Dark Night episode 35&36

Dark Night!

Episode 35.

Matron Agnes, drove inside the compound and found the old woman sitting outside. She greeted her and sat beside her.

Matron Agnes: Mama I know you don’t remember me anymore.

Mama: I remember you. You are one of the student nurses that worked with us some years back.

Matron Agnes: (smiles) mama, your eyes are still every sharp.

Mama: How are you? And what have brought you to my house?

Matron Agnes: (kneels down) mama I have a confession to make ma.

Mama: what is it?

Matron Agnes: mama 27 years ago, a young girl gave birth to a baby in your hospital and ran away. She abandoned that baby and disappeared without trace. She only left a note on the baby, do you remember?

Mama: I do and I have waited all these years for you to at least ask about your baby but all through your training days you never asked. Then I concluded that you are really wicked.

Matron Agnes: You knew?

Mama: I knew the moment you walked in with other students. I don’t easily forget a face.

Matron Agnes : (cries) mama please I’m so sorry, I didn’t have a choice.

Mama: everyone has two choices in this life. There is always a choice.

Matron Agnes: I’m so sorry ma. Please forgive me.

Mama: you don’t owe me any apology, your apology is for your child, not me.

Matron Agnes: mama where can I find her? Is she still alive?

Mama: why do you care? After 27 years?

Matron Agnes: mama please, I do not want to do anything, I just want to ask for her mercy please.

Mama: well, I’ve always known that this day would come and I do not intend to keep anything from you. Your little girl was born blind.

Matron Agnes: (holds her mouth) what?

Mama: yes, she was born blind. I noticed it barely 24hours after she was born hut I couldn’t tell you because you were gone. I didn’t know how to keep her with my job and so I gave her away.

Matron Agnes: (crying seriously now) mama, who did you give her to?

Mama: well I gave her to the only family I knew were capable of taking care of her. They were my church members. Mr and Mrs Johnson.

Matron Agnes: Mama, please where can I find this Mr. and Mrs Johnson?

Mama: I really do not know because it’s been years. But I heard they opened a school for blind people. Blessings school of the blind.

Matron Agnes: Wait mama, are you talking of Mrs Johnson who had twins children, a boy and a girl?

Mama:(smiles) I am one of the few who happens to know that those children are not twins. Only the boy is their child. The girl is the same baby you abandoned years ago

Matron Agnes fell on her knees and cried. Blessing was her daughter and Hope was her grandson. She had handed over her grand daughter to Mrs Johnson who probably must have killed the baby.
She cried and scratched her head wishing that she would just wake up from this terrible nightmare.

Episode 36.

Dave and Gift were walking round the sitting room and Dave was crying non stop.

Dave: How did it happen? Oh my God? I shouldn’t have left her

Gift: it is my fault, I shouldn’t have left her, I shouldn’t have left.

Dave: what about her baby? What happened to the baby?

Mr Johnson: What baby?

Dave: The baby she had, what happened to it?

Mr Johnson: I don’t understand. Who had a baby?

Dave looked at Gift and then to Mr Johnson confused..

Gift: Dad, Dave said Blessing was 8months pregnant when he left her.

Mr Johnson: Left her? Left her where?

Dave: sorry sir, let me ask you, when and how did she die?

Mr Johnson: She died on our way to the hospital for her eyes surgery. We were attacked by gun men and they shot me, they also shot her, they said I died and woke up again but Blessing died. She didn’t wake up from the gun shot. Your mom had her buried before I woke up. And she wasn’t pregnant.

Dave: wait, wait, I think there is a mixup somewhere.

Mr Johnson: how do you mean?

Dave: The gun men didn’t kill Blessing, they didn’t even touch her. Mrs Johnson sent her away.

Mr Johnson: what?

Dave: yes sir, she didn’t die. It was your wife that drove her away.

Mr Johnson: Gift call Dr Greg for me again please, do it fast call him.(Gift collected the phone and call Dr Greg)

Dr Greg: hello again.

Mr Johnson: Doctor Greg how are you?

Dr Greg: extra length I’m fine o, your son called me not quite long.

Mr Johnson: yeah he did. Please I want to confirm something from you.

Dr Greg: what is it again?

Mr Johnson: About 8years ago when I was brought to your clinic with my daughter Blessing, how was her case and how did she die?

Dr Greg: Die? Who said she died? She didn’t die na. They didn’t touch her so why would she die?

Mr Johnson: so you mean she wasn’t shot?

Dr Greg: Not at all, but your wife knows this so why is it sounding new to you?

Mr Johnson: not really doc, my wife travelled and I am trying to verify some things for my son who just came back from the US.

Dr Greg: your girl was not shot, she only went into shock when she heard that you were shot, but after few minutes she became OK. I discharged her for your wife so that she could go and rest because of the pregnancy.
How is she and the baby, the child must be very big now.

Mr Johnson: thanks doc. I will call you back. (To Dave) she told me that my Blessing was dead.(to Gift) your mother said she was shot and she didn’t make it. She even showed me a grave where she buried her. (To Dave) so she is alive, so my Blessing is alive. Where is she? Where is my Blessing? Please take me to her please.

Dave:I really dont know if she is still there. It’s been a long time.

Gift: I don’t care, just take us to the last place you saw her.
They all entered into Mr Johnson’s car and he drove off.

To be continued!

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