The Unfaithful Husband episode 17


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 17

Frank didn’t stop pleading with me to keep everything a secret. What he didn’t understand was that I already had my mind made up; I had already decided to expose every single thing that happened between me and Femi. I want the world know who he really is; let everyone know that their humble, kind and generous saint is actually a cruel, manipulative devil.

“Esther if my mom gets to know anything; she may divorce her marriage with my dad”

“Frank you won’t understand, you should try putting yourself in my shoes. You would definitely do same”

“I have just one question for you” Frank said.

“If you were my mom and you find out that your husband tried having s*xual affairs with your niece, will you remain in your marriage? Remember we’re not even talking about him trying to cheat outside the family; we’re talking about him trying to cheat with her sister’s daughter”

“I’m not in the right state of mind to answer such question” I told him

“You can’t give a reply, because even you will not remain married to him. I know things may have turned out sour but you gotta understand; right now I think you should just go to your room, rest your head and forget about everything that’s going on. Remember two wrongs can’t make a right; one damage has already been done, so please don’t do anything to escalate the situation”

Frank’s words kinda consoled me, he was right. What is the benefit of ruining my aunt’s marriage just because my escapades with Chidi were out in the open. I don’t see any gain in wrecking down the marriage of the same woman who is ready to cater for my education.

Disclosing what Femi has been doing is just like adding fuel to fire. It will be better for me to let the sleeping dogs lie. I went to my room to rest my head hoping to wake up and find out it’s just a dream.

Frank’s POV

The outcome of events this night have all been negative, my dad found out about Esther’s boyfriend and what’s even more dreadful is that my mom knows about it. I strongly refused Esther reporting anything to my mom. My mom is a very fragile and emotional person; she’d be torn into pieces if she hears about it.


My dad asked me to prepare dinner when usually Esther is the one in charge of cooking as long as my mom isn’t around. He asked her to forget about preparing or even eating dinner tonight.

“Will the food be ready soon?” My dad asked from the doorpost

“No, it’s not being too long since I put it on fire”

“You know what, just get the ingredients ready; I’ll take over the cooking from here”

A moment didn’t pass without my dad condemning and ridiculing Esther.

“As young as she is, her problem is to go about looking for who to sleep with. Someone my wife decided to help; children of nowadays how ungrateful”

He kept blabbing on and on as if Esther is the worst sinner on earth. What a hypocrite my dad is; he thinks I’m not aware of all he has being doing even in his place of work. With the way he spoke about Esther; anyone around will even take her to be a pr0stitute and there is no doubt he must have spoke about her the same way when talking to my mom.

Esther’s POV

I tried to recall how life used to be before I started living with my aunt, how my parents struggled to make ends meet. How no day could pass with us having a three-square meal. I remembered how my mum would come home late just because she was trying to sell enough goods to provide a meal for the next day; how my dad would come back home from the motor park; fatigued and worn out just because he was trying to earn enough money from his driving business.

My family wouldn’t have being suffering from abject poverty if their parents were able to further their education. They would have being graduates and even if they didn’t get good jobs they would have been able to work somewhere better than their current condition.

My parents; just like their own parents lack what it takes to train me through the university. Right from time, my siblings and I have all being attending government schools; and I’m sorry to say but you know how delapitated a government school can be. From the facilities to the quality of education; everything is just so appalling. But this was the most suitable learning environment for our financial situation.

The funny thing about it is the fact that even in a government school my parents still found it hard to pay for some bills like the termly examination fee. I have already adapted to this new sweet and rosy lifestyle at aunty Jenny’s home; a place where all the basic things you need for life are present, I have already adapted to this auspicious way of living and I didn’t want to let it go.

Where would I begin from if I eventually returned home, I can’t believe I just threw a golden opportunity away, just like that. I couldn’t concentrate on my thoughts because of Femi’s endless criticism, he kept ranting all over the house about how delinquent I am. He talked on and on and on; so loudly that even the neighbors may hear.

His words were getting to me, his insults severed my already injured heart; with every statement he made I was been pushed closer to the wall. I placed both hands on my head and tried to calm myself down; nothing seemed to be working, the more I tried the more anger I felt towards that beast- Femi.

I just wished I could strangle him and send him to helI. He lured me to have s*x with him and just because I refused; this was how he intended to pay me back. I couldn’t even concentrate anymore, his voice kept echoing in my head.

