Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 24

Episode 24

‘’Comfort my dear, the naming should wait till we get home. Don’t be In a hurry to name him after me’’ I added cautiously, dropping the baby on the bed. she stared at me with suspicion. The doctor came in that very moment with a great smile on his face.

‘’congrats Mr Caleb, your son is very handsome and healthy’’ he praised, shaking hands with me. I nodded and forced out a smile.

‘’please can we talk outside?’’ I asked him. He shrugged in acceptance. comfort looked on with great worry.

‘’yes sir, we can talk outside’’ he accepted and left the room. I followed him without another word.

On getting to the corridor leading to other wards, the doctor turned and faced me.
‘’I hope everything is alright?’’ he asked curiously.

‘’yea doctor, it’s just that I want a DNA test to be done on the baby. I feel he’s mine but I just want to be sure. Can you do it?’’ I asked. He nodded and smiled.

‘’sure I can, just wait for me in my office so that we can start up the process right away.’’ He answered. I nodded and breathed deeply with great relief.
Just like I told the doctor, I felt the baby was mine but only wanted to have proof.


Two days later, comfort returned to my house with her child in high spirit. The DNA test fortunately for her came out positive and everything really turned out to be working in her favour. I couldn’t help but wonder if the old priest’s revelation months ago will surely come to past.

As I watched Comfort settle down in my apartment with her baby, tears slowly formed in my eyes. I slowly remembered the cold manner Jessica took the news of the baby’s birth.

Seriously , Jessica was far from excited when I told her about the new baby in the family. The silence in her end of the line as I broke the news to her right from the hospital told me all I needed to know.
‘’I guess I should congratulate you” she managed to say, sending great pain through my heart with the words. I couldn’t find my voice.

‘’I won’t want that girl to return to my house after being discharged from the hospital. I have tolerated her excesses enough, so better look for an accommodation for her if you are yet to get any’’ she sounded coldly. I couldn’t argue with her, instead I accepted doing her wish fully knowing how hard it would be. I called my mother thereafter and invited her all over again.

Against my wife’s wish, comfort returned to my house because she couldn’t continue staying in the hospital while I arranged for a new accommodation for her. Yes I accept I was silly not to have arranged all that before the arrival of the baby.

‘’what are you thinking?’’ I heard my mother ask as she walked into the sitting room. I breathed deeply and shrugged, saying nothing.

‘’I think your child looks pale. He isn’t looking good’’ she said, sitting by my side. I looked up at her with disbelief.

‘’c’mon mum, why are you sounding like that?. The boy looks okay to me, moreover the doctor confirmed to me that he is okay before we left the hospital’’ I defended sharply. She shook her head and sighed.

‘’isn’t he the same doctor that forced you to keep the girl with you?. It’s either he isn’t telling you the truth or he is blind. I’m a mother and I know a sick child when I see one.’’ She said seriously. I laughed and touched her shoulder.

‘’dear mum, I very much know you are not fond of comfort. Relax, she’s going away soon’’ I promised, stood up and went into comfort’s room to talk with her concerning the new plans I was making .
It really was something I was scared of doing, but had no choice than to summon the courage and get it done.

Comfort looked up at me with concern as I walked into her room. Her mother quickly got up and left us alone.
‘’my love what’s the matter?’’ she asked. I kept quiet and swallowed hard, forming some words in my mind.

‘’I guess your mum told you that our son is sick?. She said the same to me. Why does she hate me so much?. Why is she so bent on making me suffer?. I have done everything to make her love me. Yet she hates me’’ she complained and instantly broke down in tears, crying so hard that I had no choice than to suspend what I came to tell her.
Sitting by her side. I held and pleaded with her to stop crying.


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