The Unfaithful Husband episode 35

Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 35

Femi’s POV

“The result is ready” came the voice of the very young looking doctor.

“I will take that” I said dragging the sheet of paper from his hand before Sonia could. I ignored all the lengthy words and my eyes moved straight to what I wanted to see.

“Chai, I am finished!” I exclaimed as the result read positive.

“Congratulations” he said smiling.

“Are you okay??” I thundered. “What are you congratulating me for? Do I look like I am happy about this pregnancy?”

“I’m sorry sir, I thought it would be good news to you”

“How am I even sure you know how to carry out the test”

“Sir, our lab attendants are fully qualified and have enough years of experience”

“I told you” Sonia cut in.

“I told you that coming to the hospital for another test is just a waste of time, I kept on repeating myself but you wouldn’t listen”

My brain immediately went blank as I realized the reality. I had fallen into quick sand and I was sinking very quickly, how could I have made a mistake so fatal. I just felt Sonia could never get pregnant.

I had only one idea; an idea I doubted Sonia would compromise to.

“You have to abort that pregnancy” I said sternly

“Femi what is wrong with you?? You want me to kīll our child?”

“Firstly, never call that thing in there OUR child and secondly I have already made up my mind that you must get rid of your pregnancy, afterall I’m sure it won’t be your first abortion”

“I can’t commit murder̃! I won’t allow you force me into killing the innocent child. What were you expecting when you were banging me up and down”

“Sonia! You better bpehave yourself before I pour out my anger on you. You will abort this pregnancy and that is final”

“It can not be final, I can never do such.”

“And I say you must”

“Femi you are just so self-centered; I remember when I first met you in the university, you called me to your office, told me what you wanted and the consequences that would follow if I didn’t comply. I obliged; fully, because I didn’t want any problems in school. When I told my mum, she saw it as an opportunity; she and her sister forced me into doing all this. I never wanted to have any relationship with you, I just wanted to do what you asked and move on with life but they didn’t let me”

She paused.

“I met lots of young men who loved me so dearly but my mother forced me into breakups because they weren’t that financially bouyant like you. She wanted me to get married to you even if it meant using diabolical means. All she wanted was to sustain her ill gotten wealth. I made money too but I found love, I loved Tony so much and he did likewise. But later on; the love for money grew stronger than the love I had for him. I became determined; you know; I imagined what I would stand to gain if I was your wife. I worked towards it, I’m working towards it, I will achieve it; one way or the other. Even if I don’t exactly get married to you”

“Your story is saddening but you need to have it at the back of your mind that I can never get married to you” I expected her to feel disappointed instead she smiled evilly.

“You see, you’re very ignorant” she giggled.

“You’ll have to supply all our child would need till adulthood and it will involve a lot of money” she said rubbing her fingers.

“It’s like you’ve not been listening to what I’ve been saying; Sonia you must abort that pregnancy! How am I even sure that you’re pregnant for me and not for your so-called lover”

“He’s not my lover anymore; it’s been long since we even saw each other; not to talk of having sēx with him. He’s overprotective and I can’t deal with him any more”

“That’s none of my business, all I know is that you must get rid of that pregnancy. Period!”

“Femi you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

“And what is that supposed to mean”

“It means I can never…ever abort this pregnancy. You want me to endanger my life, lose the only ticket I have left to your heart. Never!”

“Sonia why are you doing this to me, I’m trying to mend my family but you’re not helping matters.” I said almost sobbing

“You know what; I’m going back to my place, since you’ve decided to remain adamant.” She got up from the chair and made her way for the exit, she walked gracefully, refused turning back to face me till she finally left the hospital.

Meanwhile, I remained at the hospital because I didn’t know what to tell my wife; what sentences to use that would soothe her pain. I was done with Sonia, that was bfor sure but her strong refusal to get rid of the pregnancy was really getting to me. I just sat back, staring into thin air, thoughts upon thoughts racing through my mind. What steps do I take? What could I do to salvage the situation? I felt I should speak to Jacob to give me some advice. But I remembered; I remembered vividly how he warned me; to refrain from Sonia. I didn’t listen to him, I took it as a joke and now the repercussions have landed heavily on my me.

Short of ideas, stranded with no way of escape, I resolved to go back home. It was already evening and I didn’t want my wife to get worried.

Jennifer’s POV

Every sentence Sonia made was like a sharp sword to me, causing my heart to bleed. What hurt me most was when she told me that she had had sēx with my husband on the sofa I sat on. She succeeded in rekindling the once suppressed anger I had towards Femi, she made me remember all what I had passed through because of him.

Femi insisted we go to the hospital for another test but I wasn’t ready for all that stress. I was hurt both physically and emotionally, all I needed was rest.


I had a nap; slept for an hour time and when I woke up I felt refreshed. I made up my mind concerning a decision that had lingered for a long time. I had to inform Esther to begin packing her things because she would be leaving in a few days time.

I went to her room so I could have a private discussion with her, the door was slightly open so I just walked in. She was seated on her reading chair buried in her books. The sight of her studying melted me, from all indications she was a studious person and must have been preparing earnestly for her forthcoming exams.

She didn’t even notice my presence.

“Esther” I called.

Instinctively, she turned to face me and her body twitched in fear.

“Geez!” She shouted placing her hand on her chest. She must have been very shocked to see me standing by her side.

“Good… good evening ma” she managed to say.

“Evening my dear, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you ma”

“Ok… You’re reading?” I asked wondering why I did when it was obvious she was reading.

“Yes ma”

“I want to take some of your time to discuss something very important with you, but since you’re studying…”

“It’s fine ma, you can go ahead. I was almost rounding up”

“Ok. What I’m about to discuss with you might hurt you but I need you to take it with good courage”

Her eyebrows were slanted inwardly and she was probably wondering what I wanted to say.

“But I want to ask; how has your experience in this house being?”

She smiled, “it has being wonderful and I can not say I am not grateful. Whenever I remember where I came from; I count myself as the luckiest person on Earth. Who would have thought that Esther would one day be granted an opportunity to further her education. Ma I appreciate you so much, may God continue blessing you”

“Amen” I felt my conscience weigh heavily on me, I even began regretting why I asked her that question.

“But do you know that in life things don’t always go as planned, infact things hardly go as planned. It’s because there are a lot of things that are beyond our control”

“Yes” she nodded.

“And once again; things have gone against my plans. I’ve been in war with myself on what decision to take but it became clear to me today.” I paused for some seconds, and Esther stared curiously at my face.

“Esther, I’m sorry but I’m left with no choice but to send you back to your family”

Her eyes shrank instantly and she was dumbfounded. No word could equate how disappointed she was if not from the tear that trickled down her cheek…


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