The Unfaithful Husband episode 34


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 34

Femi’s POV

“You can’t arrest me, and you can’t touch me because I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant for you Femi” she shouted handing over a sheet of paper to me.

It was a pregnancy test result; and it indicated positive. Haba! What has this girl done to me ; she just wants to ruin my life. Just when my wife had forgiven me and things were going smoothly; she gets pregnant!. My wife dragged the paper from me, and after thorough examination, her legs began to quiver violently and she fell at the spot.

Shouts began erupting from the already packed crowd. They gathered outside because of the wailing police sirens but as soon as my wife fell to the ground; a fog of confusion saturated the environment. I rushed to my wife that who layed motionless on the ground. Slapping and shaking aggressively like the way the typical African man resuscitates someone who has fainted.

“Make them pour am water na” someone shouted from the crowd. In no time, youths from around the area had come to our aid, they began beating and slapping my wife all over her body especially on parts that are sensitive to pain. One even used his “bathroom slippers” to flog against her back. “Clear the way” I heard someone screaming from afar, his voice getting closer as he ran towards us. The crowd opened up like a zipper for him to pass through, his fists were clenched to a plastic bucket filled with water.

The unsettled water kept on splashing on the ground as he ran speedily. As soon as he got to my wife; he turned the bucket upside-down; letting out the water on my wife’s head. I became angered and was about retaliating when I noticed my wife had been revived; her hands twitched and she gave a loud sneeze.

I was relieved and so was everyone. I and the young man helped her sit on the pavement just by the corner. I looked at Sonia and it was obvious she cared less about what she had caused my wife.

“It’s okay honey, you’ll be fine. That girl is a bloody liar; don’t let her fool you into believing what she said.”

My wife couldn’t respond, her head bent to the ground; she squeezed the sachet water that was handed to her by a good Samaritan, gulping down until there was no water left. I felt so much pity for her and I instantly regretted the day I met Sonia.

I knew Sonia was just looking for a way to get me back but she didn’t know she had failed woefully. I was a bit worried though; what if Sonia is just being truthful. That would just stamp the separation between my wife and I, if actually Sonia is being truthful; my wife won’t even be able to stand me having another child. Geez! It would be a serious issue for me. What even enflamed my fears is that within the last three months; I had had sēx with Sonia more than ten times. I became even more afraid; fear gripped me and swallowed me into its dense fog, I couldn’t picture a time I had sēx with Sonia and I used protection. During the course of my séxual experiences with her, never for once did protection cross my mind; I felt withdrawal method was enough.

“Mr. Femi, whether she is pregnant for you or not she has to be taken to the station for questioning. Or isn’t she the acclaimed girlfriend to the boy in question?”

“She is” I said weakly.

Everywhere was packed with inquisitive people who never minded their own business.

“Must I follow you to the station; can’t I be asked the questions here in my apartment”

“Inspector!” I shouted.

“Actually she can; I mean we just came to find the whereabouts of her boyfriend”

“So what do you mean by that” I peered at him.

“He means we can all go inside, sit down and discuss like civilized people” Sonia said arrogantly.

Inspector Ibrahim looked at me and shook his head signalling that we go inside. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea but I had to concur. Sonia pulled the door open; I and the inspector walked in, my wife who just regained herself refused to remain outside with the other police men rather she insisted on going in with us. I let her, lest I raise any suspicion.

“Make yourselves comfortable” Sonia said with a smirk.

“So let’s get straight to the point” the inspector began.

“Mr. Femi here was kidnapped some days ago and tortured almost to the point of death, now the person who orchestrated the whole thing claimed to be your boyfriend and according to him he was did it because of Mr Femi’s relationship with you. Now I need straightforward answers and your full cooperation; what is this your boyfriend’s name?”

“Tony” Sonia replied.

“Did inform you he was responsible for Femi’s kidnap?”

“No oh, not at all. But I suspected that he had plans to hurt Femi”

“Why?” The inspector stared curiously into her eyes.

“Because he was getting uncomfortable with the affair between Femi and I”

“So why didn’t you raise an alarm?” He asked jotting down into a hard cover book.

“I couldn’t just raise an alarm; when I had no idea he was planning such. Look, I am ready to help in every possible way. I can show you where he stays, where he works and even his pictures if you want. I want him to be punished for carrying out such evil against my Femi”

“That’s great” the inspector said with a smile while my wife stared at Sonia with hatred.


She provided every single information the inspector needed, frankly speaking; she was of great help.

“We will do our best to make sure we get him, I will take my leave now” the inspector said.

“Thank you so much sir, I appreciate your effort”

“It’s my duty” he said and stood up to leave. My wife wanted to leave too but I didn’t let her, I wasn’t done; I had to prove to my wife that Sonia faked the pregnancy result.

“You said you are pregnant for me, right?”

“Of course” she quickly answered

“Then why don’t we go for a test so I can confirm your allegation”

She paused for a moment and tried to comport herself; it was obvious my question threw her off balance.

“I… I…” She stuttered.

“There’s no need for that, I’ve already shown you the result”

“I insist” I said authoritatively.

“Femi do you really think I’ll lie to you; Femi it’s you I love and not that b*stard. After all the times we shared, you still think I forged a pregnancy result?”

“Sonia you can not be pregnant for me!”

“And why is that? Have you forgotten the countless times we had sēx together; none did we use protection”

My wife bent her head in shame.

“Look” she said to my wife.

“We’ve had sēx even on that sofa you are seated on”

“Enough! Enough of this nonsense!” I shouted. My wife stood up from the couch and made her way to the door, I quickly got hold of her hand.

“Jennifer, let’s go to the hospital for a pregnancy test and I will prove to you that she is just a bloody liar”

“Femi carry out the test by yourself, I’ve seen enough” she said sobbing and left the room.

“You!!” I thundered with rage. “Do you see what you have caused, you must be very happy now”

“Of course” she whispered with a grin.

I got hold of her hands and squeezed them very tightly. “We are going to the hospital now!” I ordered

“It’s been a while since I felt your touch” she said placing her fingers on my chest. She was stunned as I pushed her to the wall; with so much force that she bounced off it.

“You’ve caused enough harm already. Get dressed, we are going to the hospital”. She shuddered at the changed me, looking scared like she had seen a ghost; she ran inside.


Soon we arrived at the hospital. It was a federal hospital; I didn’t want to take any chances. We took a cab since my wife left with her car. Sonia was anxious through out the drive; it seemed she was guilty and I was glad at her nervousness.

Wasting no time, we applied for a pregnancy test. Things happened very fast and in no time Sonia had undergone the test. We waited for more than an hour and Sonia never stopped complaining about how much waste of time it was going for a pregnancy test.

“The result is ready” came the voice of the very young looking doctor.

“I will take that” I said dragging the sheet of paper from his hand before Sonia could. I ignored all the lengthy words and my eyes moved straight to what I wanted to see.

“Chai, I am finished!” I exclaimed as the result read positive…

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