The Unfaithful Husband episode 30

Written by Henry Zibima
Episode 30

Jennifer’s POV

I didn’t even know what step to take; if I was to let my family know or just stay for the night then leave the house later. Even if I pack my things away from my husband’s house; I didn’t even have where to go; no relations nearby and sleeping in a hotel would just sound very cowardly.

Nevertheless, as I arrived home; I began packing my things. Arranging my clothes, shoes, bags and many other clothing accessories. I began putting my belongings in the house together but they were too much. So I decided to leave packing for another day; with the number of things I own in the house, packing may even take up to a week or more. But I promised myself to keep my distance from Femi.


I spoke nothing about what happened to anyone. Dinner was ready; I had not tasted any good food since the morning time except for the snacks at the party. My belly rumbled, and I felt very dizzy. I went to the dining and was welcomed by the enchanting aroma of Esther’s meal. I finished the entire plate of food; I ate to my satisfaction even took a second plate. I carried out my usual activities as I normally do, I didn’t want anyone to notice that I wasn’t stable emotionally; especially my son.

As I got into my bedroom, the first thing I did was to pick up my phone. I wanted to inform my people that my marriage with Femi had come to an end and I’ll soon be filing for a divorce. After unlocking my device, I noticed I had received two missed calls from Esther’s madam at the tailoring shop. The call must have come in when I went to eat dinner.

With all the events taking place; Esther had not been able to go to work for weeks, yet it didn’t cross my heart to inform the lady that something came up.

“Hello, good evening ma” I greeted over the phone.

“Good evening Mrs.Jennifer”

“I won’t be referred to as Mrs anymore” I said in a low voice.

“Sorry ma, I didn’t quite get what you said” Madam Patrica said.

“I… I wasn’t referring to you”

“Oh, ok. Ma I called because of Esther; I’ve not seen her at work for weeks now and I’ve not even heard from her. Her line is always switched off whenever I call, hope all is well.”

“Yes, all is well. It’s just that something came up; it’s still on ground for now and Esther can’t resume until it’s settled. I’m very sorry that we weren’t able to inform you, please don’t be offended”

“It’s nothing ma, I understand. I only wanted to make sure everything is okay”

“Yea…yea. Everything is okay, thanks for your concern”

“You’re welcome… always.”

“Okay, good night”

As soon as the call was over, I immediately dialed my elder brother’s line – the reason I picked up my phone in the first place.

“Hello sis, how are you?”

“I’m fine”

“Okay, that’s good. Hope there is no problem?”

“Actually, there is. I just wanted to inform you before I make my decision. I’ll be filing for a divorce before this week runs out”

“Ah ah, is it because of the picture I sent to you?”

“Not really, don’t bother yourself about what happened. I just wanted to let you know, since you’re the only sibling that is aware of what has been going on. Just help me inform mama that I’ll be going separate ways with my husband, I don’t want to call her; I’m avoiding her questions.”

“Hmm, don’t you feel you’re a bit hasty about your decisions” he asked.

“If you know what happened today, you wouldn’t even let me sleep at his house”

“It’s alright, marriage isn’t a do or die something. Just take care of yourself, I’ll speak with you later” he said and ended the call.


I lay on my bed; looking up at the ceiling, wondering how things turned sour. This was not my plan when I got married; this wasn’t what I dreamed of. I never pictured such terrible events in my marriage. I thought I had gotten married to the ideal man, always imagining how rosy my marriage would be, I never intended to end it halfway. I always imagined how Femi and I would grow old together but right now what seems like the right thing to do is actually the most painful decision.

I lay on my bed for close to an hour but sleep refused knocking on my door. I kept on recalling; the times I and Femi spent together; the moments we shared. How we would hold each other’s hands in the public and play gleefully like little children in the closet, all the times he would take me out on a date; how he would feed me and ask that I fed him too. Femi was a perfect man; not until he got promoted at his workplace.

Even as I looked up the ceiling, all I could see was Femi and I together. I remembered our first kiss; we were still very young then; in the peak of our adolescence. Femi held me close to himself; his hand in my hair, my hands clenching tightly against his back. I was on my toes because he was taller than I was. I remember our lips coming together; cushioning themselves against the friction. His lips were soft and sugary; and he worked his youthful magic on me. It remained the best kiss of my life till date.

Divorcing my marriage with Femi began to seem harder than I thought. I let my eyes close and hot tears like the sun’s rays dropped from my eyes and crept down my cheek. Despite all Femi had done, I knew deep down; that I still loved him.


The next day

I woke up, to the bright light coming in from my window. My eyelids felt heavy and my back hurt from the posture with which I slept. I wanted to get up and start my day but I felt very exhausted and I just wanted to lay back and continue sleeping.q Instinctively, I turned to the side but Femi wasn’t there. It was either he slept in the guest room or he still went ahead to meet Sonia.

I gave a big yawn, stretched my body and came down from the bed. When I came downstairs, I realized everyone was already awake. Frank had a taken my little ones to school and Esther was preparing breakfast. What a hard-working girl, I thought. It’s a shame she has to go.

“Good morning ma” Esther said

“Good morning, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma” she replied.

“Did my husband come back home last night?”


So after everything Femi did, he had the guts to still sleep at that girl’s place. I said with disgust.


