The Unfaithful Husband episode 15


Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 15
Frank’s POV

I kept looking down my window; till I noticed that Esther was back, I just hoped that my dad would enter the house before she does; so he won’t notice she wasn’t around.

My dad had almost entered when he paused and looked at the gate because someone just entered. Only the expression on his face would tell you that he was amazed as to why she came back late. And his inquisitive nature led him to ask her her reason for the lateness.

Esther didn’t respond to his questions, she was obviously out of excuses. This girl has gotten herself into big trouble I said to myself; the situation had now gotten nasty my dad was now at the top of his voice seriously questioning a silent Esther. Then suddenly; Esther raised her voice back at my dad and talked to him like he was her age mate.

She even got the point of threatening him about telling my mom what happened between them. I was dumbfounded while my dad was frightened out of his own wits. Where did she get such courage from, I wondered. It couldn’t believe it was the same Esther I knew; She should have behaved this way to him when he was trying to engage her in a relationship with him.

It was good she now possessed some level of bravery at least she should be able to stand up for herself whenever my dad wants to try anything stupid.


The next day

Femi’s POV

Finally a normal day from all the stress I’ve been going through; I reserved today to just chill out, have fun and relax. I didn’t have any plans for the day but I hoped to crash at Sonia’s place; it has been a very long time since I saw her.

Sonia was just one of those ladies who during the course of lecturing caught my eyes; she wasn’t that beautiful though but I just wanted to feel myself inside her. I asked her to see me in my office after class and when she came I told her straight up what I wanted “no SΒ£X; no GRADES”

To my surprise; Sonia unlike other ladies didn’t feel bad or try to object to my demands instead she willingly embraced my offer. From that time onwards Sonia kept on glueing herself to me; she became like a fly that just won’ go. We became very close and our closeness excalated into something more serious; I started feeling some form of attraction towards her, I couldn’t even figure out why but I began to develop feelings for her. It just happened.

It even got up to the extent of her introducing me to her family; things happened so quickly and I started harnessing plans to make her my second wife.

As I arrived Sonia’s place, I knocked softly on the door; after waiting for a moment she finally opened.

Like a tiger which has been patiently awaiting it’s prey Sonia dived me giggling like a little baby. It felt so good to finally see her; she hugged me so tightly like a kid hugging his mom who just came back from a journey.

“Sonia I’ve really missed you, you know”

“It’s a lie, you’re just saying it to please when really you forgot about me” Sonia said childishly

“You know I can’t forget you, I’ve just been very busy these days; that’s all” I replied.

“Even at that; you hardly give me a call”

“You have to understand me; I mean a lot has happened in these few days that passed” I told her

“Or didn’t you hear about what happened to Jacob?” I asked.

“I did o” Sonia answered “it’s a very painful something. I heard his operating license was also withdrawn from him; is that true?”

“Yes it is, if you see Jacob now you won’t even recognize him; last time I saw him he looked like a walking corpse”

“Woah! Is it that bad?” Sonia asked

“Yes it is; I wonder if not that I gave him some money to start up something and cheer him up, if he wouldn’t have committed suicide by now”

“Hmm…that means it’s actually very serious” Sonia said”but that Jacob sef he deserves some level of punishment”

“Why?” I asked very perplexed

“Because he is ever ready to sleep with any lady he meets. Do you know there was a period he was even pestering me for s*x”

“Really? Were we together then” I asked.

“Yes and he knew very well. There was once were he wanted me to have s*x with him right there in his office; I told him I couldn’t and you wouldn’t be happy about it. But Jacob cared less; he kept on pressuring me that you would understand”

“I will understand?? So Jacob did all these to you and your l couldn’t let me know!” I said slightly angered.

“I didn’t want to come in between your friendship; let it not be that am the reason your long lasting friendship gets broken”

“Nawa for this my friend sef o” I chuckled

“Can we forget about that and talk something else” Sonia pleaded.

“How can we talk when you didn’t even serve me anything”

“I’m so sorry my love; silly me. Our discussion made me forget to get something for you; just hold on” she said as she hurriedly left the the sitting room.

Sonia rushed back with a plate of rice and stew and a bottle of juice. Sometimes I wonder to myself; how did we get this far; what caused such strong bond between us. There wasn’t anything peculiar I could think of; at times I would feel like I’m not myself; like something is out of place but I couldn’t point out what it was.

As I chewed down every spoon; Sonia appeared to be getting more and more quiet. With her sudden mood change I concluded that something was definitely bothering her.

“What is the matter?” I asked

“Why the sudden change of mood?”

“Don’t worry, let’s talk about it when you’re done with your meal” Sonia said soothingly.

After I had eaten to my satisfaction, rested my back on the sofa and relaxed for a while before I continued my discussion with Sonia

“So what is it you wanted us to talk about” I asked her.

“It’s about our marriage”

“Which marriage?” I asked befuddled.

“Femi I noticed you’ve stopped planning towards our marriage; it seems you have lost interest” she said with a frown.

“How will you say such a thing; it’s just because I’ve being very occupied that’s why I put the preparation on hold. I’m still working on it, it’s something that follows processes. Don’t forget we haven’t even done formal introduction.”

“Femi I know there are processes but you have to hasten it up. Look at me; I’m ripe for marriage, I’ve graduated from the University, concluded my NYSC program and I’m currently working. Femi what is it we’re waiting for.”

While we were still talking her mum knocked and entered into the sitting room.

“Ahh! My in-law you are here?” She asked rhetorically.

“Sonia I hope you have given him something to eat”

“Ma don’t bother yourself, she has done that”

“Hope she fed you well; enough to your satisfaction” she asked smiling

“Of course ma”

“It’s alright my son, make yourself feel at home; your wife’s house is your house” she said smiling.

