Dark Night episode 27&28

Dark Night!

Episode 27

The matron hurriedly drove her car inside the hospital and met the junior nurse coming out of the labour room. She was surprised and shocked to see her.

Junior Nurse:Matron where did you go to na? I met Blessing alone here.

Matron: erm erm, I went erm, (she stammered) how come you are back so early?

Junior Nurse: Matron please there is no time, hurry and come, the baby is coming?

Matron: What? What baby?

Junior Nurse: Blessing’s baby, the head is already out, please hurry and come.

The matron rushed inside with the junior nurse and saw Blessing. The baby’s head was already out, she was too shocked to even understand what was happening. Eventually it was the junior nurse that helped Blessing deliver of her second child. Though none was aware that it was actually her second child except the matron.

She stood transfixed to a point and just watched as the junior Nurse helped Blessing with the cleaning and everything.

Junior Nurse: Congrats miss Blessing! You have a bouncing baby boy!
( she covered the baby up and handed him over to Blessing, as she held her son tears flowed from her eyes. She raised her voice and sang)

”I give you glory Lord as I honor you”
”I give you glory Lord as I honor you”
” You are wonderful”
”You are worthy oh Lord”
”You are wonderful”
”You are worthy oh Lord”

The junior nurse sang along with her as they both worshiped God, but the matron stood aside with guilt written all over her. As she heard Blessing singing, the reality of what she’s done began to get to her. She quickly ran aside and called Mrs Johnson.

Matron: Hello, hello,

Mrs Johnson: My bossom friend,

Matron: Please my friend, I need to take the baby from you. My conscience is seriously pricking me please.

Mrs Johnson: What do you mean?

Matron: Please my friend I can’t stand it, my conscience is killing me.

Mrs Johnson: what kind of useless conscience is that? The same conscience that allowed you to take 100k from me? What nonsense are you vomiting from your mouth?

Matron: Please if it is the money, I will return it, I don’t want to get my hands dirty please.

Mrs Johnson: your hands are already dirty madam. In fact, they are completely soaked and drenched in dirty so please stop talking rubbish.

Matron: Don’t be like this, please

Mrs Johnson: Don’t call this line again do you understand? As of this moment, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. Rubbish!

She hung up the call and the matron just stood there regretting all that she has done to Blessing. Blessing and the junior nurse who knew nothing about how she (matron) is feeling were just there admiring the little boy and giving thanks to God Almighty who has blessed her with a boy.

Blessing: my son, I am so happy to hold you in my hands and I thank God who has given you to me. My hope is that, one day my eyes will be opened to see you. Therefore I name you HOPE!

Episode 28

Weeks turned into months and months turned into years, and nothing was heard from Dave.

Blessing had tried severally to reach him with the number he had dropped for her but she couldn’t. She had even gone as far as trying to trace his house but all to no avail.

Blessing has since exhausted the money given to her and her rent was long overdue. She had started going to the market with Hope to beg for money and the little money she got from begging was what she used to take care of herself and Hope.

On several occasions, the matron who gave out her daughter to Mrs Johnson had stumbled on Blessing in the market begging. Whenever she saw her like that she would always give a big amount of money in her bucket, a means to wipe away her guilt with the money, but still the guilt kept eating her deep down. The landlord had been merciful to her and recently he had given her a notice to leave. Blessing had failed to meet up with the rent and so she had been directed to leave the place.

She gently packed the few things she could carry into a bag and as she was about to leave, the landlord spoke with her again.

Landlord: Blessing please don’t be angry with my decision, if I could change it I will but I can’t. My children built this house for me to use it to take care of myself and now no money is coming from your end, I need to put in someone who can pay me so I will be able to feed myself. I don’t want to die of hunger, I hope you understand.

Blessing: sir there is no need to apologise. You have allowed us stay here for six years without paying any rent. You have even fed us from the little you have and I am so grateful to you. My son and I will never forget your goodness toward us.

The landlord was pained to his heart but there was really no way he could help out.

Landlord: I am really sorry.

Blessing: it is okay sir, I do understand.

Landlord: Where will you go? Who will take care of you?

Blessing smiled before answering.

Blessing: God will take care of me, He always has and He always will, he is my ever present help in times of trouble and he will provide help for me as always. Goodbye sir!

She picked up a small bag and gave it to Hope, then she picked the bigger one and went away with her son guiding and directing her along the way.

When they’ve left for a while it began to rain and Hope helped his mother to the front of a shop that was locked to hide away from the rain. Hope looked at her and then asked.

Hope: Mother, where would we go to?

Blessing looked at his son and smiled.

Blessing: Don’t worry son. God always knows how to take care of His own. HE will provide.
Hope kept quiet, he was a good boy and he always believed whatever his mother told him, and now she has said God will provide, he is so sure that GOD will definitely provide!

To be continued!

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