It was already past two, still Femi refused to come back home. What sort of man is this, I soliloquised, has he no atom of shame? I sat in the sitting room waiting patiently for Ijeoma who said she had something very important to share with me. I insisted she told me over the phone but she objected; according to her “it isn’t a phone issue.”


Musa led Ijeoma inside, I had already informed him that I was expecting her.

“Good afternoon Jennifer”

“Good afternoon my dear, please have a seat”

“Thank you” she said.

“To what do I owe this visit, I mean; what could be so important that you didn’t want to talk about it on the phone”

“Jennifer I have a confession to make to you”

“What do you mean confession” I asked very perplexed.

“Jennifer please, I want you to promise me that you’ll not hold grudges against me after what I’m about telling you”

“Huhh” I sighed “I don’t understand the drama you’re acting o”

“Jennifer, please just promise me” she said with remorsefulness in her eyes. What could she have done, I wondered.

“Fine, I promise. Just go ahead with what you want to say”

“I don’t even know where to start from”

“Start somewhere” I encouraged, the suspense was killing me.

“You know… Sonia, right?”

“Of course, that stupid girl”

“Well… Yea, she’s…my sister’s daughter.”

“Your sister’s daughter?” I was so surprised that Ijeoma was so close to my enemy but I didn’t see it as anything big a deal. “Is that the confession” i asked.

“Yes, but not fully”

“Go on then”

“She is from a struggling home; the family struggled to make ends meet and her father is late already”

“So how does that affect me?” I asked very puzzled.

“I supported them…to make sure Sonia’s relationship with your husband continues.”

“You did what??” I shouted standing up from the couch “I don’t understand… so you are the one behind my problems; and I took you as a friend?!”

“Jennifer, it’s not like that. I never knew it was your husband she was dating”

“What do you even mean by that statement? I can’t believe I’ve been keeping the devil as a friend all these while”

“No now, how will you call me a devil”

“Ijeoma, to think that I even came to you for advice and told you what was going on in my home even baffles me”

“Jennifer please I’m sorry, I never knew it was your husband”

I folded my hands in shock and stared into thin air. So Ijeoma was the reason behind all these emotional pains I’ve being passing through, I was dumbfounded.

“And right now, I will advise you to meet maybe your pastor to pray for your husband”

“Why??” I asked furiously

“I…I told my sister to use charms on him… so that he won’t hesitate to fulfill any demands they gave to him.”

“Jesus” I shouted “Ijeoma, how could you of all person be so wicked”

“I’m sorry, I never meant it” Ijeoma begged

“So you now encourage fetish things, GOD FORBID” I said, turning me hands over my head and snapping my fingers in the air.

“Ijeoma, you scattered my home. Chai, you have to leave my house now”

“But Jennifer you promised”

“Ijeoma, promises are meant to be broken. Please leave my house right this moment”

“Jennifer, you can’t just throw me out na; we’ve being friends for a long time now”

“That friendship between you and I is broken, I can’t be friends with a witch. Ijeoma leave my house” I shouted at the top of my voice, Esther and Frank were had already come down to see what was happening.

“Jennifer, you’re causing a scene”

“I will even do more if you don’t start leaving”

“It’s okay, I will take my leave now but I want you to forgive me”

“Ijeoma leave!!” I said pointing at the door

“I’m leaving” she carried her hand bag and sluggishly walked out of my house. I accompanied her to make sure she left my compound. As soon as she left the gate, I gave Musa a strict warning to never let Ijeoma into my house again.

Femi’s POV

I was awoken from sleep with a slap, I slowly opened my eyes to see a young man standing in front of me. The place was very dark and I could barely see. I was tied to a chair, and my stomach ached. I felt a sharp pain on my thigh

“Femi Olamilekan” the man said slapping me a second time. My head was bent and stared into the ground.

“Look at me when I am talking to you” he said raising my head up to his face. I then realized; there were other men inside; all with masks, armed with guns.

“Do you remember me?” He asked bringing his face very close to mine. I had no idea who he was so I just kept silent.

“I asked you a question” he thundered landing a blow on my head. Blood oozed out and dropped to the ground, I looked at him but my brain was too fatigued to recognize him.

“You know Sonia, right?” I nodded my head in the positive.

“Of course you do. Now I want to sound a strict warning to you, if you love to live then you better stay away from her, she belongs to me!” He said beating his chest furiously

“No, no… that can’t be.” I said weakly. I didn’t find anything amusing but he burst out in laughter.

“You see, Sonia exploited you, used you; to enrich herself; to enrich me. We’ve bought lands, built houses over the years of your relationship with her. I was okay with it because of the money I received but when I found out you too had plans to get married, I saw that if I don’t take things into my own hands I may end up losing Sonia”

“That’s a lie” I said confidently “Sonia would never do such a thing” He immediately broke out into another round of laughter.

“You’re one hell of a clown. Wasini, march my phone come” one of the guys immediately handed a phone to him. He opened the phone, clicked on his images and began showing me pictures; of him and Sonia together. Pictures of them kissing, cuddling and even a short nude video, he said she sent to him.

“I remember you now” I said “you are the one I saw that day at Sonia’s apartment”

“Of course, you see; we’ve really enjoyed your money. I mean; even the the guys I hired to get you were paid with YOUR money” he said and gave a mocking laugh.

That was when it dawned on me that the Sonia I loved and hoped to get married to only used me for a fool.

“Scorpion, make una teach this guy lesson so that next time, him no go near my babe” the young man said and left me with the hefty looking men in the room.

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