The Unfaithful Husband episode 22


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 22

Jennifer’s POV

“Look at you a fourty-nine year old man forcing himself on a girl of just nineteen years; someone who you are old enough to be a father to and you’re the one shouting. Femi you should be ashamed of yourself, you should…”

Femi landed a very big blow on my jaw before I could even finish my sentence.

“Since you have refused to respect me you better get ready to leave my house, nonsense!” he said panting heavily. He hung his bag and immediately stormed out of the house.

Tears flooded my eyes and slowly dropped down my cheeks; I placed my hand on my terribly hurting jaw and I wondered how I got married to this man; he was an angel before marriage but after then he turned into something else. I felt pains no word can describe

Now I know why they say the biggest mistake one can make in life is getting married to the wrong person.

Femi’s POV

I stormed out my room and went straight to my car, my kids kept looking at me with a lot of questions in their eyes. They must have heard the shouts and come out to see what was going on; Jennifer really pissed me off today. I can’t believe she actually took sides with Esther; Jennifer talked to me in such a disrespectful manner and all I felt like doing was to just keep throwing blows at her. But I controlled myself and immediately left the house.

There was only one place on my mind to go to; I ignited my engine and drove speedily to Sonia’s house. Already, I had plans to spend the night there; away from my wife and family. I peered at my phone as it rang loudly; I usually dislike answering calls while driving but I just had to answer it; because my pastor was the one calling.

“Hello good evening Mr. Femi”

“Good evening sir” I replied

“Brother Femi what is happening in your home; your wife called and from all indications; it appears all isn’t well.” he said with strong concern.

So Jennifer has already started involving outsiders in this issue, I said to myself.

“I just wanted to have a word with you” my Pastor said

“I’m sorry but I’m very busy now, I will speak with you later; I am even driving right now as I speak”

“I won’t take much of your time Mr. Femi; I’ll be very brief”

“I can’t talk now sir; I’m driving and even if I wasn’t; I’m not in the mood for a conversation right now so just forget about it”

“It’s alright, if you say so” he said and ended the call. This one Jennifer called my pastor I just hope she hasn’t told him or any other person about what is going on; women can be basket mouths at times. I just needed to cool myself down and relax at Sonia’s apartment.


I knocked gently on her door but there wasn’t any response, I knocked one more time and she finally answered.

“Yes who is by the door?” She asked

“It’s me; Femi”

She opened up for me to enter

“Welcome my love” She greeted. “You really have to stop paying me surprise visits; you should at least give me a call before coming”

“I’m so sorry my dear, I was in a hurry”

“This one you are with your bag” she said with a confused look.

“I’ll be spending the night here; I can’t sleep at my house for now”

“No o; that won’t be possible o” she shook her head in disapproval.

“Why?” I asked a bit surprised.

“Umm… nevermind, I was just kidding”

I cared less about her disapproval at first but it didn’t seem to me like she was kidding.

I was no stranger in Sonia’s house, I had been to every part of it; she said there was food in the kitchen and I could go and get something to eat. Truly when I opened the pots one after another; I was served with an amazing display of delicacies. She prepared rice, stew, and egusi soup which was coincidentally my favorite kind of soup; it was filled with lots of condiments. It was like she wanted to have a banquet that night, I immediately began dishing out a plate of soup so I could start feasting.

I wanted to her if she had eaten dinner so we could eat together; as I got to the living room I realized she was on a call; she talked in a very low tone as if she didn’t want anyone to get what she was saying. Sonia seemed to not have noticed my presence because she was deeply engrossed in her phonecall.

“Tony I’m very sorry; but you should understand that I’m doing this for the both of us” I couldn’t hear what the person on the other end was saying so I listened carefully to Sonia.

“I know we planned for tonight but sometimes you’ve got to forfeit plans for more important things… I never said you are not important; don’t forget that I always share his money with you, infact let’s just forget about this matter. I’ll see you later and we’ll discuss properly…bye I love you too”

“You love who??” I screamed

“Erm…erm, how long have you been standing here”

“Will you answer my question” I thundered.

“I can explain”

“Explain what, Sonia what do want to explain??…that you have another boyfriend and you’re probably using me for your personal gain”

“Noo! He’s my very close cousin; his mom passed away and I promised to come over to his place to console him”

“What nonsense! Do you think you are talking to a fool or a little child that you would be telling me such silly lies. I’m just so surprised, to even think that I intended on getting married to you, GOD FORBID. What was I even thinking”

All I wanted to do was to carry my things and leave immediately but Sonia held my hands and looked me straight in the eye.

“Femi” she called with our our eyes locked in each other.

Suddenly I felt so calm and all my nerves became relaxed.

“Do you believe me now?” She said caressing my face in a seductive manner.

“Yes” I nodded sheepishly. I now felt a stronger urge to do whatever Sonia wanted. I became just like a puppet in Sonia’s hands. She pushed me on the couch and began unbuttoning my shirt, every touch I felt left goosebumps on my skin; everything just felt so different and I longed so much for her.

Slowly she pulled my shirt off and threw it to the ground

“Do you believe me now?” She whispered softly in my ears. I couldn’t even respond; I just gave an affirmative nod.

“Today I’ll give you a good reason why you should let go of your wife” she said biting her lips. She bent forward and placed her soft lips on mine

“Oh my goodness!” I heard myself m0an. I wasn’t on cloud nine; I was above it. Slowly Sonia intertwined her warm tongue with mine; drawing circles about it as I closed my eyes, she did her magic on my lips while I extended my hand to her back; rubbing and caressing it. I was the man but she was in full control.

She moved my hand higher signalling me to unbutton her br@, she leaned forward on my bare hairy chest and bit me gently; it didn’t hurt; it just made me want more. I could taste our shared breath, feel the thud of our combined heartbeat as we managed to take off one another’s clothes.

I still lay head up on the couch; burning in my worldly desire. Sonia gave me a lustful look and slowly climbed on top of me, she gave me the r***? of a lifetime. Every th;rust felt so unreal, it felt so magical; I was in paradise on earth. After about fifteen minutes of passionate love”making; I got to my climax and burst out of excitement.

Never in my life have I felt such pleasure and sẹ́xual satisfaction, I lay exhausted on the couch; I felt very weak and worn out. It took some time for me to catch my breath but the contentment that came after was just unimaginable. Definitely Sonia gave me more than enough reasons why I should have her as a wife.


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