Sonia’s mum has always being friendly to me whenever I’m around; she was obviously in support of our relationship, she even cemented it and urged us to take it to the next level.

A few of my relatives knew about it; that is; the ones I trust. Even my immediate younger brother; he never supported me getting married to Sonia.

There was once when he poured out his mind towards me

“Femi I don’t see anything wrong with your wife that would make you want to get married to another lady. She is a virtous, hard-working and industrious woman” he said

“If she wasn’t able to bear you kids I would understand but she did not just give birth; but she even bore you male children”

But then Dayo was just my younger brother; his opinion never mattered to me anyway. There was just this strong force pushing me to get married to Sonia and nothing could make me turn back.

Esther’s POV

I jumped unto my matress after another stressful day at work; just like every other day; work was hectic. The only happiness I got now was knowing that after all the stress I would get to spend the rest of the day with Chidi.

I slipped out of my dress to take a shower; through out my bath I couldn’t stop thinking about Chidi. These few days with him have been inexplicably amazing;0 the understanding we both have for each other just makes us a perfect match.

When I was done with my bath, I changed into one of my most beautiful gowns; applied a little pancake on my face and a little gel to the front of my hair. Chidi and I would be going out today so I needed to look my best.

After I finally dressed to my contentment, I picked up my lesson bag as usual and left the house.

As I arrived Chidi’s place, he wasn’t even dressed; he was fast asleep. I had to wait for him to have his bath and change into good looking clothes.

When he was finally done, we boarded a cab to one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, according to him; it was the finest he had seen since his arrival. As we entered inside; I then realized that it was indeed beautiful; it had class though not up to the one uncle Femi took me to but it was almost perfect.

One thing about me was that I loved classy things despite my background. We really had fun, we chatted, laughed and talked about a lot of things I can’t even remember. A lot happened but it seemed to me just few minutes not knowing we had actually spent hours in reality.

Femi’s POV

After a day well spent at Sonia’s, I decided to relax at my house. Although she didn’t stop pressuring me to spend the night with her I just felt the strong urge to come back home.

Now I arrived by a few minutes past seven. It took me some time to even realize Esther wasn’t around because of how large my house is.

“Is Esther not yet back from lesson” I asked Frank just to confirm and he gave me an affirmative nod. By this time, Esther was not yet back! she definitely had something under her sleeves and when I get to the root of all these I’ll make sure I send her packing out of my house.

I quickly went downstairs to Musa and gave him a strict warning not to open up for Esther when she gets back until she says where she went to.

If she feels she has grown wings then I Femi will break her feathers.

Frank’s POV

I tried calling Esther but for some network issues the call didn’t connect. I don’t know the kind of stunt she was trying to pull of but it was definitely going to end in a disaster. My dad had left the house and was now ranting all over the neighborhood in search of Esther. With the look of things I think he wanted to take actions against her because she refused to have s*x with him. This night might end up being an unforgettable one.

Esther’s POV

We held each other’s hands like the lovers we are as we strolled out of the restaurant.

“JESUS” I shouted

“What is it” Chidi asked a bit scared.

“I didn’t know we have actually spent this much time, it’s already dark. Ahh! I need to get going if not my uncle will kill me” I said as I quickly entangled myself from him and hurried to take a cab.

“So you can’t even wait for me so we could go together” Chidi said from afar.

I couldn’t reply or wait for him, I’ll have to call him when I get home.


On my way, I received multiple phone calls from Uncle Femi of which I didn’t pick any. But then I just felt I should ease the atmosphere by answering him just in case.

“WHERE ARE YOU??” I heard Uncle Femi thunder through the phone speaker.

“I’m… I’m at the market”

“Market?… doing what??”

I went to get some food stuff I’ll use for cooking tommorow morning.

“What things, didn’t my wife buy enough food stuff before leaving?”

“Yes she did”

“So which foodstuff did you go to get??”

“Pepper sir, pepper is finished at home”

“So all this while, you went to get pepper? Do you think I’m a fool or what; just come back to this house then you will know who I really am” Femi said and ended the call abruptly.

I could feel the anger in his voice and I knew there was fire on the mountain. What have I just done, what sort of trouble have I gotten myself into. I didn’t know what action to take but I hoped I will be able to blackmail Femi into keeping shut.

I was just few blocks away from the house when someone forcefully grabbed my hand from the back. It was Femi, before I could say Jack he collected my phone from me and entered my call logs. He was searching any thing that could give him an idea of where I really was. My only prayer was that he wouldn’t check my messages.

He didn’t see anything suspicious and he was already handing my phone back to me when a message popped up. He clicked on it and it read

“My love, I hope you’ve arrived home safely and your uncle didn’t shout at you. I’ve being thinking about you since we left the restaurant; I just wanted to tell you that even though you just left I miss you and I’ll always love you”

Femi was so stunned he couldn’t say a word, the message he saw compelled him to read more. I was terribly shaking as he pushed the buttons and scrolled down to my older messages. Chidi’s naughty messages filled my phone and the fear of him seeing them scared me to death.

All of a sudden Femi paused and began reading “Gm PEARL, hope you slept well, i miss your eye, nose, lips, your waist, @ss, i miss your n!pple, and i so much miss ur PUS$Y. I woke up wierd. I love you.”

“Esther!!” Femi screamed

“So this is what you have been doing?? So you’ve been sleeping around with the boys in this area, I can’t believe this”

chai! I’m in trouble, Chidi’s unnecessary naughty messages has landed me in trouble! what would my aunt say if she gets to know about it. I’m finished!


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