I see you, I see you Dave, I see you Gift, I see all of you.

There was shouts of joy in the arena. As Mr Johnson raised the song.

”Great are you Lord”
”Greatly to be praised”
”Greatly to be praised”
”Father you reign”
”Great are you Lord”
”Greatly to be praised”
”Greatly to be praised”
”Father you reign”


It was 3pm in the afternoon, the court stood still as the judge passed his judgement.

Judge: after carefully considering all the charges laid against you. Mrs Victoria Johnson I therefore find you guilty as charged. And you are therefore sentenced to 80years imprisonment with hard labour. The court may now rise!

There was shouting and wailing all around. The Johnsons walked up to Mrs Johnson as she was about to be rolled out by the police.

Blessing: Mummy I’m so sorry for everything, I wish there was something we could do.

Mrs Johnson: (crying) Blessing, Blessing my child please forgive me, I am so sorry, I regret all I ever did to you, I didn’t know it was this difficult to be blind and also paralysed. Please forgive me.

Blessing: Mummy I already forgave you and so has daddy and gift and even Hope. We have all forgiven you. And mummy, I had my operation, now I can clearly see.

Mrs Johnson: You mean you can see me now?

Blessing: I can see you very well. (Mrs Johnson burst into tears again) Mummy it is not the time to cry, I want you to do something for me.

Mrs Johnson: What is it?

Blessing: I want you to rededicate your life to JESUS, can you please do that for me?

Mrs Johnson: (crying) I will, I will my child.

Blessing: repeat after me, Lord Jesus I come to you again. I’ve disobeyed your word, I’ve gone out of your will but please take me back as your own. Forgive me all I have done, I rededicate my self to you. Do what you will with me, I am ready for you, in Jesus name. Amen”.

Mrs Johnson said the prayer and Blessing hugged her tight and they wept together. Gift also came and hugged his mom and informed her that he will be getting married to Blessing soon and relocating to US but he promised that they would always come and check on her in prison. Mr Johnson held onto his wife and cried for long.

Mr Johnson: When you are for God, no matter how dark your Night may be, morning will always come.

They watched as the police rolled the wheel chair into the van and drove off.

Blessing: I feel sad that mummy will not be with us for a long time but I am grateful to God that with my eyes I saw this day.
Then she started singing and they all joined her in singing.

”You are great yes you are Holy One”
”You walked upon the sea, you raised the dead”
”You reign in majesty, Mighty God”
”Everything written about you is great”


Glory be to God in the highest for the success of another wonderful and educating story. May His name be highly exalted in Jesus name.

Thank you all for the time you spend for reading, liking, commenting, words of encouragement and others ways you encouraging me to post more including all those that read without liking or commenting or whatever. Thank you too. God bless you all!

We should also thank God in the lives of the writers too. They are doing wonderfully well. The Almighty God will continue to inspire them to write more in Jesus name

Please let’s share all what we learned from the story, I want to learn from you wonderful people too.

Thank you and stay blessed till we meet again.

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