The Unfaithful Husband episode 2


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 2

Esther narrates

I still couldn’t stop thinking about what ensued between me and my aunt’s husband the previous night…I could only wonder if he really meant his actions or maybe he was under the influence of alcohol.

It was the next morning and as usual I woke up early to start my chores;:I had done the dishes,swept the house,and even prepared breakfast.

I had already prepared Solomon and Divine for school.

Aunt Jennifer would be leaving very early for work today so I had to be fast as possible.
After about an hour, my aunt had woken up from her sleep.

She asked her first son — Frank who was already done with secondary school to call for me.

“My mum said you should meet her IMMEDIATELY” he said in an urgent tone.

His sentence frightened me
Why would she ask me to meet her immediately??
What could the problem be?

I kept thinking when I suddenly remembered what occurred between her husband and I the previous night.

Could she have found out?
How did she get to know about it?
My adrenaline began pumping uncontrollably.
Chai…I’m finished

I don’t want to go back to that life of poverty.

Just this one chance I was given and I messed up.

I walked like a snail as I slowly dragged my legs to the sitting room. My aunt was seated on the couch.

I became very uncomposed as the throbbing of my heart increased.

“Esther” she said drawing my attention

“I don’t want you to be at home all day doing nothing, so I decided you should learn a skill”

I was relieved finally hearing her speak.

“I’ve registered a one year tailoring program for you with the tailoring shop in the next street… the lady who owns the place is the tailor I give my clothes to. She’s very good at what she does.

So, definitely when you learn from her you’ll be very good at tailoring and maybe even better than she is”

Oh my goodness…this was unbelievable, I was as happy as someone who just won a lottery.

Wow my aunt must be a very kindhearted person.

After promising to further my education, she still thought it wise for me to learn a skill.

I was amazed because such people are rare

Having any séx.ual affairs with her husband would be a very wicked and cruel act, something I can never do

But how certain was I……

Frank’s POV

Since I wrote my JAMB exams, I have being at home almost everyday.
The chores at home had become too much on me so I pressured my mom to get a househelp;to assist us.

My mom came back home one evening with one of my cousins.

She said her name was “Esther”

I couldn’t recognize her anymore…
Last we met was about nine years ago during a burial ceremony in the village.

Esther was a very hard-working and well mannered beautiful young lady, but I had begun to notice this closeness, this bond between my dad and her.

I always knew my dad to be very promiscuous.

He was never a faithful husband, matters became even worse when he became a lecturer!

He would try to have an affair with any beautiful lady he sees during classes…and my mom never knew about it.
I was aware of most of his promiscuous deeds. I would always eavesdrop on his calls

And when I became suspicious, I took it to my heart to find out his phone password.

Luckily I succeeded but the messages I saw on his phone that day were terrible, I can never forget and I won’t want my mom to know about it because it would leave her completely broken

So I had to keep all these secrets to myself.

My dad was a typical hypocrite
at work, in the environment, and even in the church
Everyone knew him as a saint… but he was far from it.

I had started getting worried, I just hoped he had not brought his indiscriminate sëxual attitude into the home…but I was absolutely wrong

Esther’s POV

I greeted uncle Femi and he answered in his usual friendly manner as if nothing ever happened.

I was quite happy that it was over.

But my relief was cut short when uncle Femi started complaining of back ache and body pains.

Surprisingly, he asked me to come massage his back massage his back in his room. He continued bleating about how he had being feeling body pains since yesterday.

I needed to decline his request but how do I go about it, how would it sound if my aunt hears I disobeyed her husband. Besides it was just a simple massage

So grudgingly I knocked on his room door.

“come in” Femi replied with excitement visibly written all over his voice.

I opened the door and entered only to see Uncle Femi lieing on the bed almost unclad with a short pair of boxers…

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