The Unfaithful Husband episode 27


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 27

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Femi’s POV

I walked out of my pastor’s house very enraged. I couldn’t believe he took sides with my wife, imagine the way he talked to me like I was a common sinner. What even gave my wife the effrontery to report me to the pastor; that woman wants to rubbish my image; she wants to bring down my dignity that I’ve suffered to uphold for years.

The worst part was that if my pastor actually knows the truth, then that means I would end up being suspended from all the posts I hold in the church; publicly; in front of the entire congregation. Jennifer has actually pushed me to the wall this time.

I dashed to my car, hopped in, and immediately ignited the engine without any delay. I drove very fast even faster than an ambulance, I was boiling with rage; rage that I wanted to dissipate on my wife.


Musa opened the gate for me, while I drove in. I could hear his indistinct hailing as he often does.

“Oga welcome” he said smiling widely, exposing his broken pair of insciccors.

“Oga, I dey greet o” came Musa’s voice once again. I was too annoyed to give him a reply; I just walked inside my house.

I walked past my son in the sitting room, he greeted me twice but I refused to respond. He must have noticed that I was in a bad mood because he wasn’t persistent with his greetings.

I barged into my room, walking boldly like the protagonist in an action movie. My wife was busy operating her phone, she was aware that I was back but she gave me the silent treatment.

“Jennifer what gave you the effrontery, the audacity to go about ridiculing my image”

“What are you talking about?” Jennifer asked looking perplexed and confused.

“Jennifer, you went about telling everyone something that we are supposed to solve within us”

“Oh! That, I was only seeking for advice” she said disrespectfully.

“I can see that you no longer want to live in this house. You want us to dissolve this marriage right?”

“What do you mean by that?? So you want to throw me out and bring that useless girl in here under the cover of this nonsense. Look there’s no problem; you can go ahead. You don’t know what it takes to live with you for more than twenty years, you can get married to that useless thing but I won’t leave this house until you admit to your shortcomings”

“Jennifer, have I not warned you to stop spreading those rumours. If you continue with this your attitude, I will make sure I give it to you the way you want it ” I said pointing ferociously at her.

“Femi, you can go ahead and do your worst. I don’t care” she replied flaunting her hair. I couldn’t contain my anger any longer, I walked up to her and raised my hand in the air to give her a befitting slap.

“Go ahead, you want to slap me. Slap me, then you would learn to never underestimate a woman”

“Is that a threat??”

“Touch me and find out” she said snapping her fingers.

I slowly dropped my hands that were suspended in the air.

“You might be lucky today, you won’t be next time.”

She hissed but I completely ignored her, because even though I was acting like I wasn’t worried I knew that she was in control and my fate lies in her hands. She could decide to report me at my place of work and it won’t be nice, at all.

At a point; I felt like I should just beg her; plead with her to forgive me. But then, there was this strong force resisting me from begging my wife; besides Jennifer might no longer have trust for me if I admit to all the accusations. I felt the best way to tackle the situation was by denying everything.

I left the room immediately and headed straight to the guest room. I didn’t want to sleep in the same room with my wife and since I would be traveling early the next day; the only option I had was to spend the night in the guest room.


I woke up very early the next day, had my bath and got dressed, I didn’t bother eating breakfast. I then went to my bedroom to get my luggage; but I was surprised to see my wife already awake. I picked up my things to leave but Jennifer kept her gaze on me and refused looking away.

I just prayed within me that she would just let me go without bringing up the previous day’s issue.

“So when are you supposed to come back” she asked. I never expected her to talk to me especially after yesterday’s incident.

“It was on the letter I gave you, didn’t you read it” I asked, she didn’t reply so I carried my things to leave the house.

“Travel safely” she said softly. I turned to her, smiled and left the house.

My wife really loves me, I said underneath my breath. Despite all that has being happening between us she still cared for me. Sometimes I wonder why I’ve being behaving this way. It wasn’t easy but I resolved to cancel every marriage plan I had with Sonia and just leave her as a sidechick. I even felt like putting an end to our relationship but I just can’t tell why I couldn’t.

Once I arrived Abuja, I made up my mind to apologise to my wife. Through out the day’s exams, I wasn’t myself; I couldn’t help but remember the damages I caused to my family, I guess Jacob was right. If things continue like this, I might end up losing my family.

After work, I sat down and typed an apology message to my wife. It was short basically because I’m not used to apologising but it was precise.

It read

“Good evening my lovely wife, how was your day. I know you’re obviously surprised to see this message but I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me. In any way I have hurt you; please forgive me; I am deeply sorry”

I waited for a call or at least a text from my wife but I didn’t see any. I kept checking my phone over and over up till nightfall, it was time for me to go to bed still I had not received any reply from Jennifer. I picked up my phone to check once more; that was when I saw a missed call from her.

Immediately, I dialed her number.

“Hello good evening sweetheart”

“Good evening” she replied.

“Umm… did you see my text?”

“Yes, I saw it”

“So have you forgiven me” I asked sheepishly.

“I don’t know; because I feel you’re only apologizing so that I won’t report things to the management of your university”

“Jennifer, I’m truly sorry for all the pains I caused you. Please tell me that you’ve forgiven me” I begged.

“Femi I can’t forgive you; I can’t forgive you until you prove to me that you’re no longer with that girl”

“Which girl? If you’re referring to Sonia then you should be rest assured that nothing is going on between us”

“So are you saying that you’ve ended your relationship with her?” She inquired.

“Yes ma” I chuckled

“I’m just so surprised at your change of heart, what made you come back to your senses” Jennifer asked.

“I’ve realized how much wrongs I’ve caused and I’m ready to make amends, my love”

“Hmm” she sighed.

“Goodnight, I love you” I said and ended the call. I actually felt a lot better; I felt I had done the right thing.

Jennifer’s POV

After my husband travelled, I didn’t want to cause more problems. I began making plans to send Esther back to her family. But the problem was; what do I tell them is the reason for her return; it would be a very shameful thing to tell them what my husband did. Definitely the whole community will be aware, but Femi insisted on sending her back.

I didn’t know what decision to take, I was in between the devil and the deep blue sea. It was either I return Esther to her parents and bear the shame of not fulfilling my promise to the family or I keep her with me and face Femi’s wrath.

Fortunately for me; I received a text from Femi begging for my forgiveness. I didn’t believe it was reality, I felt like it was all a dream. I called him but he didn’t pick up, minutes later I received a call from him. Femi was truly sorry, I was more overwhelmed with joy because I never expected a change from him.

The next week was uneventful but a day didn’t pass by without a call from Femi, he was now really treating me like a woman, treating me like a wife. “What God can not do does not exist” I said to myself in a hushed tone. Femi was no more the disrespectful and dishonest pervert he used to be… or so I thought.


Femi was supposed to arrive from Abuja today but he said he would be back the next day because he had things to put in place. I was already taking breakfast when I picked up my phone and entered my WhatsApp. Behold a message popped up on my phone; I was instantly awestricken. A single tear rolled down my cheek and I felt my throat closing up. Just when I thought everything was alright; just when I thought everything will be okay. Immediately my appetite for food was lost. I couldn’t believe what I just saw…

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