The Unfaithful Husband episode 23

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 23

Femi’s POV

She moved my hand higher signalling me to unbutton her br@, she leaned forward on my bare hairy chest and bit me gently; it didn’t hurt; it just made me want more. I could taste our shared breath, feel the thud of our combined heartbeat as we managed to take off one another’s clothes.

I still lay head up on the couch; burning in my worldly desire. Sonia gave me a lustful look and slowly climed on top of me, she gave me the r***? of a lifetime. Every th;rust felt so unreal, it felt so magical; I was in paradise on earth. After about fifteen minutes of passionate love”making; I got to my climax and burst out of excitement.

Never in my life have I felt such pleasure and sẹ́xual satisfaction, I lay exhausted on the couch; I felt very weak and worn out. It took some time for me to catch my breath but the contentment that came after was just unimaginable. Definitely Sonia gave me more than enough reasons why I should have her as a wife.


The next day

Jennifer’s POV

I was awoken by my alarm, I gave a wide yawn and stretched my hands in the air, I looked beside me; the bed was as empty as a starving man’s stomach, I couldn’t even remember when I slept; all I recall was when I buried my head in my pillow and allowed my tears to flow. I actually cried till I slept off; right from my youth I’ve always being very emotional. Born in late June; I was by virtue of the zodiac signs a Cancerian. Cancerians are emotional beings, even the smallest of things can affect my emotions.

How tender my feelings are, it takes only little for my lacrimal glands to get stimulated. I was already heartbroken and downcast; little did I know that it was just the tip of the iceberg.

My elder brother who I informed about Femi’s misdeed begged to hold on since he was on a business trip; he assured me that whenever he gets back he would definitely pay a me a visit.

Later that day, I also decided to let Femi’s uncle know what happened. An elder from his family had to be aware; I was done with keeping things to myself. At least I feel relieved whenever I share my challenges with others. I would have informed his father but he was just like a reflection of Femi; a man who kept on moving from marriage to marriage even at old age.

The saying “like father, like son” was very evident in them. I didn’t want to have such a conversation with his uncle over the phone so I decided to pay him a visit; Mr. Bayomide lived with his family not too far away from our estate so it wouldn’t be difficult for me.


I parked my 2018 Toyota Camry model outside the compound; alighted and knocked on the gate. The security man peeped through a hole on the gate and immediately opened it when he recognized my face.

“Madam welcome. E done tey wey we see you for this side o”

“Yes, how are you” I asked

“Madam I dey fine, na my oga you wan see? So that I for go tell am say you dey around”

“Yes, please tell me I want to have a discussion with him” I said as we walked into the building. Femi’s uncle built the house long ago when he was in still working in the civil service, as at then the house was at the top of class and quality but it still didn’t look bad now. It’s shape was still very good and I was surprised how beautiful it still was. I remember when I was in the university; he offered me one of his rooms to live in till I was able to afford my hostel accommodation fee. I schooled in the state so they didn’t stop supplying me with food items whenever they could.

The gate man motioned at me to sit down while he proceeded to call Mr. Bayode – Femi’s uncle. The house was extremely quiet unlike the before, all the children were in the university aside from Damian who came for a visit.

After a while; Mr. Bayomide walked into the living room. I immediately stood up and bent my kneels forward to show respect.

“E kaasan sir'(good afternoon sir) I greeted.

“E kaasan my daughter, ohun ti o mu o nibi (what brings you here)” he asked

“I came because I need your advice” I humbly said.

Bayomide walked slowly and sat on the couch with the aid of his walking stick. Old age had already started showing on him; he could no longer stand erect, his face was wrinkled and his hair had become totally grey.

“What is bothering you” he asked

“It’s your brother’s son- Femi; that man is heartless; he is a beast”

“Calm down Jennifer, what really happened”

I already felt tears gathering up my eyes; I struggled to hold them back so I could speak to him.

“You won’t be…lieve what Femi did” I stuttered; I just couldn’t help the quiver in my voice.

