The Unfaithful Husband episode 11

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 11

Esther’s POV

I kept staring at the mirror as I sat on the floor. Tears flooded my eyes when I saw my reflection. My hair was scattered and my dress thoroughly messed up.

My face now looked very pale due to the excessive crying, how did I get to this point? I asked myself.

Uncle Femi kept pleading with me to come out of the bathroom but I gave deaf ears to his pleas. I had sat down on the ground for close to thirty minutes now; as I recalled everything that happened I buried my head between my legs and continued shedding tears.

I needed to leave soonest and I already knew what step I was going to take.

“Esther I’ve apologized; please you’re taking this too far. My wife may start getting worried” he said.

“You can’t blame me, it was because of your actions I had the courage to do this. I thought you were okay with it and I expected you to reciprocate the love I had for you. But now that things have gone sour I’m begging you to forgive me in any way I may have hurt you” he pleaded.

He expected a response from me but he didn’t get any. I remained mute like a stone.

As I looked through the door I noticed uncle Femi was no more paying attention, he seemed to be searching for something in the drawer.

Instantaneously in a quick reflex; I got up from the floor; opened the bathroom door and raced for the door to the room. I didn’t mind the fact that I was leaving my phone and transport fare behind, the only agenda I had was to leave the room.

As I ran, he soon realized what was going on. I had already gotten to the door and was just about opening it when uncle Femi held me from behind.
. .
. .
. .

I turned my head to face his, I fearfully waited for whatever action he wanted to take.

“Esther please it would be very bad for you to leave like this, what would my wife say when she sees you. Aside from that, there are even CCTV cameras in the building. A lot of people will see you on your way out, please I don’t want them asking questions. Before you leave, just go to the bathroom; wash my your face, arrange your dress and put your hair in order please I beg you; just do that for me. And I also want you to forgive me for what I did, please I’m very sorry”

I looked at his face; his apology looked very genuine. He let go of my hands and went to sit on the bed. I considered what he said but I was definitely going to tell his wife what happened. I grabbed my phone; headed straight to the bathroom and thoroughly washed my face. Then I put my gown in order and glanced at the mirror; my appearance was better than before but my eyes were still looking swollen.

As I stepped out of the bathroom, uncle Femi gave me a five hundred naira note to pay my transport fare. I collected it without saying any word to him.

“Please before you leave I want you to promise me just one thing”

“Please I want everything that happened here to be kept secret between you and me. Please let no one know about it; especially my wife.” He said seriously pleading.

“I don’t think I can keep what happened here today to myself and if your wife starts questioning me too much I might tell her everything” I said.

“Please don’t, I beg you; for the sake of my children” Femi said

I didn’t reply him, I just opened the door and walked out of the hotel room.

I was filled with relief as soon as I got out of the hotel. I couldn’t believe that I was able to finally leave without having s*x with Femi. I couldn’t stop thanking God for preserving my virg!nitฦด.

On my way back I tried thinking of what excuse to give to my aunt but I couldn’t come up with anything till I got back home. As I entered the house, the first person I met was her.

“Esther what happened? Why did it take you so long to come back and why did you refuse to take my calls” Aunt Jenny queried.

“Ermm… I… I was waiting for uncle, he…he… he said he was going to get something so I waited for him but.. he took very long to get back” I said stuttering through out my sentences.

“Hmm” my aunt sighed as if in disbelief.

“What is wrong with you?” She asked as she noticed how red and puffy my eyes were.

“Why are your eyes looking like that?” She asked

“Umm… I’ve being feeling head ache since I left the house” I replied

“Why won’t you?” She said.

“When you left the house without eating, please quickly go and get something to eat, then you take paracetamol tablets. I don’t want anyone to fall ill.” She said.

I immediately left her presence to avoid anymore questions.

Frank’s POV

As I heard voices in the sitting room I realized that Esther was back, I immediately left my room to listen to what was happening.

I heard my mom ask her what caused the delay and from her response I just knew she was lieing. I needed to hear from her myself.

As they were done talking, I quickly intercepted Esther as she was about entering her room. I noticed her eyes, they were swollen. It was like someone who had been crying all day long.

“What happened?” I asked in a stiff manner but she didn’t reply.

“What happened to you” I questioned once more.

“I hope you didn’t go to the hotel?” I asked

“I did” she finally spoke up.

“Why did you go there na, hope nothing happened?” I asked now looking tensed.

“He…he tried to r@pe me” she said childishly.

“JESUS!” I heard myself scream.

“Please lower your voice”

“Lower my voice? for what! I hope he didn’t succeed” I said, my curiosity was now at it’s peak.

“No, he almost but he didn’t”

“Hmm” I gave a big sigh of relief.

“Thank God o” I said.

