Dark Night episode 31&32

Dark Night!

Episode 31

Dave and Gift spent some time at the bar before Gift decided to take Dave over to his house.

Dave: My guy, you have such a good apartment o shoo.

Gift: my brother na God. You nkor where are you putting up?

Dave: Gift you na my brother, I nor go fit lie give you, I’ve been hanging out with some friends I made in prison that left before me. What could I do? I decided to put up with them, pending when I’ll make some money.

Gift: But you nor try o, why didn’t you contact me na? You spent years in prison when you could have easily contacted me and I use the little influence I have to get you out.

Dave: Gift I fit vex for you if you talk like that again o. Do you know how long I’ve been trying to contact you? Even before I came to New York? I’ve been trying to reach you. Your number I don’t have, I have searched for all the Gift Johnsons on Facebook and none of them is you. Where else am I supposed to find you?

Gift: oh that’s true, my Facebook name is Gifto J. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t reach me.

Dave: oh oh you see na, you changed name to Gifto J how am I supposed to know? I be witch? You, why didn’t you contact me all this years?

Gift: I did about 4years ago, I sent a friend request to you but up till now no response and your number I have was not reachable.

Dave: 4years ago I was already in jail that’s why.

Gift: it’s true…. Well man, thank God you are out and we’ve found each other. As of now you won’t go back to that place, you will stay here with me.

Dave: Before nkor? Weather you plan on saying that or not, the moment I saw you I knew I wasn’t going back.

They both burst out laughing.

Gift: How about your parents? Hope you’ve called them since you came out.

Dave: Yes I did! My mama don dey die from worry before.

Gift: na so na. What did you expect?

Dave: see who is talking as if you are better, you that traveled and forgot everyone? Including your beloveth sister, your own twin. Not once did you even remember to call her. Why na? Why guy? You nor try o.

Gift: You won’t understand my brother,

Dave: what won’t I understand? That you forgot and could not call your twin sister whom you claim to love so much. What is it I won’t understand?

Gift: Well, it was only at first o, after some time I tried to speak to her with daddy’s phone o and sometimes mummy’s phone o, but they always had something to tell me and so I got tired of their excuses because something kept telling me they didn’t want me to talk to her, so I just decided to stop asking until I get back to Nigeria.

Dave: what daddy? Your daddy?

Gift: Yes

Dave: You talk to your daddy?

Gift: yes na!

Dave: when last did you talk to him?

Gift: what kind of question is that? We spoke yesterday

Dave: yesterday? (He put his hands on his head) chimoooooo!

Gift: what is wrong with you Dave?

Dave: Gift you’ve been talking with a ghost.

Gift: what kind of rubbish are you saying? Who is a ghost? I am telling you I spoke with my father and you are saying I spoke with a ghost.

Dave: I say you’ve been talking to a ghost. Because your father died about 8 years ago. Exactly 3months after you travelled.

Gift started looking at him as if he is mad.

Dave: why are you looking at me like that?

Gift: Are you sure you are okay?

Dave: what kind of question is that?

Gift: Because I don’t think you are. Someone I spoke with yesterday, you are telling me died 8years ago.

Dave: I am telling you that your father died eight years ago. He was shot by armed robbers when he was taking your sister for her eye surgery and he didn’t survive it.

Gift: you are obviously sick. I think they did something to you in that prison. (He put his hands inside his pocket and brought out his phone to call his dad)

Dave: what are you doing?

Gift: I’m calling my dad (he put the phone on speaker, the phone ranf for a while and then Mr Johnson picked up)

Mr Johnson: Hello son

(Dave screams and shouted for Gift to end the call, and when Gift wouldn’t answer him he dragged the phone from him and ended the call)

Episode 32.

Gift was furious at Dave for ending the call.

Gift: why did you do that?

Dave: I am telling you that your father is dead. Your sister told me that your father is dead. They were on their way to go and have her surgery done when armed men attacked them and shoot your dad in the head. She told me he died in the hospital. And that same day, your mother sent her packing from your house into the street.

Gift: wait, wait, what? Which of my sister are you talking about? Who sent who out? I don’t understand.

Dave: See, your mother found out that your sister was pregnant at the same hospital where your dad had died and……

Gift: wait, wait, my sister got pregnant? Which of my sisters? Who was pregnant?

Dave: why ain’t you let me finish what I’m saying? You keep interrupting me.

Gift: (feeling uneasy) okay sorry, I just want to understand. What are you talking about?

Dave: Don’t interrupt me again o.

Gift: I won’t.

Dave: okay! Your sister Blessing! Your twin sister, do you remember her now? Your blind sister, your only sister…..

Gift: oh oh oh, will you just go straight to the point.

Dave: okay, your sister and your dad were on their way to the hospital for her eyes operation, the one you told me will make her see again.

Gift: yes, yes I know, go on,

Dave: Some men blocked their car and shot your dad on the head and made away with the money. Your dad and your sister was taken to the hospital, and your dad didn’t make it.

Gift: go on

Dave: I just said your dad died that day.

Gift: I heard you and I said you should continue your story

Dave: okay! In the same hospital your mom found out that Blessing was pregnant. And she refused to tell her who got her pregnant. And so your mom threw her out of the house. She called me with a phone she said you gave your dad to give her.

Gift: yes I did.

Dave: good, at least you know I’m not lying, she called me and I drove and picked her up in the dead of the night. I got an accommodation for her and registered her for antenatal, before I traveled. I thought I was going to stay for just four months, but here I am after 7years.

Gift: so you mean my mom threw my sister out of the house.

Dave: That is it bro

Gift: so where is Blessing now?

Dave: like I said, I thought I would stay for just four months and I ended up staying for 7years. The last time I saw her she was 8months pregnant, she must have put to birth now. And I no longer know where she is.

Gift picked his phone and called his dad again.

Mr Johnson: Son why did you just end the call like that? What’s happening?

Gift: Daddy I want to speak with Blessing right now.

Mr Johnson: son what is going on?

Dave: are you still calling the same person I told you is a ghost?

Gift: (to Dave) shut up.

Mr Johnson: what? Are you asking me to shut up?

Gift: not you dad, just please put Blessing on the line.

Mr Johnson: But Blessing is not here

Gift: Dad where is she? I want to talk to her.

Mr Johnson: she is not here at the moment , tell me what is going on?

Gift: Give the phone to mummy.

Mr Johnson: your mom is not here either, she travelled to the village.

Gift: Dad, Blessing is not there, mom is not there, I am not a baby, I am 27years for crying out loud.

Mr Johnson: calm down son, and tell me what’s going on.

Gift: Nothing is going on.
(He ended the call )

Dave: I told you, I told you, he is a ghost now how can you explain that he does not want you to speak to your mom or your sister? Because he is a ghost and he is not with them.

Gift: shut up Dave. (He paced around for some time) we are going to Nigeria.

Dave: what? Who is we?

Gift: You and I, we are going home.

Dave: hehehehe you must be kidding me. Going to Nigerian, you and who?

Gift: please Dave, you have to come with me.

Dave: No way Gift, I’m sorry, but there is no way I am going with you to Nigeria. I’ve spent all my time in jail here and I just came out. I’m not even yet settled and you were telling me that we are going back to Nigeria? No way o.

Gift: Dave please, don’t worry about anything, I will handle all the financial aspect. Please just come with me. Please. Do this for your brother please my friend!

To be continued!

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