The Unfaithful Husband episode 13


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 13

Femi’s POV

I couldn’t sleep comfortably last night. Flashes of my discussion with Jacob kept coming to me, there was absolutely nothing I could do to save myself. It was all in God’s hands; if I lose my job I’ll lose everything. I don’t even have enough savings to start up any business; my life would be as good as ruined. No! This can’t happen, I won’t allow it; it’s like the so-called Samantha is longing for premature death I said smirking.

Indeed bad news spread like wildfire; it didn’t take more than 24 hours for the scandal to spread round the university. Even the local news paper were not left out on the fun.

The headline read boldly in caps.


So just like that everything had gone viral, what explanation would he give to his family, the panel and even those who looked up to him. It had become an open secret.

When I got to my office, I was seriously worried. I sat on my chair and began imagining the devastating consequences that would befall me if I’m eventually caught; it would be a great tragedy.

I was deep in thoughts when the ringing sound of my phone jolted me back to reality. My wife was the one on phone, I picked up

“Hello honey good morning” she said

“Morning” I said in a very gloomy voice.

“Is anything the matter” my wife inquired.

“No” I said still very down cast.

“Did you hear what happened to your friend — Jacob, I heard a former student of the university accused him of forcing her into having s*xual escapades with him”

“How did you get to know about it?” I asked curiously.

“The issue has been trending all over social media, that’s not why I called Femi I’ve being expecting your call since I travelled; you couldn’t even call to ask if I’ve arrived Imo state”

“My dear, I’m very sorry. It’s just that a lot of things have being on my mind lately” I told her.

“Femi, you sound like something is bothering you; what is it?” my wife asked.

“It’s this Jacob’s issue; I’m just worried about my job”

“Why should you?” Jennifer asked

“If they want to met out any form of punishment it is supposed to go to him and not you. After all you weren’t there when he was carrying out such wickedness”

“Jenny you won’t understand”

“Understand what?” She questioned suspiciously.

“Or is there something you are not telling me”

“No, I’m just worried about Jacob; you know he is a very close friend of mine. How would he be able to cater for his family” I said trying to clear my wife’s skepticism.

“You’re right, but if really the accusations are true; then I think he deserves some level of punishment. What he did is pure evil”

“Hmm… that’s your opinion.”

“I’ll call you later; I’m quite busy. Do have a nice day”

“Yeah…you too” I said and hung up the call.

Frank’s POV

One day after my mom travelled and my dad was yet to make any passes at Esther. Was the devil actually telling the truth? could it be that his apologies were truly sincere and he was regretting his actions.

This was certainly more than a miracle. My younger ones were at school; Esther and I were the only ones at home, I was in the sitting room watching a movie while Esther was about leaving for work.

“You’re late today” I said to Esther who was seriously packing up her things to leave for work.

“Yes, I didn’t wake up on time” she replied.

“How’s the work going?”

“Stressful” she said “tailoring is very stressful; not as easy as you think”

“Really?” I asked m


“I wanted to ask you something, about my dad”

“Ok; you can go on but you have to be fast about it” she spurred.

“It’s not as if I don’t trust you or something; I just wanted to be sure. Are you saying my dad no longer disturbs you” I asked.

“Frank how many times do I have to tell you, he came to beg for my forgiveness for all he did. Isn’t that enough to show that he no longer has any evil intention towards me”

“Hmm” I sighed.

“If you say so… no problem I just hope it’s not pretence”

“Yea, I hope so too” Esther said.

“Have a nice day” I told her as she dashed out of the house.

Esther’s POV

The loud piercing sound of my phone ringtone broke the serenity that filled my workplace. I forgot to put my phone on vibration mode due to the hurry. Everyone’s attention was now diverted to the funny ringtone of my Nokia handset. I quickly muted the call and switched my phone to vibration mode because my madam was very strict about answering calls at work.

After a few seconds, another call came in

The vibration beat softly against my palm, who was this person that won’t let me rest. I took a quick glance at my phone screen and saw that Chidi was the one calling. Oh! How eager I was to answer his call, I was forced to ignore it and wait till work was over for the day.

As soon as I closed from work; the first thing I did was to dial my boyfriend’s number.

“Hello babe, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to pick your calls; I was at work”

“It’s fine; I’ve missed you so much” Chidi said passionately

“I’ve missed you more” I said

“I just wish I could see you”

“Actually you can”

“What do you mean?” I asked confusedly

“That’s why I call was calling you. I came to town to spend a few weeks with my elder bro. And guess what?”

“What?” I asked.

“He also lives in Jentown”

“Are you serious” I said with joy.

“Yes my love, that means we can now get to see each other” he said gladly

“Wow, where exactly is his house? are you there now? can I come see you today?”

“Yes, anytime you’re free. I’ll send you the address now and please one question at a time”

“Na you sabi; just send me the address I’m already on my way” I said letting out a joyous laughter.


In few minutes time, Chidi sent me the address to his brother’s house. I was stunned to find out that his brother lived not too far away from my aunt’s building. It felt more than sheer coincidence to me; I just felt that fate wanted us to be together. The universe had it all planned out m

I quickly dressed up, packed my hair, put on some perfume and ensured I was looking my best. I hung my lesson bag and told Frank I was leaving for evening lessons. It was the only way I could sneak out to meet my boyfriend.


It wasn’t hard for me to locate the place. I got to a flatmate with different rooms; I knocked on the metal door to the second one just as Chidi described in the text. As the handle moved open- I saw my boyfriend for the first time in two months, I ran as swift as Usain Bolt and dived on him. He reciprocated by holding me tight to himself.

