The Unfaithful Husband episode 10


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 10

Sir please, stop this! It’s not right. Ahh… you’re hurting me”

It seemed like my words became deaf to him, he had unhooked my bra from within my gown. He used one of his hands to restrain me while the other was fondling my br€ast.

While I screamed in pains, uncle Femi moaned in immense pleasure.

“Is this how I’m going to lose my virg!nity?” I asked myself

I’m I really going to get r@ped by my uncle due to my stupidity. Is this really going to be the end? I said in uncertainty.

Frank’s POV

It has being more than two hours since Esther left the house, I began getting worried. And my mom too was beginning to ask questions as to why Esther wasn’t back yet. I was becoming more and more troubled .A second couldn’t go by without me glancing at the time.

“Frank, please ask Esther to come and see me; I need her assistance” my mum said.

“She’s still not back”

“Oben junction isn’t that far na, she should be back by now. Let it not be that she has lost her way, please get me my phone; so I can call my husband. I need to make sure he has received the document and I hope Esther is alright”

I was eager to let the cat out of the bag but I didn’t allow my nerves to get the best of me. I handed my mom her phone and hung around so that I could listen to her conversation with my dad.

She dialed his number, i could hear the ringing but my dad didn’t pick. She called him again; but unfortunately for us there was still no response.

“Why is Femi not taking my calls, I hope all is well o”

She was about dropping her phone when she decided to try Esther’s line.

I could hear the beeping of the phone call from where I stood. Just like my dad, she didn’t pick up. Now my mum was beginning to get anxious, she called her two more times but to no avail. That was when she started getting paranoid.

“Why aren’t they answering my calls? They’re getting me worried., What could be the issue?” She asked herself.

“Frank you’ll help me call them with your phone; I don’t know why they’re not responding to my calls”

I wasn’t surprised that they weren’t picking up and I knew trying their lines with my phone was just a waste of time. I just wanted to tell mom everything, I wanted to let her know that my dad had being trying to lure the girl who she brought to live with us into having s*x with him. I wanted to let her know that things were not as it seems. I wanted to let her know that both my dad and Esther could be on the hotel bed right now!

But when I thought of what the outcome may be, I resolved to looking for another means to handle the issue. If my mom eventually finds out… I doubt if anything could make her remain married to my dad.

Definitely they’ll go their separate ways and being brought up by a single parent is not something I’ll want myself let alone my younger ones to experience. I can remember one of our neighbor’s son who’s currently in the police station awaiting trial.

He was a boy with a very promising future, Benjamin was self disciplined, obedient and very respectful, he was a very close friend of mine. But when his parents got divorced, his life changed for the worse. After the divorce, only him and his dad lived together.

Benjamin’s dad was a very busy man. Leaving very early in the morning and coming back very late at night. There was no guardian to correct and control his excesses. He began keeping bad friends, started moving with the boys on the street and slowly he started metamorphosing into a nuisance.

It didn’t take long for him to get initiated into one of the prevailing cult groups in the area. Ben went on to start drinking, smoking, doing drugs and causing chaos in the neighborhood.

At that time my parents strictly warned me to dissociate myself from him because he was no longer who he used to be.

Sooner than expected; his dad got to know about what his son had turned into but it was too late, the fine grape had already gone sour.

Anyone passing by their house that day could hear Benjamin’s father at the top of his voice seriously scolding his son. Meanwhile Benjamin kept quiet all through, one would have thought that Benjamin must have heeded to his dad’s advise.

But as his dad came back from work the next day, every single thing that belonged to his son was gone. He was totally devastated. His only son had ran away from home to live life without experience, knowledge or guidance. Last we heard of Benjamin was that he and some other boys got arrested after they were caught with hard drugs.

With all those happening, I wouldn’t want to hasten into a decision that could change my life forever. I decided to not saying anything because when the truth will definitely reveal itself when it is ripe.

Esther’s POV

My struggle with uncle Femi was now intensified, he had successfully opened my zip and held me down but I didn’t give up. Femi was all over my body, twisting my n!pples, squeezing my @ss cheeks and trying to reach my v@g!na. He kept moving back and forth but I didn’t allow him go any further.

Luck then shone on me when his phone rang.

It was Aunt Jenny he ignored it but it rang once more; Still he didn’t pick. After a while my phone also rang, the calls pis$ed him off so he took the both phones, put them on silent and stretched his hand to drop them on the sofa.

This was my chance, I noticed that the toilet door wasn’t locked; I could quickly enter inside and save myself from any thing that would happen.

I made a move for it,as soon as I tried moving, just like a flash uncle Femi immediately got hold of me and pulled me back to the bed. There was no hope for me, this was surely going to be the end for me.

I tried hitting and slapping him but it was all useless, I then resolved to shouting still uncle Femi closed my mouth with his hand.

The scuffle continued for a while but it didn’t take long for him to overpower me. He got hold of my both hands and put them behind me, he raised my gown up and the only obstruction left was my pant!es.

Jackpot! The smile on his face at that point was like someone who finally won the lottery after playing for an huge number of times.

I was all in tears, there was nothing I could do; I had used up all my energy in shouting and struggling with him. He looked at my pathetic face but he didn’t give a rat’s @ss.

Slowly he carefully shifted my pxnties to the side like a kid opening a birthday present.

We had gotten to the climax of the occasion. There was nothing hindering him anymore, he reached for his boxer and wanted to bring out his JT…

I didn’t give up, I gathered the last strength in me and screamed as loud as I could.

“What is wrong with you? Do you want to get me into trouble??” He shouted terribly annoyed.

“Sir this is r@pe, you’re forcefully trying to have sé;x with me and you expect to keep quiet” I said almost in tears.

“Knock, knock” someone was at the door.

Alas! my savior had come. Whoever it was, he must have been attracted by my shriek.

“Do you see what you have caused” Femi thundered with rage in his eyes.

“You better remain quiet and don’t do anything stupid” he said.

Femi went to the door and opened to see who it was.

“Good day sir” it was one of the hotel attendants

“Good day” uncle Femi replied

He only opened the door a little and blocked the entrance so that no one could see inside.

“Sir we received a noise complaint about your room, someone reported that he’s been hearing screams from this room, we hope everything is fine?”

“Of course, everything is fine” uncle Femi said faking a laugh

“I was actually laughing because of the movie I was watching, whoever reported must have misjudged the sound; everything is okay” Femi said sounding innocent.

I listened to them and I could only wish that whoever was at the door would just push the door open. That was the moment reality dawned on me, it was a golden opportunity to finally save myself.

The toilet door was open, uncle Femi was at the door, nothing was stopping me now. I tried to get up but I was seriously weakened, there was no iota of strength left in me.

But I needed to go now; it was either now or never. I mustered every single energy left in me and crawled down to the toilet door. I pushed it open, entered inside and locked the door behind me.

As soon as I locked the door, Femi was done speaking with the man; he must have successfully convinced him with his sweet words; into thinking nothing was going on.

He quickly locked the door and hoped to continue from where he stopped, I was able to see him through the toilet door, he looked at the bed but I wasn’t there. He immediately became terrified

“Esther!” He called, but I didn’t answer

“Esther! please come out, don’t worry I won’t try to do anything with you again, please just come out from wherever you are”


I sat on the floor, and rested my back on the door.

“Pleease, I’m very sorry” he said

“I never thought it would turn out this way”

“You are heartless, you are a very heartless” I said audibly crying

I didn’t care whatever he had to say but I was ready to remain in this toilet for as long as forever…


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