The Unfaithful Husband episode 6

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 6
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“Biggest mistake of whose life?” was the next thing we heard. We were awestricken as we shifted our gaze towards the door and behold it was aunty Jennifer.

Esther’s POV

I was visibly shaking as my aunt’s voice pierced through my heart. Frank caused all this, if he had just listened to me and behaved a little mature we wouldn’t be in this mess.

The best I could do at this moment was to just hope and pray that aunt Jennifer had not been listening to our conversation the whole time.

“What were you both talking about? Frank what will be the biggest mistake of her life?” Aunt Jenny questioned.

Tension filled the air as every one kept mute.

“I’m I not talking to human beings” aunt Jennifer said raising her voice.

“We…we…we were discussing our future ambitions when Esther suggested taking up singing as a career, that was why I told her it would be the biggest mistake of her life because she has a terrible voice” Frank said

“Huhh” I sighed within myself. I was very much relieved, a huge part of me felt he would tell his mum everything so I was very surprised when he covered up for me.

“Is that so?” she asked in a doubtful manner.

“Yes” we chorused

“Well, that’s not why I’m here… Esther here’s ₦3000, it should be enough to make your hair. So please do that tommorow”

“Thank you ma, thank you very much”

“You’re welcome” aunt Jenny said as she left us.

I immediately shifted my gaze to Frank who was staring at the floor

“Thank you for covering up for me” I said in a sober and childish tone.

“Umm… I’m sorry…for the way I talked to you earlier. I was acting based on the anger I felt at that time and I just wanted you to be careful around my dad”

“It’s okay, I’m very sorry too for going to the restaurant with your dad. But you don’t have to be worried about me, in a few months time I’ll be twenty. So I know how to take care of myself.”

“Esther, it seems like you still don’t get me, my dad is ready to have s*x with any available lady. And whenever he wants someone he can do anything to have that person.

Even at the University where he works, he is ready to undo any female student just to taste what’s between their legs even if it means failing them on purpose!”

“Hmm… that’s serious. I’ll try my best to be extra careful with him”

“You better be” Frank said in a rather caring voice as he walked out of my room”

The next morning

I was woken up from sleep by the usual buzzing of my 5am alarm. I managed to reach my phone and put it off. I still felt very sleepy.

Just then a message notification popped up on my Nokia handset. It was an old model of Nokia. A very cheap but strong phone. I had used it for close to five years but it was still alright.
I continued smiling till I was done reading the message. It was from my boyfriend— Chidi. He was very fond of sending me romantic messages in the morning. But the messages he sent today were different, he sent s*xy messages about how long he had missed my b**bs and my p*ssy. Chidi was always very naughty, so I wasn’t very surprised.

He kept talking about how he couldn’t wait to see me and feel himself inside me. Anyone reading the message would probably feel I had had s*x a lot of times but reverse was the case.

I have never tasted s*x, although there were instances where I almost lost my virgin!ty I had no idea what s*x felt like.

This was the reason I was confident nothing would happen between me and Frank’s dad. I never fancied keeping my virginity this long but it just happened and losing it to a man old enough to be my dad wasn’t the way I wanted it to end.

I wanted it to be an amazing unforgettable experience with someone

Later that day
Uncle Femi was back. I could hear the revving of his car from outside the compound. I avoided him like a plague through out the day. The only time we spoke to each other was when I greeted him.

He later went out that afternoon. I earlier overheard him on the phone speaking to someone. It sounded like he had an appointment that would fetch him a lot money.

Everyone was at home including aunty Jenny.

Uncle Femi walked him smiling seriously with some nylon bags and an envelope.

Aunty Jennifer was in the sitting room,

“welcome honey” she said

“Thank you” Femi replied as he gave her the envelope in his hand signalling her to read it.

She screamed joyously,it must be very good news I thought to myself.

“Where is Esther, where are the kids. Call them let’s celebrate” uncle Femi gave a blissful laugh as he brought out some drinks and plates of food from the bags he was holding.

Everyone came out see what the merry was all about.

“Drink everyone, daddy has just made more money” Uncle Femi said laughing joyously

It was an awesome night, we enjoyed ourselves and ate to satisfaction.

I can’t remember the last time I ate this much food, I was absolutely overstuffed.

Once we were finished I packed the plates and carried them to the kitchen.

As I walked I noticed someone was following me.

And then I turned back, lo and behold it was Uncle Femi. I was frightened at his sight

“Jesus…sir you scared me” I said

“I’m sorry my dear, I never meant to scare you. I just wanted to check up on you”

“So how was your day?” He asked

“Fine,thank you sir”

“Ok that’s good. You see; I just wanted to let you know that if there is anything you need I mean anything at all within my capacity you should do well to let me know, ok?”

“Ok sir but you don’t need to bother yourself, I don’t have any pressing needs”

“Are you sure, what about your phone? Don’t you think you need a new one?” He questioned

“Hmm… I guess I do, I’m tired of my phone and I’ll be very delighted if you can get me a new one. My phone is very old and it even started malfunctioning of recent. I will be more than happy if you can get me a new phone sir”

“It’s alright then…” he said

“Thank you very much sir… I’m grateful”

I was overwhelmed with joy until he spoke again.

“I can get you any model of phone you want as long as you do what I tell you…”


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