“Who knows if she hasn’t carried out an aborti.on before, who knows if she even has s3xually transmitted diseases. All these village girls that the whole community has tasted what is between their legs”

Each sentence was like a powerful sound wave, as they hit me I kept on losing my balance; I began to lose control of myself. Suddenly! Like a mighty rushing wind, I stormed out of my room to the sitting room where everyone was seated.

“What is it you want? you wh0re. If it’s food, then you better forget about it for tonight” he said very arrogantly.

“It’s all part of your punishment” Femi gave a sinister smile that betrayed all innocence.

“Femi, the world will know”

“Know what?… Wait! did you just call me by name”

“Yes I did. Just like you always asked me to whenever we went out”

“Went out? Are you alright?” Femi asked pretending to be confused.

“I am alright, Femi I am alright. Oh! So you want to pretend; you want to act like you have forgotten right? I am going to tell your wife everything; from A to Z”

“What nonsense are you talking about, will you leave this place before I lose my temper”

“Go ahead, lose your temper. Your wife must know about how you’ve been pestering me every now and then to have s3x with you”

Femi was more than astonished, he never thought I would have enough guts to expose him.

“Esther for the last time, I am warning you. Go to your room and stop blabbing nonsense where my kids are. In fact, all of you to your rooms, now! Including you- Frank”

His gaze focused on me as we were soon left alone.

“I will tell your wife everything, including how you almost r@ped me in the hotel, she must know” I said with so much bravery, I even pointed at him while I spoke.

“If you don’t keep your mouth shut now, you will forever regret knowing me” Femi said with an evil grin.

“Go ahead and do whatever you want to do, all I need from you is my phone. Give me my phone; let me call your wife and tell her every…”

Suddenly there was pandemonium and all hell broke loose. I felt a very broad and heavy hand land on my face repeatedly; the slaps were so heavy I lost my balance. I opened my eyes but the effect of the slap made the whole world blur around me; for a split second, I lost my sense of perception.

Normally I would become weak and lose all hope but I still don’t know where the guts and sudden unfailing strength came from.

“No matter what you do, I will reveal to everyone that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing; you are an evil man; Femi you begged me to have s3x with you on your matrimonial bed…on your matrimonial bed!”

“What is your evidence? What is your proof; you’re here blabbing up and down. You think you can frame me because I told my wife who you really are”

“Femi, you’re asking me where my proof is; Femi you’re asking me where my evidence is. After all the things you’ve done; I can’t believe this”
“You better go to your room now. Very shameless nonentity; so you resolved to lie against me and tarnish my image because I brought to light your naughty adventures, I pity you” Femi mocked

I walked away to my room; terribly embarrassed. Tears filled my eyelids, did Femi just accuse me of lyiing against him, after all he did. I was dumbfounded at his cunningness, no would believe me without an evidence. My aunt may think I’m just trying to cover up for myself.

Nevertheless, I was determined; to tell her everything.

Femi’s POV

Astonish is too small a word to describe how shocked I am. What gave Esther the audacity to talk to me in that manner up to the extent of threatening me, from the way she talked I’m very sure she hesitate opening up the truth if she got the chance. What sort of disaster is this? I asked myself.

What will people say if they hear it, I’m a man who is held with high esteem; at the workplace, the neighborhood and especially in the church. I’m at the verge of falling into disgrace because of this lowlife but the only saving hope I have is that no one will believe her.

I was thrown aback by the sound of my deafening ringtone; my wife was on the line and she wanted to speak with Esther. She wanted to ask her some questions about what happened.

I called Esther to the sitting room to come answer the call.

“My wife wants to speak with you, you better behave yourself and don’t say anything stupid or else…” I warned but she remained quiet.

Esther’s POV

I seriously needed my phone to call my aunt but Uncle Femi seized it from me; I would have met Frank but Femi remained in the sitting room preventing me from leaving. I lost all hope not until he called me to speak with aunt Jenny over the phone; this was my chance and I’ll definitely use it wisely.

He turned on the loud speaker and forced me to take the call in his presence.

“Hello, good evening ma”

“Good evening” she replied a bit coldly

“I am sure you know why I am calling”

“Yes ma, but please before you go on, I want to tell you something”

“What is it?” She asked over the line

Femi’s eyes widened as he glared at me fearfully

“It’s about your husband, ma I don’t know how this will sound to you but the truth is bitter. Ma your husband has been begging me to…”

Femi immediately dragged the phone from me and ended the call

“I warned you but you wouldn’t listen, better pack whatever you want to pack, you are leaving this house; this night!” Femi said with terror.

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