“I’ve missed you so much” he said

“Wow… I never thought I would be able to see you anytime soon, I’m overwhelmed to finally hold you in my arms”

“Yea… nothing can separate us not even distance” I said.

Femi still holding me in his arms took me inside and left me on the couch. It was a one bedroom apartment not very spacious but big enough for someone to comfortably live in. I had never seen Chidi’s brother but he had told me a lot about him.

They said he was a very industrious person who always tried to maximize the little he hard. From all indications; he was a hardworking person.

Chidi went into the kitchen and came back with a glass cup and a bottle of Maltina

He poured it into the glass and gave me to drink.

“How has everything being” he asked

“All good” I said taking a sip from the cup.

“What about your uncle who you said has been disturbing you”

“Everything is okay now, he seems to have come back to his senses.”

“He’s lucky he did or else”

“Or else what” I said laughing.

“You need to calm down” I smiled.

“Forget your uncle I’ve really missed your lips” Chidi said staring at my face.

“You’re such a naughty boy” I giggled.

“Do you want to see how naughty I can be” he said biting his lips.

“C’mon I haven’t even finished the drink”

He cared less and bent his forward; when our lips met it was like time stood still, the rest of the world blurred around me. I returned the favor by moving closer to him and placing my hands in his.

Chidi started biting my lips and using his tongue to draw circles round my tongue. He gave me a flirty eye look and moved his hand down to my @ss cheeks, Chidi was a very passionate k!sser; my knees went weak and my whole body became limp. There was this rush of dopamine and oxytocin in my system; I was literally on cloud nine!

The next few minutes became intense; what was a mere kiss began developing into something wilder. I fell on the bed as Chidi slowly pushed me backwards. With the level of pleasure I was feeling at the moment I didn’t mind losing my virginit;y right there. Besides, it was with someone I cherished.

I lost control of myself and my hormones took over me; our bodies pressed together heatedly against the bed, I breathed heavily as our lips pressed together. I could taste our shared breath, feel the thud of our combined heartbeat as we fumbled to take off one another’s clothes.

First his shirt and then mine; the only covering preventing my b00bs was the pink br@ I was putting on. Slowly, Chidi unbuckled my br# and carefully took them off my chest exposing my firm b00bs.

His eyes were filled with unspoken love as he tentatively he placed his hand on my left br*ast, and began sucking my ***** one after the other.

I was overwhelmed with excitement and s*xual pleasure; I prepared my mind for whatever that would happen. I even gave him the go ahead; I tried moving his head lower but he kept it stiff. Taking his time with whatever action he was taking.

The pressure was too much, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Chidi, let’s do it; I am ready” I said desperately.

“We can do every other freaking thing in the world but as for s*x — it is off limits; till our wedding night” Chidi said dropping a tender passionate k!ss on my lips.

He then started using his tongue to lick my chest down to my waist. My laps were visibly shaking and my whole body ached for his touch.

He paused looked at me and smiled; what next? Chidi lowered his head down to my **** and began ****


We were best friends right from childhood, we knew and understood each other to the core. Even at a tender age, we joked about getting married; three years of formal relationship and he had never had s*x with me. He keeps hoping that he would get to carry out the honors on our wedding night.


We laid face up on the bed in each other’s arms.

“I should get going” I said.

“I don’t want to stir suspicions”

“It’s alright, put on your top and put yourself together. I don’t want my big bro to meet us like this”

As I checked the time, I realized I was supposed to be back home by now. It turned out what seemed like thirty minutes in fantasy land was actually more than two hours in reality. I quickly dressed up, hung my lesson bag and hurried to take my leave.

“Won’t you at least give me a peck before you leave; when I don’t even know when next I’ll see you” Chidi said.

I hastily walked up to the bed and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

“Chidi, I need to leave as soon as possible… We’ll see again anytime soon”

“I love you” he said.

I couldn’t even give a reply as I raced towards the door . As soon as I opened it; I saw a tall light skinned young man who I guessed should be in his late twenties. He looked a lot like Chidi.

“Good evening” I said as I hurriedly walked passed avoiding eye contact.

Femi’s POV

As I got to work, I wasn’t surprised to see the office block scanty; most workers must have probably gone to the council hall for Jacob’s meeting with the panel. I went straight to my office; opened the door and sank into the wooden chair behind the desk.

Knock knock came the sound from behind the door

“Yes, you may come in”

Lawal who was newly promoted to be a senior lecturer walked in.

“Good afternoon sir” he greeted.

“Good afternoon, you may have your seat” I responded kindly

“Don’t bother yourself sir. I won’t take much of your time” Lawal replied

“Were you at the council hall? How did it go” I asked

“Yes, that’s even where I’m coming from. The lady who laid the accusations brought very incriminating evidence against Mr. Jacob; she had sound records, chats, hotel receipts and a lots of other very inculcating materials. Jacob really broke his boundaries, I mean he really deserves thorough punishment don’t you think?” He said staring at me

“Yeah… yeah” I said

“We all know student-teacher relationships are strongly prohibited in this institution yet Jacob – a high ranking senior lecturer went ahead to break the work ethics; and to think that he even did it forcefully is very appalling” Lawal said slightly irritated.

“My honest prayer is that everyone who has been intimidating students will be brought to book”

“Amen” I concurred so it seems m as if I wasn’t in support.

“Meanwhile I actually came to inform you that your presence is also needed before the disciplinary council”

“How?… Why?… What for” I stuttered.

“You’ll find out yourself, they have some questions to ask you” Jacob said giving me a fierce look as he left my office.


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