The Unfaithful Husband episode 19


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 19

I was frightened to the core as Femi knocked violently on my door. I opened fearfully in anticipation of whatever was to come, he immediately handed over his phone to me; he was on a call… with my aunt. Finally; a ray of light.

“I’ve given her the phone, if you like believe whatever nonsense she tells you” Femi said and stormed out of sight. With the way he was acting and looking tensed; anyone around wouldn’t need an angel to know that he had done something wrong.

I couldn’t take chances, I immediately locked my room door because I don’t trust Femi.

“Hello ma”

“Hello Esther”

“Yes ma” I responded shyly

“Go ahead and tell me everything you wanted to tell me earlier about my husband”


I couldn’t believe it was time to finally let the cat out of the bag, it was time for me to finally open up. God has smiled on me, I remained speechless for a while; not because I didn’t have anything to say but because of the freedom I owned at the moment; I was now free to tell my aunt everything and there’ll be no one to prevent me from saying the truth.

“Esther, I’m I not talking to you”

“Sorry…yes ma”

“Why then the sudden quietness”

“Nothing” I replied.

“Then go ahead and start talking”

But as I was about speaking, a thought suddenly dawned on me; will I be doing the right thing, what do I stand to gain if I expose Femi, Frank would be very mad at me, my aunt may not even believe me. Even if she does; won’t it ruin her marriage. I’m beginning to rethink what I intend doing. I was thrusted up from my thoughts by aunt Jenny’s voice

“Esther, will you start talking”

I tried my best to hold back the words but they were immediately forced out of my lips “Ma your husband has been disturbing me to have s3x with him” I said hurriedly.

“So my husband was right, so your plan is to scatter my marriage”

“No, ma all I’m saying is the truth”

“So when did he start such behavior? Is it when I travelled” She asked doubtfully.

“No; It has been very long ma, not long after I started living with you”

“And you refused to tell me, if you’re actually saying the truth where then were you guys supposed to carry out the act?”

“In a hotel ma, but even this night he begged me to have s3x with him in your room”

“What??” She screamed.

“You mean on my matrimonial bed?”

“Yes ma”

“Then what did you do”

“I refused ma”

“Esther if all these things really happened then why didn’t you tell me long ago? Why now? Why is it when he finds out you have been sleeping around with different men and for you to have the courage to have multiple s3x partners you definitely wouldn’t mind sleeping with a married man”

“Ma I’m sorry for not telling you long ago but you have to believe me”

“Do you know the gravity of what you just told me; it’s not an easy thing to believe. I have to make my own findings.”

“Ok ma but I’m sorry to ask; what did you mean by multiple s3x partners?”

“Don’t worry yourself, I already know about everything you’ve been doing, my husband informed me about the messages he saw from your customers”

“Which customers, l don’t understand you very much. All those messages were sent to me from my boyfriend and most of them never happened; He was just teasing me; I’m a virgin” I blurted out loud.

“Virgin? How is that possible, when my husband says you’ve been sleeping around with men for money”

“JESUS, me? Esther sleep with men for money” I sniffled quietly as tears welled from deep inside and coursed down my cheek.

My vision became blur due to tears that covered my eyes, so Femi is this wicked; how would he tell such a lie against me. Why would he do such a thing; that me Esther has been sleeping with men for money when I’ve not even slept with my boyfriend. Isn’t that the work of a pr0stitute, so Femi told my aunt I’m a prostituté and she believed him.

“Ma it’s a lie, I never did such, there’s nothing like that on my phone; ma please you have to believe me.” I pleaded

“Your husband is just trying to get back at me because I turned him down.” I said trying to prevent her from knowing I was already in tears.

“So are you saying my husband is telling lies”

“That’s the hurtful truth” I responded.

“If you are saying the truth then this is actually bigger than what I thought. You know what; I’ll try to see if I can come tommorow so we’ll sort this out”

“Okay ma, please do.”

“It’s alright, just give the phone back to my husband” she said and ended the call.

Even after telling her, I still couldn’t believe I just did. Although I wasn’t able to go in details since it was a phonecall; I’ll make sure I tell her every single thing when she gets back. I need to clear my name.

