The Unfaithful Husband episode 7


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 7

“I can get you any model of phone you want as long as you do what I tell you” Uncle Femi said and walked away from the kitchen leaving me dumbfounded.

I couldn’t believe my ears, this man really doesn’t give up. So he wants to prey on my desires and use them to exploit me. Does he really think that I’m a kid who he can just trick easily. It seems he doesn’t know the kind of harsh and wayward environment I was born into. It’s just by God’s grace that I didn’t turn sour.

Since he’s ready to play games, I’ll let him know that I can play better than him.

Since he is ready to squander money, I will help him lavish it! I said as I walked boldly to my room.

Femi’s POV

I think I have finally gotten a hold on this girl. I don’t even know what’s so special about her that she has being playing hard to get. At this young age, she has constantly refused to yield herself to me.

Nevertheless, I know I will definitely get her, since she lived from the village it shouldn’t take a lot to get her feeling intimate affections towards me.

I needed to get some sleep, tommorow I’ll make my move. My wife was already on the bed but she was yet to fall asleep.

The expression that beamed up her face when she saw me indicated that she must have being waiting for me to enter the room.

I took off the blue polo shirt and shorts I was putting on, sat on the bed and was about lieing down when my wife spoke to me.


“Yes, what is it?” I asked

“Femi, there’s something I’ve being really bothered about and I wanted us to discuss”

“Okay, go on” I said

“Femi, it has being very long since we last had s*x, every single night you just leave me dry and go to bed. I have beared it for too long and I can’t take it any longer. And such a thing isn’t good for us as a couple; it could lead to extramarital affairs…you know”


“Femi I am a woman, you can’t just leave me like. We hardly have s*x with each other and even if we do it’s once in a while. The worst part is…”

“It’s enough! Jennifer I need rest!” I quickly interrupted her from finishing whatever thing she was about to say.

“I’ve been busy all through the day. Can’t you see that I’m tired, Jennifer I am very tired. Remember I have a very important meeting tomorrow, you’re supposed to let me rest instead you’re busy talking about s*x??”

“Femi that’s what you always say, that’s what you always say! Everyday I’m around and talk to you concerning this matter that’s always when you need rest. Femi let me just let you know; this habit you’re putting up it is not healthy for our marriage at all. It isn’t good, I just don’t know why you keep acting as if we’re not yet married or something. Aside that, you know I am a lady sometimes a lady like me needs good hot s*x with her husband not all this ones you are doing”

“See Jennifer that’s your business, right now I don’t need s*x what I need is sleep. Allow me to sleep, we’ll do that your good hot s*x some other time; not today please” I said as I covered myself with the duvet.

The next day
Esther narrates

Today was another very hectic day, this tailoring work isn’t easy at all. My madam bombarded me with work after work. It’s either I’m cutting the material, or I’m ironing or I’m weaving the clothes or I’m even trekking under the scorching sun to get sewing items from a store that sells sewing materials very far from the shop.

It is always hectic and today was not an exception. After taking a shower and eating my lunch the next thing to do was to call Chidi.

I dialed his number as I waited patiently for him to pick up.

“Hello my love how are you doing”

“I’m okay, how are you” I asked

“I’m fine, I’ve missed you a lot” he said

“I missed you more babe” I replied.

“So when will you come to see me I can’t stop thinking about you”

“I’m not sure if I’ll be able to visit any time soon”

“Hmm…okay then, at least we would be talking on the phone”

“so how is your aunt’s place, you go done fat finish o” he jokingly said in his strong pidgin accent.

“Everything is fine, my aunt is really trying. The only problem I’m facing now is her husband”

“What did he do? Hope he is not beating my wife”

“No” I chuckled.

“It’s something else… I don’t even know how I’m going to explain it”

“Ah ah, go on. Have you forgotten you are talking to your love you don’t need to start thinking of how you’ll explain it”

“Fine, from the way he has being behaving I think he wants me to… I’m sorry please can you cut the call he’s calling me”

“Who is calling you” Chidi asked

“Uncle Femi — my aunt’s husband, please cut the call let me answer him”

“So you want me to cut the call because of him??”

