Dark Night episode 21&22

Dark Night!

Episode 21.

Dave came to Blessing as soon as she told him where he was. Blessing narrated all that happened to him and he was so speechless.

Dave: So do you mean that Mr Johnson is already dead?

Blessing: No! He is not dead, I strongly believe that my father is not dead.

Dave: But you just told me that he was shot in the head.

Blessing: Yes I said that.

Dave: And you also said the doctor pronounced him dead.

Blessing: yes I said that but the doctor is not God and the God that I serve had assured me that even though he was dead, he will live again.

Dave looked at her and shook his head. He loved the faith she had. He helped her carry her bag and took her to a hotel, where he paid for three nights for her.

Dave: you can stay here for the next three days, I have paid for everything you would need including food. I will check on you from time to time and I also do not want you to stay here for too long, so I will look for a house for you if you don’t mind.

Blessing: Thank you so much Dave, my God will bless you.

Dave: Amen.

Blessing: How about Gift? Can I talk to him?

Dave: Honestly , I don’t know what is wrong with my friend Gift, since he travelled he hasn’t called me and so I really do not have any number to reach him.

Blessing: It is alright, I just pray he is okay!

Dave: so tell me, Who is responsible for your pregnancy?

Blessing: I’m sorry Dave, but I can’t tell you that.

Dave: It’s alright dear, don’t mind my inquisitiveness.

Blessing: it is okay .thanks for everything.

Dave: No problem. See you tomorrow.

Blessing : OK

Dave turned and left. Blessing was grateful to God that she wouldn’t spend the night outside.


Mrs Johnson got the call to come to the hospital immediately. When she got there, she was shocked to see her husband alive. She held him and cried, thanking God that he was alive. They soon discharged him and went home. Immediately they got inside Mr Johnson asked.

Mr Johnson: where is my Blessing?

Mrs Johnson was quiet for a while

Mr Johnson: Where is my Blessing?

Mrs Johnson: (started crying)

Mr Johnson: what is this? Why are you crying? I asked a question and instead of giving me answers you are crying. Where is my Blessing?

Mrs Johnson: Honey I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry!

Mr Johnson: what do you mean by that?

Mrs Johnson: The people who shot you, also shot her in the head. She didn’t make it. Our little girl didn’t make it, she died right on the spot.

Mr Johnson: I don’t believe you, it is not true, my Blessing is not gone.

Mrs Johnson: (crying so loud) I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry, she is truly gone.

Mr Johnson: No, no. No, my Blessing can’t be gone, oh God why, why will you take my Blessing from me oh no, no!

He fell to the ground and started crying so much.

Mr Johnson: I want to see her, take me to her.

Mrs Johnson: I buried her at the cemetery.

Mr Johnson: How can you bury her just like that? Why didn’t you wait for me?

Mrs Johnson: you were dead honey, I couldn’t wait for you.

Mr Johnson: (crying deeply) oh no, my Blessing, I still want to see her.

Mrs Johnson: Okay, I will take you to her grave side but first you need to relax,

Mr Johnson: no, take me there now I want to see her now.

She hurried to the kitchen and brought a glass of hot tea.

Mrs Johnson: okay drink this first and we will be on our way.

Mr Johnson took the tea and drank it, his eyes suddenly started dazzling as Mrs Johnson helped him sit and in the next minute he was already snoring.

Episode 22!

Dave came the next day and gave Blessing some money and food. Then he informed her that he had rented and paid for a house for her. A one room apartment, he had bought stove and everything she might possibly need. Blessing was so happy and grateful to Dave as he took her to her new house.

Dave also registered her at a hospital, where she goes for her antenatal, and every three days he goes to check on her and gives her money for upkeep. Blessing was very okay but she was always worried about her dad Mr Johnson, there was no news from him or Mrs Johnson. She had also asked Dave to try and reach Gift and tell him all that has been happening.

On one of her antenatal day, she had sat outside waiting for Dave to come and pick her up. Her pregnancy was already 8months gone. She didn’t know that Mrs Johnson was a friend to one of the matrons working there. And she had gone visiting when she saw Blessing sitted outside.

Mrs Johnson: do you know her? (pointing to Blessing)

Matron: You mean Blessing the blind girl?

Mrs Johnson: yes

Matron: oh yes, she is one of my patients.

Mrs Johnson: one of your patients, who pays her bills?

Matron: I don’t understand?

Mrs Johnson: I mean how does she pay you? Where does she get money to pay for her antenatal?

Matron: I don’t know, but she pays off her debts.

Mrs Johnson was furious, her countenance changed, she whispered something into the matrons ear and they both talked for a while. While they were still talking, she saw a car pull up in front of Blessing, then she struggled to see who it was. But she couldn’t, as Dave helped Blessing get into the car. When Mrs Johnson could not get a clear view of who was helping Blessing, she started running towards the car, but she got there too late as Dave zoomed off leaving her standing there with her big tummy wondering who it was that was helping Blessing.

When they got to Blessing’s house, Dave told Blessing a happy but also sad news.

Dave: Blessing, I have something to tell you.

Blessing: What is it Dave?

Dave: I will be travelling to the US for a 4months programme.

Blessing: wow, that’s good news.

Dave: yeah it is

Blessing: So why do you sound as if it’s a bad news.

Dave: That’s because I won’t be here when you give birth. I promised Gift I will be here with you and now it seems I won’t be here.

Blessing: (smiling) it is okay Dave, you will meet us when you come. Do not worry about me, God always have His way of taking care of me, you will see, i will be fine.

Dave: I’m so sorry Blessing.

Blessing: Hey come on, I am fine, I will be fine it is just four months right?

Dave: Yes it is.

Blessing: ehen, don’t worry it will come and go before you know it.

Dave: Okay! But meanwhile, I have renewed your rent for another one year and I will give you enough money to take care of yourself before I return okay?

Blessing: Thank you so much Dave. The God I serve will reward you.

Dave: Amen

To be continued!

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