The Unfaithful Husband episode 5

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 5

Frank’s POV

I just couldn’t concentrate while I played a video game in my room. I kept wondering why my dad and Esther were not back by now.

It has being almost two hours since they left to the supermarket. On a normal circumstance they ought to have been back by now. Even My mum was already back from work while they were still on their way.

What could be delaying them? Could they have gone somewhere else? I kept on soliloquising. I became even more worried as I remembered what had being going on between the both of them.

Could the outing have been planned? Could it be that Esther had finally succumbed to my dad’s seduct!on?

“Hmm” I whispered to myself. I have being tolerating all these nonsense just because I don’t want my parents’ marriage to get broken. I can’t afford seeing my mom in tears. And life wouldn’t be easy on my siblings and I if anything bad happens to my parents’ marriage.

But if anything should occur between Esther and my dad that would be the last time I would keep silent.

Despite my gentleness I can be very baleful and if eventually anything happens, I might end up doing something very stupid.

And as for my cousin — Esther. It would be a huge shock to her the length I would go to make her life miserable.

I had sank deep in thoughts when I was jolted up by the loud sound of the car’s horn. I got up from my chair and looked downstairs through my room window.

My dad’s car drove in as Musa opened the gate. I was able to see clearly With the help of the high energy light bulbs in our compound.

“Oga welcome, welcome sir, your boy dey loyal sir” Musa said raising his both hands in the air with a very wide and absurd smile.

He kept on hailing my dad hoping to get some change to promote his drinking habit.

Dad stepped down from the car while Esther went to get the things they bought from the trunk. I couldn’t help but notice the way they were talking and smiling. It irritated me, And I couldn’t wait to speak to Esther.

Esther’s POV

It was already dark when we arrived. We hurried back home as fast as possible. We must have spent a lot of time since aunty Jenny was already back from work.

I was a bit startled because I never expected her to be back so early compared to prior times.

“Good evening ma” I quickly greeted her trying to reduce the uneasiness I was feeling

“How are you” aunt Jenny asked
“Fine ma”

“You spent a lot of time at the supermarket…” she said expecting a reply from me.

I couldn’t just go ahead and tell her that I and her husband stopped at the restaurant. I would make her feel suspicious. So I told her that there was heavy traffic on our way.
She didn’t ask any further questions as she was busy arranging some of her paperwork.

I was just about leaving when she inquired of me if I had started learning the tailoring skill.

“Yes ma” I said, “thank you very much for all you have done for me ma. may God bless you deeply ma, I am very grateful” I said bending my knees forward as a sign of respect.
“Don’t bother yourself my dear, it’s nothing” she replied with a smile on her face.

I was in my room when I heard a hard knock on the door. I sluggishly got up and opened the door.

It was Frank

“Hi Frank, what’s up” I asked but he didn’t reply it was obvious he was angry about something.

“What’s the matter” I inquired looking concerned

“What are up to!!” he thundered

“What are you doing with my father!!!”

“Frank you have to calm down let’s go inside, we can’t be discussing such at the doorpost” I pleaded.

I entered inside the room and he followed suit but he left the door open.

“Now will you please answer my question??”

“Look, I don’t know what you’re insinuating but nothing is going on between me and your dad.

“Then why did you guys spend more than two good hours to just get something from the supermarket”

“I… I… I was very hungry and stressed so he said we should get something to eat at the restaurant.

“You went to the restaurant with my dad??” My statement seemed to have infuriated him the more.

“When last did he take me to the restaurant?!” Frank asked rhetorically

He was enraged and fuming in annoyance.

“And you told my mum there was heavy traffic!”

I didn’t know what to say to calm down his nerves, He was absolutely exasperated.

“Please you don’t have to be worried about that, nothing will ever happen between us. I am fully aware of what I am doing. Besides that I have boundaries which I take very seriously.”

“That’s none of my business, but one thing is sure if I you ever sleep with my father it’ll be the biggest mistake of you life

“Biggest mistake of whose life?” was the next thing we heard from the door. We were awe-stricken as we shifted our gaze towards the door and behold it was aunty Jennifer.


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