The Unfaithful Husband episode 12

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 12

I was about sleeping off when I heard a knock at the door, as usual I expected it to be Frank. It was a very bad timing for me, just when I was finally going to get some sleep.

I forced myself to get up to open the door.

As I opened the door I was thunderstruck by who I saw. It was Uncle Femi! what does he want again, hasn’t he done enough harm. I was ready to serve it hot for him this time around.

“Sir please I was about sleeping off before you knocked on the door. I’m tired and I seriously need rest” I told him in a cold manner trying hard to avoid eye contact.

“Esther I know you’re very angry with me but I need you to find a place in your heart to forgive me”

“I’m very sorry for what happened earlier today and I just wanted to be sure that you have truly forgiven me; from your heart”

It was hard for me to believe that he came to ask for my forgiveness. At least it added joy to me to know that he was truly sorry. I was more than happy that his pestering had come to an end.

“It’s okay sir, I’m not angry anymore” I said

“Are you sure” asked Femi

“Yes, I’ve forgiven you”

“Thank you very much my dear. So that means we’re good and things will go back to the way they used to be, right?”


“Okay that’s great, well here’s what I got for you to show that I’m truly sorry” Femi said as he brought out a gown from the plastic bag he was holding.

It was a very beautiful and attractive flare gown, I was short of words because the gown was currently in vogue, not to mention it was red — my favorite colour. Although I didn’t mention it to anyone; the gown uncle Femi got for me was at the top of my wishlist.

The only problem was that it was a very expensive gown, and if aunt Jenny eventually sees it; she wouldn’t believe I bought the gown myself. Leaving me with no choice than to turn it down.

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept it” I said sadly


“Or don’t you like it!” Femi asked.

“I like it, it’s very beautiful but where would I tell your wife that I got it from, she won’t believe that I was able to afford such an expensive gown.”

“So you want to reject my gift? a gift I bought specially for you just to show how sorry I am. Please don’t just turn it down that way; at least to show that you have forgiven me”

“I have forgiven you sir” I said firmly

“But you don’t appreciate my gift”

“Sir I do, but you have to understand me, we have already raised enough suspicion. So it’ll be better if we just leave things the way they are”

“It’s alright then” he said.

“I’ll just return the gown to the boutique since the person I bought it for doesn’t want it” uncle Femi said like a child seeking sympathy.

“It’s fine, I’ll take it” I surrendered.

I could clearly see the smile that lit up Femi’s face when I finally accepted his gift.

“Thank you” I said and closed my room door.

Frank’s POV

My mom would be traveling in a few days time. It was indeed a very bad time for her to travel, because I knew this would give my dad the license to cook up more mischief.

I made up my mind to try my best to be at home always. I won’t want my dad and Esther to be alone. I was getting weary of all these happenings. When would all these be over I thought to myself. Left alone for me I would have let my mom know everything but then Esther’s future would be on the line.

I kept racking my brain for a final solution to this issue. I knew my father too well to conclude that he had given up. Deep down I was sure his pleading was all pretence.

Later that day

My mum was having issues updating her facebook app and she needed my help. After I successfully updated the app for her, i helped her log in on her device and when I entered the search history; I was shocked to find Sonia’s name all over the recent search items.

How did my mum get to know about Sonia, up to the extent of looking up her name on social media. For her to do such then it signified that she had started getting suspicious of my dad. I began to wonder if she was also suspecting that something was going on between my dad and Esther.

Nevertheless, I was happy she knew about that b*tch called Sonia; whose agenda is to reap where she did not sow. I was fully aware of everything going on between my dad and her.

She recently graduated from the University all because of my dad’s help. When I tried getting more information about her I found out she came from a very poor background.

Sonia was raised by a single parent; she was brought up by only her mom. When she gained admission into the university they didn’t have any source where they hoped to get funding for her schooling.

That was were my dad came in handy, when my dad wooed her just for the usual one night stand she siezed the opportunity and clung to him like a leash.

She got herself attached to him, used him; for financial purposes, to pass exams and even to settle family bills. Sonia knew very well how promiscuous my dad was but she was never bothered; all she wanted was to exploit him to her benefit. She became so close to him that a lot of people in the university got to know about it.

I still don’t know what was so special about her that unlike other girls who my dad just uses and dumps; he never did so to Sonia. Instead their bond grew stronger and more intimate with every passing day.

Femi’s POV

I received a call from my colleague and very close friend — Jacob

Jacob was like a brother to me, we attended the same university and studied the same course. Even after graduation we gained employment in the same institution. After working as junior staffs for years fate smiled at us when we both got promoted to become senior lecturers.

