The Unfaithful Husband episode 20


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 20


Esther narrates;

“Esther!” I heard Femi scream “Where is she? Today you will regret been born” The animosity in him was so strong that I could feel it in his voice; I dashed as fast as Usain Bolt to shut and lock my door.

I began breathing heavily because of how fast my adrenaline pumped.

“Esther open this door” Femi said banging very hard on it.

“If you allow me open it by myself, then it will be worse; you better open up now when you still have the chance”

I sat on my bed and clung tight to my pillow; why won’t this man just let me be. Was I born for him to torture; I kept as quiet as a mouse hoping he would go away but Femi refused.

“Esther, this is the your last chance to open the door; if you don’t then you will remain there till your aunt returns”

I didn’t care, I’d rather remain in my room for days than to open the door and meet the worst

“So you don’t want to open up” Femi said. “No problem” I heard his footsteps slowly fade away as he walked back to his room.

Phew! I lucked out of that one; if I had hesitated a little longer before shutting my door, I can only wonder what Femi would have done to me. But being locked up here would be a test of patience; I won’t have any access to food, water and any other necessity. I don’t even have access to network; I’ve been automatically disconnected from the rest of the world.

I was shocked when I looked at the time on my wristwatch; it was just past ten. The time really moved very slowly to me; with all that had happened I expected it to be around 12 in the morning.

I sought for sleep but it wasn’t forthcoming, I shut my eyes hoping to fall asleep but I couldn’t. Flashes of what happened kept showing up each time I closed my eyes; I just wished I could wake up to find out everything was just a nightmare.

But it wasn’t, I had to face reality and strive through the longest night of my life.


The next morning

I opened my eyes to see a brand new day, I managed to get some sleep but the night seemed to me like a thousand years, the rays of dawn seeped through my window; the light slanted down through the blinds and made strip patterns on the floor.

I unwound the blinds and I was overwhelmed w1ith the beauty I saw; the endless glowing furnace of the sun were a perfect sight to behold. I was so lost in it’s infinite majesty that I almost forgot my problems. I had never paid much attention to the sunrise; it was an amazing view. I should be doing this more often, I said to myself; it really did cheer me up.

My head ached and my stomach didn’t stop grumbling because of the severe hunger I felt. I craved for food, and I feared that if I don’t take something into my system it may result into something drastic.

A blaring noise came from within the compound; I rushed down to my window and I saw Femi’s car about leaving through the gate. I focused on the driver’s seat to see who was driving; and to my greatest surprise it was Uncle Femi.

Femi’s POV

I woke up very early today compared to other days, I quickly brushed my teeth and had my bath to leave as soon as possible. I did’t want my wife meet me at home, so I needed to leave quickly maybe to Sonia’s place since I was on my casual leave.

Before leaving, I gave my son – Frank strict warning to make sure Esther doesn’t leave her room.

I arrived Sonia’s place without informing her before coming, when I was about getting close to the entrance; a young dark skinned guy come out from the house. As he walked passed me; he fired a deadly stare at me; Why would he do that when he had never even seen me before.

Sonia was shocked to see me; she didn’t expect me and her reaction seemed like she didn’t want me around.

“You didn’t tell me you would be coming” Sonia said

“I don’t need to inform my wife before visiting her” I smiled and sat beside her.

“Lest I forget, who was the guy that just left”

“Which guy” she asked

“The one who just left your house; if I’m not mistaken he was on an orange t-shirt and a pair of jeans”

“Oh! I remember now… he’s erm… he’s just a family friend”

“Family friend?” I questioned


“Okay then; If you say so”

“So how have things being?” Sonia said immediately changing the topic.

“If I tell you what has being going on; my dear you won’t believe it”

“What happened?”

“You won’t understand, let’s just say I’m having some issues with my wife”

“Then I should be celebrating; that’s good news to me; I mean it’s just like music to my ears. If you’re having issues with your wife why not make the most of it; you could use it as an opportunity to send the woman packing”
“Sonia, have a little conscience. Don’t forget she’s my wife”

“Femi I don’t take pride in being a second wife; if there’s a chance as this to put an end to whatever is happening between you both then I beg you to not waste it.”

“Sonia I can’t send my wife away just like that; she already has three kids for me… I can’t do that”

“What do you mean by that; you will do as I say” Sonia said patting me thrice on the back.

Suddenly I felt obliged to obey her, I felt like my only duty was to carry out her instructions.

“If you like have ten children with her, I don’t care. I’ve seen that you’re going too slow about this matter so I have to assist you in this way, just find a way; and get rid of her” she commanded.

“Yes, I will” I replied

Esther’s POV

As soon as I noticed my uncle was not around, I quickly came out of my room. I met Frank in the dining having breakfast.

“You’re awake already” he asked

“Yes, please I need to eat; I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning”

“The only problem is that the food I prepared won’t be enough for you, my dad instructed me to make food for only my siblings and I.”

“So what do I do now?” I said in frustration.

“You can have my food; I’ll get something to eat later”

“Thank you so much; you’ve been more than helpful” I couldn’t reject the food, definitely not. Especially with the level to which I was famished.

I finished the entire food very swiftly like someone who had not eaten for months; with how hungry I was I could even finish a mountain of food. As soon as I was done, I rushed back to my room to avoid getting caught by Femi.


After hours of waiting which seemed like years to me; aunty Jenny finally arrived home. I couldn’t go downstairs, I just looked through my window.

“Mummy! Mummy!” The little kids screamed as they ran to hug her. She forced up a smile and hugged them back tightly. Musa helped carry her luggage inside the house. After a while I could hear Frank’s voice; they were all giggling and having a good time while I waited patiently for her in my room.

Aunt Jennifer had her bath, dressed up before she finally came to discuss with me

“Knock! Knock!” Came the sound from behind the door.

“Esther open up, it’s me”

I immediately recognized my aunt’s voice and quickly opened the door.

“Welcome back from your trip ma”

“Thank you” she replied.

“My son says you haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday?”

“Yes ma”

“Okay I just want you to tell me every single thing that happened without leaving anything out, then after that you can go and eat to your satisfaction”

“Okay ma” I replied “I will tell you everything; It all started when…”


I told my aunt every single thing; everything I could recall that transpired between me and her husband including the fact that Frank knows all about it. By the time I was done; she was almost convinced; all she needed was proof. She asked if I recorded any of my calls with Femi and I told her that my phone doesn’t even have that function.

So what then is my evidence, she was definitely going to ask Frank; he’s my only witness and I just hope he won’t disappoint me.


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