“Babe just cut the call so that I can pick his, I call you lat..” Chidi hung up before I could even finish, I just hope he isn’t angry with me.

“Hello Esther, how are you”

“I’m fine sir”

“Please I need you to come meet me at the round about”

“But sir, I’m about leaving the house for my evening lessons

“Just forget about evening lessons for today, okay? I’ll be waiting for you, I need you to hurry up and please wear something nice” he said as he hung up the call.

What is this man’s problem? Why does he want me to meet him at the somewhere on the road. I hope he doesn’t have a hidden motive.

“Drop me!” I said to the tricycle driver who stopped the vehicle for me to alight. I gave him the transport fare and quickly drove away.

I kept looking around but I couldn’t find uncle Femi, he was the one who asked me to come here but I he has not even arrived. I was still checking around when I saw uncle Femi’s car parked across the road.

He had seen me also and began waving at me to cross over.

I crossed, opened the car door and joined him at the front seat.

“Good evening sir” I said.

“Evening dear” he replied softly.

“Sir I’m sorry to ask but why did you ask me to meet you here?” I said trying hard not to sound disrespectful.

“I just wanted us to go out, relax, eat something and have a wonderful evening. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, it’s okay with me” I smiled at him.

It was obvious uncle Femi was unaware of who he was dealing with, I’ll make sure I exploit a fortune out of him.

The thick silence was broken as uncle Femi spoke

“Esther, do you know you’re actually very beautiful” he said trying to sound romantic.

“You have a very radiant smile that gives me goosebumps whenever I’m around you” he said smiling

“Wow” I smiled forcing a blush.

You’re just decieving yourself I said within me.

“Has anyone ever told you such before” he asked

“No, no one has”

“Does that mean you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“No” I lied


“Yes sir, why would I lie to you” I said.

I want to ask you a personal question, I don’t know how it would sound to you but have you had s*x before?”

I was stunned by his question, why would he be asking me something so personal. He didn’t even mind how his question would make me feel

“No sir, I haven’t”

“You must be joking” he said almost laughing

“I’m not sir, I’m a virgin”

“Are you serious??” He said looking very surprised.

“Yes sir, I’ve never had s*x before” I answered.

If you’re actually telling the truth then I must say you are missing a lot”

“What I’m i missing?” I asked looking very confused.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you” uncle Femi said.

He drove in silence for about five minutes until he came to a halt in front of a hotel.

“What are we doing here sir, I thought you said we were just wanted to relax and have something to eat.

“My dear you don’t have to be paranoid, I actually logded here so I can just have a mini-vacation. Away from family, work and all that.

This is where I come most of the time, it is a very big hotel. Besides, they have a bar and restaurant incase you need something to eat. Infact, why don’t I show you around. Trust me you’ll love it.

“Hmm” I sighed. “Okay then”

It was indeed a very big and luxurious hotel. Paradise Palm Springs was boldly crafted above the building. It was a classic five star hotel, only the reception was a sight to behold.

We went to the restaurant, the swimming pool and the bar. It was just so posh.

“This man get class o” I thought to myself.

We ordered some drinks and I was enjoying myself. It was like I was in heaven already.

“Are you shy?” He asked

“No sir, am not”

“I thought we’ve agreed that you should stop calling me sir”

“I’m sorry sir… I’m sorry dad”

“Better he said, you’ve enjoyed yourself today isn’t it?”

“Yes, thank you very much” I replied

“The hotel is elegant, right?”

“Yes, it’s very amazing”

I was still drinking my juice when uncle Femi asked me to follow him to the third floor. We entered the elevator, after a few seconds we were on the third floor. I felt unsettled as uncle Femi cupped his hands into mine. He led me to a passage with different rooms, we kept on walking until he stopped in front of a door written room 406 that was when I realized we were in front of the room where he lodged!!


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