Mr Lecturer Season 2 episode 19

Episode 19

The senator was impressed when i broke the news to him. I really was overly excited as we talked on phone.

“that’s great news boy. I will try read the paper this morning. Relax and prepare yourself to return to your job” he promised and hung up.

“i pray he helps. Seriously” Comfort muttered, breaking into my thoughts. I shrugged and said nothing.

It really was a very nervous wait as the week went by without any news from the senator. However the following Monday brought the much needed news to me. The senator called to tell me that my case has been pushed to the very top.
“i believe before the week runs off, you will have your job back. I have done everything i can. You now owe me” he said and hung up, leaving me deeply over joyed.

On Wednesday morning, my father in law called to tell me that my case was among the agenda outlined to be discussed in the school Senate meeting set to hold in few hours.

“you should keep your fingers crossed my boy. The Senator really did a good job for you. I can’t imagine how he did it” the old man said to me. I beamed with Joy.

Just like i expected, my problem was deliberated on, and i was offered my job back. My suspension lifted. I just can’t describe how i felt that very evening when my father in law came over to my apartment to give me the news himself..

The next day i headed to work, dressed in a new suit and accompanied by my good old father In law who really supported me in every possible way as i met the school Vice Chancellor and other top Officers of the institution. The paperwork for my resumption was done, signed and stamped in no time.
I was back in school as a Lecturer. My dream. The job i fought and sacrificed so much for.

I returned home later in the day to hug my mother and Comfort who were eagerly waiting for my return.

“i have my job back. I’m still a lecturer. God is wonderful” i screamed with Joy. My mother danced with happiness while Comfort held me and stared into my eyes.

“now you have your job back. Hope you are not going to kick me out of the house and out of your life?’ she asked with great concern. I swallowed hard and shook my head.

“no” i answered and looked away. My conscience flogged me as i thought of Jessica.

“i will travel to Abuja tomorrow to Celebrate and spend the weekend with Jessica. I miss my wife” i suddenly announced, shocking Comfort who gasped with disbelief. My mother drew close and held me.

“let’s go to your room and talk” she said with a serious look. I nodded, together we headed to my room.

On getting to my room, she stopped and gave me a motherly look. I held her hands softly.

“mum you know Jessica is my life. I love her. I yearn so much to be with her. I have to go to the capital city tomorrow to be with her. Don’t stop me from going. It’s something i have to do” i pleaded while she smiled and nodded.

“of course i understand, but what do we do with Comfort?’. It’s time you make a decision” she asked seriously. I swallowed hard and stared back at her, saying nothing.

Of course it was time to make a decision. But what do i do??.

To be continued

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