After knowing each other for this long, nature had it that we became very good friends. Jacob was a lot like me and that cemented the bond between us; just like they say birds of the same feather flock together.

Jacob was a pervert even worse than I am, he had slept with more than half of the females in the department. Shocking right, but no matter how many he had s*x with; his s*xual satiety could never be filled up. Which ever lady he desired, he acquired through any means whatsoever. Jacob never gave a dam;n if you want to have s*x with him or not, he was ready to intentionally fail you if you didn’t concur to whatever he asked of you.

During the course of time, he had used his position as a lecturer harass students and have s*x with them against their wish. Afterwards, most of the ladies would even go to the extent of swearing against him, and raining all sorts of curses on him and his innocent generation but as usual; Jacob cared less.

And his promiscuous and devil-may-care attitude influenced me greatly.

As I picked his call I noticed he was rather perturbed in his speech.

“Hello my good man, how is everything” I asked

“My brother, everything is not fine”

“Is anything the matter” I asked expressing solicitude

“Hmm” he sighed heavily.

“Just meet me at our usual hangout joint, I’ll tell you everything there” he said and hung up abruptly.

I became very worried; I had never heard him sound so nervous. What could have happened I thought to myself. Whatever it was I just prayed deep down that it wasn’t something serious.

In less than thirty minutes, I arrived our hangout joint. It was a classic bar filled with expensive drinks of all taste, there was also a club situated inside which only functioned at night. From the entrance where I stood I could sight Jacob at the bar seating area. He looked like he had drank to stupor.

I quickly rushed to meet him and I noticed a lot of bottles on the bartender’s desk.

“Jacob, what is wrong with you why did you take this much alcohol” I asked with concernment

“Femi if I tell you the reason, if I tell you, you will even buy more bottles for me”

“That can’t happen, please stop this; you’re messed up”

“I know that already, see Femi I am messed up, I am messed up” he exclaimed.

“Please stop saying that, just get up and clean yourself”

“By the way, what happened that made you sound so worried over the phone” I asked

“Femi” he said placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Do you remember Samantha?”

“Which Samantha?” I questioned.

“Samantha; the one that I had an affair with sometime ago”

“I can’t remember her o, you know you’ve had a lot of extramarital affairs” I hailed him laughing.

“Femi this isn’t a laughing matter” he said with all seriousness.

“Can’t you remember Samantha?? We started dating when she was in her 400 level. That fair not too tall Igbo girl”

“Oh yes, I can remember now” I said.

“What happened to her, I hope she isn’t pregnant” I said fearfully

“It would have been far better if she was pregnant”

“Ah ah, what then could have happened that would be worse than her getting pregnant” I said very tensed.

“You know she didn’t date me on her own accord, I threatened to get her waffed from the University if she didn’t comply”

“So??” I wanted Jacob to just hit the nail on the head but he kept beating about the bush.

“I never knew this girl had her own plan of revenge to met out on me. Just yesterday I was told that the HOD wanted me to see him in his office. When I got there I was surprised to find a panel seated and this same Samantha who I had lost contact with for more than a year”

“Fear gripped me to my bones, Samantha showed them videos, chats, voice notes and a lot of other things to prove that I had forced to have s*x with me. I was stiff like someone paralyzed with stroke; the evidence she showed them was undeniable. According to her; she was fighting for all those who I had maltreated with my position in the past”

As Jacob narrated, my mouth was left agape. Such offence wouldn’t only make him lose his job but also his operating license. It was really a big blow.

“What about your wife, does she know about it?” I asked.

“No she doesn’t, the case is still pending. I won’t let her know anything until the it is concluded just in case I luck out on this one”

“You’ll need more than luck” I told him plainly.

“Aren’t you worried” he asked me.

“Why should I” I asked confusedly.

“Samantha is hell bent on bringing us to book, don’t forget she said she’s fighting for all those who have been exploited. Or have you forgotten that you also exploited a lot of students.”

Jacob’s statement left me bewildered. If this so-called Samantha had any evidence against me I could also lose my job and get my reputation tarnished. The worst of it all is that I could lose my operating license.

All I suffered for in the university, the many sleepless nights I spent studying would be gone just like that.

Even after leaving the bar that day, fear refused to let go of me. It buried me in his arms and left me frightened like a little child.

Frank’s POV

It was finally the day my mom would be traveling, it was a business trip that would last for a period of about two weeks in Imo state. She would be leaving only me, the kids, my dad and Esther at home.

I gave her the last wave and told her the final goodbye before my dad finally drove her out of the compound to the airport. I knew that there was no equipment that could measure the happiness he felt inside. With my mom leaving the state, one thing was for sure; the next two weeks will be definitely be INTENSE.


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