The Unfaithful Husband episode 3


Episode 3

Written by Henry Zibima

Esther narrates

I closed the door behind me and gently walked to the bed.

“I’m here sir” I said with my head bent towards the ground as I stood shyly before him.

“Just open my wardrobe and bring out the Vaseline, that is what you’ll use to massage me”

I quickly did as he said. I was uncomfortable and I didn’t want anyone to see me in his room. I needed to leave soonest if not it could result into a serious problem.

The fan whirrled above my head in a rhythmic manner. Vaseline was all over my hands now as I slowly worked my palms on uncle Femi’s leg. He insisted that I start the massage with his legs. I added more Vaseline to my hands as I rubbed them together to massage his shin.

I didn’t know if he did it intentionally or it was a mistake.

Because after a while, Femi raised his lap a bit exposing his thighs and a little part of his s@c was now visible.

I immediately shifted my gaze.

That was when I knew it was a well constructed script as he raised his thigh even higher exposing some part of his ****

He was literally seduc!ng me. The tension on me was becoming too much. I wanted to vanish away that instant.

I hoped that someone would eventually come back but my hopes were dashed when I remembered that Frank was not even at home.

“Ohhh…ahh… yeah…umm, that’s the spot”

Thirty minutes later and we were done


This man meant business, he kept releasing soft m0ans through out as I massaged him.

I covered the container and dropped it back into the wardrobe

“Thank you very much” he said appreciatively.
“Thank you sir” I replied
I had stopped calling him dad since the incident in the kitchen that night.

Finally, it was over but not for long.

With almost every passing day,my aunt’s husband kept feeling “body pains” and I kept on massaging him. It suddenly became like a routine and normal something for me.

I came out from Uncle Femi’s room after massaging him one afternoon to meet Frank standing just in front of the door.

I immediately became scared, I just hope he isn’t thinking something else. He gave me a kind of “am watching you” look and left the place.

You wouldn’t need an angel to tell you that he had already began suspecting that something was going on between me and Femi. Wouldn’t it be better if I just opened up to him and stop him from thinking I have anything to do with his dad?.

I needed someone to confide in, I couldn’t tell my aunt because she might end up sending me back to prevent any further occurrences.

But if I tell her son… how would he feel, to know that his dad has being trying to cheat on his wife with his cousin. I didn’t know what action to take.

I walked up to where he was and decided it was time to spill the beans.

“Frank” I said “Umm… I want to tell you something” I stuttered

“What’s that” he urged on

“Hmm… I just don’t know what you reaction will be”

“It’s fine, you can go on” Frank said boldly

I couldn’t speak, it was like my lips were suddenly bound together with glue. I didn’t know what to say or where to start from, what if he doesn’t believe me. I was still comporting myself when he spoke.

“Is it about my dad? it’s alright you can tell me anything” he said.

Immediately I was relieved of the pressure on me and told him everything that had being going on. But to my utmost surprise, he seemed calm and unperturbed. There was no iota of shock in him.

It felt like he was already expecting such from his dad.

I was as eased as a millpond, at least someone else knew what was going on. I could now go to bed with peace of mind.


Next morning

I was woken up by the piercing sound of my phone alarm, I got up, said a short prayer and stood up to begin my duties.

I walked up to the sitting room and I realized I wasn’t the only one awake.

I stopped and greeted Uncle Femi was with a bottle of water which he must have probably gotten from the kitchen

“Good morning sir”

“Good morning my dear, how are you”

“I’m fine thank you sir”

I was still in my nighties and my b00bs and n!pples were terribly visible through my night gown

“Hope you slept well” he asked glancing at my upper chambers.

“Yes sir” I answered.

“It’s alright then” he said as he walked passed me and intentionally brushed his hands against my b00bs…….


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