“What did he do” he asked with solicitude.

“I… I travelled for a…” A drop of tear slowly cascaded my cheek; I remembered what happened and I couldn’t help my emotions. I paused for a while to get control of myself, Mr. Bayo didn’t rush me instead he patiently waited for me to talk at my own pace.

After some minutes, I was able to get myself

“I don’t know if you’re aware that I brought in my elder sister’s daughter to live with me”

“Yes, I’m aware; your husband told me about it” he said

“Do you know that since her arrival Femi has been disturbing the young lady for sëx”

“Jennifer you shouldn’t be saying things you’re not sure of”

“I know what I am saying, this is something even Frank is aware of”

“You mean your son?” He inquired.

“Yes. Femi tricked me into letting this girl come see him in a hotel, and when she got there; he asked her to sleep him but she refused”

“Hmm” Bayo folded his hands in surprise.

“That is not all; since he promised her a lot and she still didn’t comply he decided to force himself on her”

“You don’t mean it” Bayo’s eyes shone brightly like a security guard’s torchlight.

“I’m very serious sir; he tried to r@pe her”

“Jennifer are you sure of what you are saying??”

“I have asked the necessary questions to get to the root of it and it appears Femi is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know I’ve always had my suspicion but I never gave them much thought”

“Jennifer what you just told me now is too big for me to comprehend”

“That isn’t even the most annoying part; what breaks me most is how Femi has seriously being denying an open secret. He has shown no sign of remorse rather he has being claiming to be right.”

“Jennifer I understand but you see Femi has being like that right from time; he is a man of pride and has a very stubborn personality. Femi is someone who hardly acknowledges his wrong; through out my lifetime I have never seen Femi apologize even if he feels sorry deep down.”

“But I am fed up sir, I am fed up with his attitude. He hardly sleeps at home, always complains and doesn’t even treat me like his wife. I never planned to say this but the last time Femi and I had sēx was about four months ago.”

Mr. Bayo was astonished but he tried to conceal his shock

“I am a woman, how does he expect me to cope, it is crystal clear that he has other ladies outside if not he wouldn’t even have the guts to m0lest my niece”

“I’m very sorry about what happened but you have to stand firm, don’t forget how you struggled with him to build your home. Remember when you first got married, when you both earned meagre salaries, remember how you struggled with him to make things better. Don’t let go of all your toiling because of his mistake, try your best to make the marriage work so you can enjoy the fruit of your labour. Do your best, pray and leave the rest for God; if after everything, things don’t work out then you can make your decision”

Mr. Bayo was right, his advice was exactly what I needed. He never lacked in giving giving good counsel.

“But I have a request for you”

“What is it” I asked curiously.

“Don’t let anyone know about this, so that his image won be rubbished”

“Sir I doubt if I can keep to this request o, I can’t believe we’re still talking about his reputation. If I was the one who did such a thing, my bride price would have been returned, the whole community would have heard about it and I would have been publicly disgraced. But now because it’s the man who is at fault and not the woman you want me to keep it a secret?”

“Jennifer you misunderstand things a lot, all I’m saying is you should give Femi time and you will see the changes”

“It’s okay, I will try. Thank you very much sir, I really appreciate your advice, God bless you” I said standing up about to leave.

“You’re welcome my dear, but you shouldn’t leave without having something; let me call Damini to get you a drink”

“Don’t bother yourself sir, that won’t be necessary” I said

“I would feel very bad if you leave just like that” he persuaded

“Okay sir, you can go ahead” I said in submission

Mr. Bayo stood up and went inside probably to call his son I guess. Few minutes later; I saw Damian come in with a bottle of yoghurt and a glass cup.

“Good afternoon ma” he greeted

“Damian, how are you”

“I’m fine ma”

“How is school”

“Fine, thank you ma” he said and dropped the drink on the glass table before me

“Ma please before you go I have something very important to share with you” he said moving his eyes around to see if anyone was nearby.


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