Jennifer’s POV

I don’t even know who or what to believe anymore, a lot of contradicting stories. I’m just so short of words but my instincts keep telling me that Esther’s the one telling the truth. I’ll have to go home tommorow, because of the matter on ground I’ll be left with no option than to lie to my boss- I really need to find out what is going on in my home.

But if Esther is right, I’ll be emotionally broken. Femi who hardly has s3x with me, begging my nineteen year old niece for s3x. What an insult; I need to speak with him right away. I patiently listened to the beeping sound of his line from the caller end while waiting for him to pick up.

“Hello Femi”

“Yes?” he answered impolitely

“Femi how could you, how could you stoop so low; I always had my suspicion but I never thought you could stoop this low to beg my niece, Femi your wife’s niece who is just nineteen for s3x. Femi I’m ashamed of you”

“Woman will you stop saying rubbish, I warned not to listen to that lieing devil but you refused and now you believe her. Why would you even believe such a thing in the first place? Isn’t it obvious that she is just trying to make sure our marriage is put asunder”

“You know what, this is not something we’ll discuss over the phone; I’ll be coming tommorow so we can handle this issue properly” I said, hung up and immediately and turned on flight mode; I’d been tossed up and down enough for one night.

Frank’s POV

A lot was happening between my dad and Esther and I needed to see for myself what was really going on. I quietly opened my door and tiptoed like a thief to Esther’s room. She immediately opened the door as I was about knocking as if she knew I would be coming

“Geez! Frank, you startled me”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to”

“It’s okay, I was even hoping you would come. Please help me take this phone to your dad, please I don’t want any trouble” she said with her palms joined together in a praying posture.

“Okay” I took the phone from her and went to my dad’s room, I knocked on the door and he opened and took the phone from me without even saying a word. I immediately rushed back to Esther’s room to know what was happening. I had barely sat down when I began asking questions.

“Have you spoken with my mom? What did you tell her? What did she say?”

“I’ve spoken with her and I told her the truth” she said.

“What truth” I asked interrogatively

“That your dad has been demanding for séx from me”

“What have you done? If you wanted to expose my dad why didn’t you do it since, why now”

“I don’t understand you, what do you mean?”

“You only think about yourself, Esther you lack concern for others. If my parents marriage falls into shambles I will never forgive you”

“Frank why are you saying all these, you should put yourself in my shoes; trust me you would have done the same thing”

“You caused all this, you refused to shun him when you had the chance, you let the problem escalate into something more serious before you began taking action. Finally he stopped bothering you,; then because of your carelessness you gave him a reason to blackmail you and you felt the best way out is to destroy my parent’s marriage”

“That is not my intention, I just wanted your mom to be aware; you need to put yourself in my shoes, what do you expect me to do; please see reasons with me”

“What is there to see aside from the fact that you’re just being selfish” I said terribly annoyed m

“You are the only selfish person here” Esther replied. “You don’t even care about my feelings; you only care about your parents’marriage”

“You know what; I regret the day you started living with us because since you came you have done more harm than good”

“Frank I have done more harm than good?… Well if you are right; none of this would have happened if I never even came here in the first place” She said very downcast

I never wanted to reply her; I was just about walking out on her when I suddenly noticed how puffy her eyes were, I took a closer look and I noticed they were very red.

“Were you crying” I asked pitifully

“No, please leave me alone” she said sobbing

“Look, I’m very sorry if my words may have hurt you; but please do not pay any attention to the things I just said; that’s how I usually speak without thinking whenever I’m angry. Please I’m sorry”

“Frank there’s no need to apologise; you are right, it’s all my fault” she said im a shaky voice.

I felt very bad for her, Esther was struggling with her emotions and instead of helping; I worsened things.

“Please clean your face up and go to bed, all hope isn’t lost; tommorow will be another day to make things right.” I said trying my best to encourage her

Femi’s POV

I couldn’t believe what just happened, I remained motionless as soon as my wife ended the call; my limbs seemed to have become lifeless. So Esther really had the guts to expose me to my wife; I can’t even believe it. My main promblem right now isn’t that my wife found out but the consequence it would have on my reputation and my job.

Ah! I exclaimed, this girl has gotten me into trouble; Esther that I’ve been underestimating; she thinks she can go scot-free. I will make sure I teach her a lesson she will never forget.

“Esther! Where is she? Today you will regret been born” I shouted as I walk furiously towards her room.

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