Mr Lecturer Season 2

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☠️ Episode 1☠️

Caleb’s story continues from the last episode of season 1


Caleb’s house

I stared into my wife’s eyes and saw nothing but pain and uncertainty in them. It was obvious she was suffering much more than I was, even though she tried very much to conceal everything with the words of encouragement that came from her mouth. I nervously kissed her.

“we are not going anywhere my love. We aren’t going to any city or country to start all over again. Of course you know getting a new profitable job isn’t easy. I also can’t forgive myself if you give up the great job you currently have for my sake. My dear we are staying in this city to fight to the end. I’m not the only sinner in the world. I will stay back to correct everything. I’m no coward. I will fight to the very end to get my job back and clear my name” i said to her strongly. She closed her eyes for a while before staring at me once again.

“i really don’t know the reason you are insisting on staying back in this town. It’s not as if you were accused wrongly” she said with all seriousness. I kissed her once again with shaking hands and lips, trembling before her.

“i just don’t know what’s making you so adamant on staying back. I equally don’t know how you plan clearing your name. I’m having a very bad feeling about it. Please don’t do anything stupid” she begged, staring me deep in the eyes. I breathed deeply, kissed her forehead and hugged her strongly.

To be sincere, that very moment i really had no plan in mind nor any clue on how to clear my name and get my job back, but i had this strange believe that staying back in the city to fight for my job was way better and easier than moving to another city to start all over again. All i just had to do was simply to come up with a great plan or idea to help me achieve my aim.


Later in the night as i slept beside my wife, i took my time to draw out many plans in my mind. Unfortunately, the more i planned, the more confused i got until i came to the conclusion that there wasn’t anyway i could clear my name without getting the help of a very powerful person in government. And as the thought came into my head, i remembered an old student or should i say a friend.

“of course yes. The senator’s daughter. She promised to help me with anything, when i helped her out the previous year. Yes now is the time. Oh God thank you” i breathed happily, sitting up on the bed with joy as i slowly remembered how she came into my office with her friends to beg for my help and how i helped them without any demands. I equally remembered how she effortlessly introduced me to her family.

“now i do believe that everything happens for a purpose” i breathed happily, but my excitement was suddenly cut short as i noticed that my wife was equally sitting up on the bed instead of sleeping. I nervously switched on the electric table lamp close to me, and as the room lit up, i saw tears dropping from her eyes which touched me greatly.

“i had a very bad dream my love. I just don’t know what the future holds for us in this city. I also watched how you sprang up from the bed without even noticing me. I just feel that the worst is yet to come” she muttered as more tears dropped from her eyes.

“dear Lord” i breathed

☠️ Episode 2☠️
so what’s the dream all about my love?” i asked with great concern. She shook her head, nodded and folded her hands.

“never mind my dear. Just go back to sleep, i’m okay. It’s better not to talk about the nightmare i just had” she answered calmly. I stared at her curiously for some seconds before caressing her back with my right hand, while thinking of what next to say to her.

“don’t worry yourself. Just go back to sleep my dear. I’m alright” she begged once again.

“of course you know i can’t. It’s either we go back to sleep together or nothing” i said seriously. She breathed deeply, nodded and slowly fell back on the bed. I gently laid beside her and caressed her stomach.

“please my love for the sake of this baby don’t get yourself worked up. Please let’s not lose him” i begged.


Very early the next morning, i headed out to the catholic church where i did my last confession a couple of months ago. I badly needed to talk to the Reverend father once again through confession. I badly needed answers and i hopefully prayed that he would be more explanatory this time around.

Scene: Catholic church chapel

“so father all i just told you is all that happened after my last confession. I need answers. I’m so confused. My wife really is now a shadow of herself. What can i do to end this nightmare” i begged after pouring out my heart to the good priest.

“My son i remember your last confession and just like i told you then. I don’t see the child nor her mother in your future. But oh yes the child is yours and you have to accept every responsibility. Don’t deny the child anything, and i say once again don’t deny the child anything. Children are gift from God and you shouldn’t insult our Lord by rejecting his gift. You tried reshaping the wonderful destiny you had but luckily you realised your folly before it got very late. Treat the girl like your own sister and equally give your wife the respect and Love she deserves. You will get your job back but be careful with it” he advised strongly before giving me some bibles verses and prayer points.

I returned to my house minutes later more worried than the first time i seeked the priest’s help. Of course he was more direct this time around by saying that Comfort’s child is mine while still adding that the child and her mother isn’t in my future.

“What sort of future am i even to expect?”

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