“But you shouldn’t have gone there in the first place na; I expected you to know that going there is just like surrendering yourself to him. You should have maybe given him the so-called document outside or even go somewhere else”

“I was hoping to continue hiding this his little secret for the sake of the family but it is beginning to eat deep into my flesh. We are going to tell my mom everything! Everything that has been happening from day one till date” I said courageously.

I had made up my mind and nothing was going to make me turn back.

“No, please let’s not do that. He…”

“Why??” I quickly interrupted.

“He has begged for my forgiveness and he begged me not to tell your mom”

“No! That can’t happen o, she must know everything” I said.

“Please I think he has gotten his senses, at least for my sake. Do you think your mom will allow me to continue living with her if she finds out. No! She won’t, no one would.”

“So I’m begging you; at least just for my sake; for the sake of my family and my future pleease don’t let her know about anything, please”

I was beginning to feel emphatic and sober towards her. She was right, my mom would never allow Esther to continue living with us if she found out. This was a tough decision to take, I was in between the devil and the Red Sea.

After much consideration; I decided to let it go. I didn’t want to be the reason why someone’s education and future will be ruined.

I just left and went to my room.
I was seriously operating my phone when I heard the loud honk of my dad’s car. I left my room with urgency so that I’ll be able to hear what he had to say to my mom.

She was still in the sitting room when he entered.

“Honey good afternoon” she greeted.

“Good afternoon my lovely wife” he responded.

I knew very well that he was just trying to buy her heart with his words.

“Why did you keep Esther there for long, she had not even eaten before she left the house.”

“My dear I’m very sorry” I heard my dad say.

“I thought I would be able to leave on time so I asked her to wait for me so we could come back together and save transport. But as I saw that I wouldn’t finish what I was doing early I asked her to start coming home”

“But that isn’t what she told me, she said that you asked her to wait while you went to get something”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying na, I went to get some thing I will need for the project I’m carrying out but when I saw that time was no more on my side I asked her to come home”

“I’m still very confused here” my mum said. She was beginning to feel that something was off as both Esther and my dad gave different excuses.

“Femi I don’t really understand what you’re saying” she said.

“See just forget about that matter and give me food to eat, my belly has been rumbling ever since”

My dad was playing smart by quickly changing the discussion. He had successfully hidden the truth from being exposed

So this was how another one of his evil acts will pass by going unnoticed by mom. Anyhow it goes, the truth would definitely be exposed in the course of time.

Femi’s POV

I almost got into trouble today because of that girls childishness. So that is how she would have tarnished my image, imagine her telling me that she can not have s*x with me. Who does she even think she is, why is she just proving stubborn. I’ve promised her anything she wants, still she doesn’t want to succumb.

What do I do? What step do I take next? I wasn’t very much interested in her until she started playing hard to get. She can’t play hard to get with me o. Nobody can, emi Femi, odidi emi, ko le seleme (me Femi; a whole me, it can never happen)

I will get her no matter what I said snapping my fingers.

Esther’s POV

I longed for sleep but it was nowhere to be found, I longed for peace of mind but it was beyond my reach. The event that took place remained in my mind like a fresh wound.

It kept playing like a movie before me, the harder I tried to forget; the more I remembered. How long would it take for me to recover from this trauma, no one apart from Frank knew what I was going through. No was there to help me, to comfort me. I was left to carry my cross alone.

Amid thoughts, I remembered my boyfriend โ€” Chidi. He wasn’t aware of anything going on, I had to tell everything; because he is the only one whose words can bring me peace of mind.

I picked up my half dead antiquated mobile phone and dialed his number.

“Hello baby what’s up” he asked.

“I’m fine” I replied in a downcast tone.

“What happened, you don’t sound too well”

“Hmm” I sighed

“It’s a long story”

“C’mon, tell me what happened” he said with concern.

“It’s my aunt’s husband”

“Your aunt’s husband again, what exactly is the problem?” He asked.

I told him everything from start to finish, it took me some time but I didn’t leave any detail uncovered. I even told him that my uncle’s son was aware.

He remained speechless till I was done, I even began thinking I was just speaking with myself.

“Hello, are you there? Babe why are you not responding”

“I’m hearing you, is just that I’m shocked beyond words. It’s just so astounding to hear such a thing” he said.

Chidi gave me the peace of mind I needed, he told me that everything would be fine and I stopped me from being worried.

He also advised me to be very careful around the house especially with what I eat. So that I don’t end up getting r@ped in my sleep.

He asked me to take very good care of myself and to always be conscious of my environment. I really missed him and I never wanted the call to end. He was the only true friend I could ever have.

I was about sleeping off when I heard a knock at the door, as usual I expected it to be Frank. It was a very bad timing for me, just when I was finally going to get some sleep.

I forced myself to get up to open the door.

As I opened the door I was thunderstruck by who I saw. It was Uncle Femi! what does he want again, hasn’t he done enough harm. I was ready to serve it hot for him this time around.


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