Dark Night episode 11&12

Dark Night!

Episode 11

Gift came home completely drenched in alcohol. He was still filled with anger for Blessing. And so when he entered the house he went straight to her room. He saw her lying down asleep.

Immediately he saw her, he remembered what those guys were saying. He started getting angry all over again. He remembered the guy he saw her laughing with. And he started imagining her laughing with those guys while sleeping with them.

In anger he dragged her and tore her clothes to pieces. Blessing shouted in pains from the burnt on her back. But Gift didn’t bother to know. Hr tore her clothes and started slapping and beating her up.

Gift: Are you that cheap? After everything I did for you? What more can a brother do for you that I don’t? What do you want from them that I don’t give you? Is it the care? Is it money? Is it love? What is it? Tell me what is it?

He kept on slapping her face and Blessing tried to cover her face with her hands but Gift wouldn’t let her be.

Gift: oh, you enjoy it when they touched you right? You like it when they slept with you right?

He pounced on her not minding the sore on her back, slapping pinching and hitting her. Then he began removing his belt and trousers.

Gift: Let me show you that I am a better man than those fools

Blessing: Gift what are you doing? Gift please stop it.

Gift: shut up you bitch!

Blessing: Gift, brother, twin, brother, please stop don’t do this I am begging you,

But all her pleas fell in deaf ears, as Gift tore her clothes from up to down and forced himself on her. He didn’t mind that she was his sister or blind or injured. He just did what he did. And when it was over his eyes were wide open. He found out that she was a virgin. That was when it dawned on him that those boys had lied to him. But the deed was already done.

Gift: Jesus! Oh my God! Jesus! What have I done.

He turned and looked at Blessing who was lying motionless, she was just shedding tears in silence, he wanted to touch her, he wanted to console her, but how could he when he was the one who had hurt her.

Gift: Sister! Sister what have I done?

He fell on his knees and wept bitterly.

Gift: Forgive me Blessing, please forgive me I beg you.

Blessing was so silent, this was her brother, her twin, her best friend and he just betrayed and hurt her more than anyone could ever do. She sat down but remained silent. Her silence cut deep into Gift and he felt like he was going to die. He ran out of the house and went straight to his best friend. Dave was surprised to see him so late in the night.

Gift: Dave, please look after my sister, take care of her for me please.

Dave: my guy why are you like this? What happened?

Gift: Just promise to look after her for me please.

Dave: okay, she is my sister too. I promise.

And Gift disappeared into the night.

Episode 12.

As Gift left Dave’s house he went straight to his mom and told her he was leaving that night, he didnt want to stay any longer. Mrs Johnson was not surprised at all but she encouraged him to stay a little longer. Gift who was troubled in his heart told his mom if he were to stay then his mom should allow him stay outside the house until he finally left the country. She quickly agreed. In the morning he packed up his things to leave when Mr Johnson saw him.

Mr Johnson: son where are you going to this early morning?

Gift: Dad! I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you, my flight is in two days and I felt I should stay somewhere else before that day.

Mr Johnson: But this is the time to be with your family and not leave the house. Your flight is in two days as you’ve earlier stated

Gift : Yes dad, but I have a lot to clear off my head before the trip and I wish to be alone till that time. Please dad try and understand.

Mr Johnson: it is alright but have you told your sister you are leaving?

Gift paused for a while before speaking.

Gift: yes dad, she is aware..

Mr Johnson: it’s alright dear, come and give me a hug before you leave. (he hugged his son so tight then he began to pray)
”This is just a starting point for you”
”God will take you round the world”
”Among your mates you will always be the best”
”God be with you my son”

(Amen, they both chorused. Gift took a final look at the house, he wished Blessing would step out of the room to bid him farewell, hut it wasn’t so. He wished her to be okay hut didn’t have enough courage to go check on her. Just before he left, he brought out a phone and gave it to Mr Johnson to give it to Blessing.

Gift: Dad there is only one number stored to that phone. And it’s Dave’s, in my absence she can call on him and he will come helping, he owes me that much.

Mr Johnson: it is alright son, have you told your mom you are off?

Gift: yes dad. I have .

Mr Johnson: it’s okay.

They hugged for the last time before the driver zoomed off . Gift wished for nothing more, but for Blessing to be fine in his absence!

To be continued

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